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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Box of Crayons Heading to Rochester not Sandy Hook

So many sad tragedies of late, it makes you not want to listen to or read the news.  Horribly sad, but especially so this time of the year.  In a previous post, I showed you this afghan, Box of Crayons when it was a work in progress.  The plan was to add green to the trim to pick up on the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary as part of a caring project in a group titled, Hands, Hearts, and Hugs.  However, that group came to a quick halt.  Sandy Hook has been given so much support and gifts, the community has asked that people please stop sending things.

I then posted an edit indicating this afghan would then go for it's original cause through Bridge and Beyond, Project Welcome Home.

In the next few days, Hands, Hearts, and Hugs has regrouped, and changed it's name to Hands, Hearts, and Hugs-Crocheting for a Cause on Facebook.  The plan is to do projects as needs arise.  Sadly, The brave volunteer Fireman, Lt. Mike Chiapperini, and Tomasz Kaczowka lost their lives while responding to a house and car fire in Webster, New York.  They leave behind many who cared.  In addition to these 2 lives lost, 7 neighboring families homes were burned to the ground.

While I will continue to assemble afghans from donated squares and strips through my charity, Bridge and Beyond; I knew the membership of kind and caring people in that group would want to help, and so this cherry brightly colored afghan will make it's way to Webster/Rochester to help comfort one of the families of those 2 firemen who lost their lives.

**I've been on the road and thus this Sunday post for Year of Projects is being posted late in the day.  Links in tab at the top of the blog.  Please join us.**

  This project and afghan does not change the goal or mission of on going support with hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, afghans, squares, etc for the cold homeless people of Central Ohio.  Bridge and Beyond will continue to collect squares.  Help for both of these charities is greatly appreciated.  The afghan is pictures here prior to being laundered and blocked.  Though, as I type it is infact being blocked...that picture turned out to dark, so you're seeing it before hand.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sandy Hook Families

Here's Box of Crayons in it's next phase.  Only 6 squares left to edge, 3 rows already joined, and other corners tied together at the ready stage for joining.  This afghan should be completed and begin it's journey to a grieving Sandy Hook family very soon.  The idea for assembling comfort ghans comes from a blogging friend (and one who donates regularly to Bridge and Beyond, Marie Anne (check out her group on Facebook Hands, Hearts and Hugs; the squares were donated to Bridge and Beyond. **Edited Dec 28th, squares are on HOLD for Marie Anne's group.  Sandy Hook has asked that people please stop sending gifts etc.  The future of her group is not yet determined.  This afghan will be donated to Project Welcome Home, here on Bridge and Beyond........the original intent of the squares.

When people come together in the benefit of others, the end result is heart-warming.

This post is a day late for our Sunday, Year of Progress.  Links in tab across the top of the page.

Things here have busy, as no doubt things are in your house.  Darling Daughter spent the bulk of yesterday wrapping all the presents, both those she's giving as well as those from Hubby and I.  She's quite good at that and does a nicer job of it then I do.  Thank You Christine.  Hubby and I spent about 3.5- 4.0 hours making egg casseroles for the family.  When we gather tonight for the family Christmas Eve Celebration there will be I think 21 of us...a few less then Thanksgiving.  Everyone takes egg casseroles home for their family breakfast/brunch Christmas Morning.  It's quite a production, 8 pounds of sausage, 3 dozen eggs, 2 sandwich loafs of bread, 3 pounds of cheese, gallon and half of milk,  full container of diced onions, almost full container of Mrs. Dash, lots of foil, and foil pans.  In addition to those in the family, I made a couple of casseroles for neighbors.  I don't bake Christmas cookies.

Peace and Goodwill to all.
Safe Travels to everyone traveling to be with loved ones, and please keep those who can't be with loved ones in your hearts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Box of Crayons for Sandy Hook Elementary

**Edited on Dec 28th, the squares for Hands, Hearts, and Hugs are now on Hold.  Do not make anymore 6 inch squares, the direction of the group is pending.  Sandy Hook has had such an outpouring of help, they've asked people to please stop sending gifts.**

I don't believe it's possible to not be touched/moved and want to do something for the grieving families in Sandy Hook Elementary.  A friend (Marie Anne), I've gotten to know through my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond has started a group on Facebook to make comfort ghans for the families. 

She's asking for help with 6 inch squares, and help in assembling the ghans.  You can read the details on facebook, Hands, Hearts and Hugs

I'm putting these afghan together, calling it Box of Crayons, with squares donated to Bridge and Beyond.  Have begun edging the squares with off white and will possibly join in green; and do a couple of rows of each color for the border.  The school, Sandy Hook's colors are green and white.

Late to post today for WIPW, will be visiting your blogs over the next couple of days.  Badges and links in meme tab above.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buckeye Blitz Completed

Days almost over, but am finally getting this post written.  Buckeye Blitz is completed, has been; but I was delayed in getting the post up.  It's Sunday, year of projects post time.  WOW

Like most of you, life's so busy this time of the year.  Work is always extra busy during December; or at least up until now.  Sigh of relief.  Finally got the house all decorated for Christmas and am looking forward to our Daughter coming home for Christmas.  We've got girl stuff planned, like hair appointments and massages.  We both enjoy doing that together.

Buckeye Blitz is another afghan I've assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond and is the 5th of 10 on my list to be made from donated squares.  Haven't worked lately on Sand and Sea (the knitted feather and fan ghan), have knitted quite a bit on my traveling jewel scarf; but........am thinking about frogging it.  All of sudden I'm not in love with it.

YOP badge and link in meme tab on top of the blog.  Join us.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Buckeye Blitz in the Works

Making some good headway with Buckeye Blitz Afghan.  As you can see, comparing this picture with the one in the previous post.  I like how the black is adding more contrast; but in measuring this in it's current stage....don't believe the additional row of black is going to be enough to get the size needed. 

Have considered adding more gray, but also have a lighter gray.  Have considered adding another row of white ....think that might make things pop even more?  Current supply of black in my stash makes me think I might not have enough to just keep adding black....Am in the pondering stages. 

A lady at work who used to knit and crochet, always likes to see my projects and she thinks black is the way to go.  Might be making a yarn purchase, though that seems crazy given the already bulging shelves I have....stay tuned.

Work in Progress Wednesday badges and links in tab across the top of the blog marked Meme's....join in, it's fun.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Making a List

 My list says make 10 afghans using donated squares from Bridge and Beyond and donate afghans for Project Welcome Home.   This one is in the works and will be called Buckeye Blitz.  The red squares aren't quite large enough to just join so am adding 2 rows of DC, will re-measure and consider adding other colors if necessary.  Stay tuned.
Here's Christmas Time.  I was about to call this finished and get it in the laundry to block, but...wasn't sure I wanted to end on a red row.  Soooooooo,

I didn't.  Am amazed how different I think it looks with adding a green row.  Now, it looks finished to me.  This afghan made from crocheted filet squares is made up of 5 shapes, Christmas Tree, Bell, Candy Cane, Santa Sleigh, and Wreath.  I crocheted the squares together with white, did 4 rows of DC, followed by a row of both red and green in sc for the border.  Now it can be laundered and blocked.  This is ghan #4, so 6 to go.

Haven't knitted any this past week, so no headway with either The Traveling Scarf, or Sea and Sand Ghan.

For a change actually writing my post early, this is Sat and tomorrow will make my rounds for YOP, see list and link in tab across the top of the blog.

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Black Friday and Finished Object Friday

Happy to share this finished afghan, called "My Granny".  Like 99% of the ghans I make it's to be donated to charity through Bridge and Beyond.  Very happy with the way it turned out.  Once I tuck the final tail, it will be laundered and blocked.  Soooooooooo, it's edged in black, and the borders black....it's Black Friday and that my friends is as close to anything connected to Black Friday as I get.  I NEVER shop on that day, can't figure out why anyone does; such a madhouse.  I'm not a madhouse kinda person.  I enjoy my peace, my quiet, my organization.

AND there's no way in the world I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to go shopping.  Nope, not me.  If you go, be careful, take time and maintain your "cool".  Be safe too!  The negativity and sometimes violence that accompanies this day frustrate and sadden me more then I can say.  Adults fighting over who's gonna buy something, so pathetic when you think of numbers of people who wonder where their next meal is coming from, where they might lay their head for rest; or how they'll fend for their loved ones.

Finished Object Friday badges and url in tab across the top of the blog.  Join us.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Before Thanksgiving

No doubt this is big and busy day for all, getting ready for tomorrow.  Some may be shopping for food, others doing food prep, and others traveling to be with their loved ones during this special time.  Here in our house, all the above are taking place.  I've done some food prep, and need to pick up a few items at the grocery, and am awaiting the arrival of our daughter, DD that she is.  She get's in this evening and I'm pretty excited.  It's been way too long since we've been together.  Was back in July.  Soooooooooo, though I have lots to do, hurry nightfall.  For all my friends traveling for the holidays, please be safe.

Now onto work in progress Wednesday (all badges and links in tab across the top of the blog.  My previous post was Sunday's YOP where you saw several afghans...well work continues, please scroll back. 

On Friday, I'll show you the completed My Granny Ghan.  But, today you can see the progress of Buckeye Blitz.  I think even with adding 2 inches of gray to the squares, something else may be needed to make this ghan a bit larger then a lapghan size.  For now, I'm thinking maybe a row (sc) of black around each square followed by a row or two of lighter gray?  The red squares measure 8 inches, but because I like the look of just these squares and am not adding other squares to them....will play through for awhile and let it unfold.  Thoughts?

This is another of ghans being assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond to be donated to Project, "Welcome Home".

Join us for WIPW, it's fun.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three in the Works

 It's Sunday, time for another Year of Projects Post (badge and links in tab across the top of the blog).  Got 3 afghans going at the moment (well really 4 if you count my on going knitting on Sea and Sand...even though it's been idle this week, so no updated picture to show you).  Pushing forward on my list it says 10 afghans from donated squares, 2 down and 8 to go.  Well...here's the next 3.  Several thoughts on this, it's really red, made me think of candy canes and almost thought of edging with wide white and joining and bordering in white...but, I thought it would limit it's use due to dirt, and how it might not be real versatile.  Sooooooooo, how about Buckeye Blitz?  After all, Buckeye colors are good all year long, and the large percentage of the people in the state do follow the Buckeyes.  Sooooo, current plan is to edge squares in the dark heather gray (2 rows), then re-measure and either add black or lighter gray...depending on how it looks and how it measures.  **Since photographing I've made headway with a handful of squares being edged**
 This will make a wonderful welcome home for a family moving from the shelter into permanent housing as we're in the holiday season.  I don't think there's a need to edge these squares at all, as the size will be appropriate as is.  I will crochet these together with white, and check my stash for perhaps a dark green for the border..or at least that's my current thought.  **Since laying this out, have made some headway, in that it's all tied together ready to go. Hoping to start crocheting it together either tonight or tomorrow**  Christmas Time is this one's name.
This is the same picture I posted previously, My Granny is the name of this one, but it's almost finished as I post this morning.  Only have 2 more rows to join and then will work on the border with black of course.  Might get this finished yet today.

All 3 are being made from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond, and all will be donated to Homeless Families for Project Welcome Home.

Work continues on Sea and Sand (knitted afghan), and the jewel tone traveling scarf.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Granny

If you've been to my blog before, you know I always name afghans I'm working on.  This afghan is being assembled from donated crocheted squares through Bridge and Beyond for project, "Welcome Home".  I've got it tied together and have started crocheting it together, then it will need a nice border.  Once completed it will be donated.

I'm still knitting Sea and Sand, and the Traveling Scarf, but no headway on the purple whatever scarf.  Purple whatever scarf gave me fits so is in time out and that's all there is to it.  I'll show it who's boss, lol...well probably not, yarn usually gets the upper hand, as no doubt you all know.

I've not gotten to participate in WIPW in quite awhile, things have been busy, so am pleased to be able to play with you all today.  All badged and links for the meme's in tab across the top of the blog.  Join us, the more the merrier.

**WOW just noticed, I'm creeping up on blog post #500, pretty cool.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Columbus, Aruba, Cleveland and back

Isn't it loverly!  Sigh, much more un-knitting got done then knitting, or perhaps that's not true.  The same amount of knitting followed by un-knitting got done.  This awesome yummy yarn is soooooooo soft, so pretty, so shinny.  It's to become something for my DD who LOVES purple.  It's Berroco Bunsai.  Bamboo and Nylon, mostly Bamboo 97%.  Not sure what my problem was, but I couldn't keep count.  Finally after the 2nd try realized the pattern wasn't quite right and tweaked it and figured that would do it.  And it would, if I could have concentrated.  Perhaps getting up at 4am to depart the airport and head for Aruba was the problem.  I was both sleepy and excited.  So....really nothing to show you.  Then I left my bag with my counter, pattern, stitch markers, and scizzors in the seat back in front of me when I disembarked.  ARGH.  I've never done that, left something behind.  Apparently this project was doomed, truly so.  I don't even remember the name of the pattern so...at some point I'll look again and hopefully manage to pull it off.  I also lost a different size needle from my Denise set in the bag.  As I had 2 sizes to work on different projects during the flight.  Sometimes, you just need a change.  After all, the first flight was 4 hours, followed by 1.5 hours in the 2nd leg.  This is named as project for Christmas for DD on the year in progress list.

This was started on the way home from Aruba on the flight.  Something much simplier was in order I thought, plus I needed to go with the size needle I had on hand.  I LOVE LOVE this yarn and the colors.  It's Mochi Plus, Crystal Palace Yarn, 80% Merino Wool and 20% Nylon.  It's lovely to work with, slides so nicely and is soooooooooo soft and light weight; but will be warm with that amount of wool.  Just blocks of different sizes of good olde garter and sections of stockinette stitch....just wanted a bit of texture.  The yarn is so lovely, not sure much detail is required.  This could perhaps become an object for Christmas for DD.  So, am naming this "Traveling Scarf".  It went from Aruba to Columbus via plane, and Cols to Cleveland and back via car.

And while, I've not shown you Sea and Sand in awhile, I have made progress.  When I last posted a picture HERE, I was working on the brown variegated section.  Finished that and the larger light grey section and am now on the next variegated section. 

Hoping I can get one more row with these current variegated then will do one more section of the light grey, variegated and then the dark grey...soooooo feel like I've really turned the corner on this.

I've been busy and haven't blogged as much, missed lots of WIPW, FOF, and YOP post.  Hopefully, I'll be seeing you all more.  I was out of town for an extended time.  I was enjoying the Aruba weather as the title suggests.  Sadly though, my friend in Cleveland had a huge tree fall on her house, thus the trip there.  Not that I can do much, but hubby and I wanted to provide some moral support for a long time friend.

YOP list, badge and link in tab on blog top.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fun, Playing in the Sand Box

Woot Woot, it's Friday and that means Finished Object Friday.  I've not had a finished object to share with you all in quite a while, so am please to share with...even as it's drying after being laundered...a bit of blocking here....Sandbox!  Am very happy with the end result.  It's sized nicely for a family, it's good neutral colors and I love the way the variegated (driftwood) yarn used for both the edging and the joining made everything pop.

FOF badges and links in tab across the top of the blog.  This ghan, like so many I put together is from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond and will be donated as a house warming gift to a family leaving shelter living and moving into "their" new home.

Join us for FOF, it's fun.

Happy stitching all.

Love having visitors check out Bridge and Beyond, if you've not done that in the past.  We're always happy to have more helping hands for this very worthy cause.

Want something lighter, come explore with the every popular, Flat Stanley.  After all, it's soon to be spooky Halloween, and Flat Stanley is in a graveyard, how perfect is that!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing again in the Sandbox

A really quick picture.  Didn't even take time to smooth it out; but wanted to get my YOP post up actually on Sunday this week.  Geesh...I get getting way laid.  It's no longer tied together, it is now one piece and I'm working on the edge/border.  Currently I think I'll do a couple of rows of single crochet, then measure it and decide if it needs a few more inches, and or needs a special border.  Some afghans really look best simple to me, others need a little help with a special border.  Until all those ends are gone from crocheting everything together it's hard for me to decide.

This is the only project I've worked on this week, so not much change in my list for year of projects.  This is an afghan, like so many made from various sized donated squares through Bridge and Beyond.  It will be donated as a house warming gift for a homeless family moving from shelter living into their permanent housing situation.  It's used as a good luck for the future, congrats on what you've accomplished and a reminder many of us are pulling for them to make it. 

YOP badge and link in tab across the top of the blog, join us; it's a fun meme

progress pictures:
step 1.   Designed and barely started with edging the different sized squares
step 2.  Edged, all squares now the same size, tied and ready to join

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sandbox all Tied Up

(WIPW, badges in above Tab)
Making good progress with above afghan, Sandbox.  All squares have now been edged to even things up, and tied together so the process of crocheting the ghan together can now begin.  Funny when I named this afghan, I hadn't really decided what I was going to use to edge and join.  Found several skeins of this variegated in my stash that had been donated, by Rae I think from memory (over on Bridge and Beyond).  Guess the name on the skein....go ahead, Guess.  Driftwood....how perfect is that!  Seriously this is old yarn from K-Mart (Sayelle).  So few K-Marts still open, it's been YEARS since they sold yarn, lol.  I just like the shades and thought it would work.  Am thrilled how well it goes.  Couldn't have matched it better if I'd planned it.  lol

Better to be lucky then good, hubby says that alot.

Anyone having trouble adjusting to the new format of blogger?  I really dislike the dashboard area, it's not nearly as easy to do things, find things and takes longer to do everything.  Don't know why when something works well, people feel the need to change things up.  Irritating.

Been busy on both Superpoints, and Swag Bucks earning points, and swag bucks and racking up Amazon Gift Cards.  ($110.00 from Superpoints, and $70.00 on SwagBucks...haven't been there as long).  Think what you could do for your family with that amount of money/giftcards.  All mine go to my DD who uses them to buy necessary school text books for kids in need in inner city St. Louis.  I encourage you all to join one or both systems, if you've not yet done so.  They work very similar, but do have some differences.  If you join either, sing out and let me know if you have questions or need help getting started.  Have links for both above, just click on the words.  With both systems you earn by doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, clipping coupons, buying either Groupons or just buying.  With Superpoints you earn by spinning the lucky wheel (best to do it daily), on Swag Bucks you earn by searching the net (something we all do daily anyway).

Happy Wednesday.

It's important to vote, if you've not yet registered...hurry.  If you're voting absentee be sure and check the amount of postage needed...it varies even county to county.  If you have the option to vote early you can safe yourself time waiting in line.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sandbox Play

 Some time back I designed this ghan from donated squares, back and tagged it.  I had 2 names on the label, Sand Box and Earth II.  I had previously named one Earth or Earthy.  I decided to go with Sandbox for this one.  The squares are close to the same size, but not quite, so will need some adjustments with the edging before joining this afghan.  Interesting how different an afghan can look based on the edging one selects.  Here it's without, layed out on the living room floor.
 The other day, I decided it was time to start another project, no that doesn't mean Sea and Sand is finished, just means I need something to switch off from knitting the large feather and fan afghan.  Here it is when about half the squares edged in a tan, white, and beige variegated yarn.  I had it on the spare bed, kept staring at it...trying to decide whether to go with an off white solid or something different.  After a couple of days, I decided to go with the variegated and I pleased I did...I think it really makes the look of sand.  It also, I think brightens this ghan.  Looked a bit dull/dark before hand.
A close up so you can see how the variegated is pulling it together, or at least I think so.  Might look a bit wonky against the flowered red breadspread vs the solid tan carpet.  lol

Happy Wed, and happy stitching one and all.  All WIPW badges and links are found in the meme's tab on top of the blog.  Please join us and have fun.

Monday, October 01, 2012

The 2nd Half

No, I'm not talking about the 2nd half to a football game.  lol  The 2nd half of my long work in progress project, my feather and fan afghan, named Sea and Sand.  Because I didn't really have a pattern per say, just the pattern stitches, size, amount of yarn were undetermined.  Therefore, there have been lots of adjustments.  The brown variegated is the middle and I'm working on the 2nd half which will be a repeat in design and pattern...not however the same variegated stripes between.  The middle brown variegated doesn't blend as well as I would have hoped...not as well as the chosen variegated next to the tan or the dark gray or light gray yarns...bit more of a blending there; but using yarn on hand (much too large of a stash to go buy yarn), it's ok I think.  It currently measures 50 x 33 inches without being layed out completely smooth etc...didn't want it to fall off the edges of the needles.  It will end up being a nice sized family size afghan.

A day late getting my YOP post up, but better late then not at all, right!  Links and badges for all meme's found in the tab across the top of the blog.  Please join us, the more the merrier.

Happy week of stitching all.  Since my last several posts have been this afghan and it's progress, believe I'll switch gears as while.  Pop in on Wednesday to see what I have up my sleeve then for work in progress, Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half Way There!

 Well, finally I can say I'm half way done with this feather and fan afghan (Sea and Sand).  I've thought before I was half way...in terms of the color layout etc, but then I would measure it and go back to the drawing board with what section, what color to do next etc.  The brown variegated you now see on the needles is the half way point.  From here forward I'll be doing the reverse with variegated sections between the larger light gray, dark gray, and tan sections.  Though the variegated sections up and coming aren't the same, the colors blend, so am hopeful it will look planned and not look like a grab this and that to put it together.  Late getting this post up for Work in Progress Wednesday; but at least I made it this week.  Been behind with my WIPW, FOF, and YOP Sunday meme's.
Here's a bit of close up so you can see the brown variegated better.  All meme's badges and links have been moved to their own page to clean up the blog some.  Check the tabs across the top of the blog.  Join us for any or all of the meme's, they are fun.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sneezing, Stitching Sea and Sand on Sunday

Debated whether or not to bother with a picture of Sea and Sand. Wasn't sure you could tell I'd made some headway....I've lost track of my original ideas (there have been too many) in terms of the layout and the number of colors to use etc. The light blue variegated you see on the right side between the 2 sections of light gray was suppose to be the middle in which case I could happily say I'm working on the 2nd half. I've measured it again........not going to get the job done. Which means I need to go hunting again through my stash to see if I have something I can use after this currently light gray to be the middle ---double check and make sure I've got enough light gray to do 2 more sections after the middle before I can carry on with the plan. Bother.

Been sneezing up a storm of late. These allergies are killing me. I gave in and went to the Doctor the other day, something I rarely do but, I wasn't getting any relief from my current meds. He changed things up; though I can't tell if I'm making any headway or not. A big part of my job is talking to a room of people explaining what we're doing (I'm called a moderator). I've been hoarse for a week, making my job very difficult. That's also added strain to my voice, probably making me even more hoarse. The repetitious nature of my job...sometimes I'll do that as often as every 45 minutes and then a new group of people come in. Add to that working my hours then normal, with even more slated for next week. I'm pretty worn out.

Been trying to get back in the swing of wearing my pedometer to work to count my steps again. I do well for awhile then poof I find I'm not doing it again. Sigh. As I look at the pedometer from Thurday it reads, 11,443 steps which converts to 4.339 miles. Forgot to clear it and wear in on Friday. And thus I m tired.

If any of you use Bloglovin, I'm trying to figure out how it works a bit and have just added this blog so you can follow me through that system and click the pretty little hearts
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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday, Squares no More

Surprised? Probably not, another afghan. A few YOP post ago I talked about needing to put away the feather and fan afghan (Sea and Sand) to work on something else. At the time I said that, was really thinking smaller projects. Well, guess not. This afghan is called Summers End. It's made from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond, my charity blog. I used a variegated tan and off white, (though I think it's just look solid) to do the edging and joining. It's drying here in the picture after being laundered. No huge need for blocking, but I do like to wash them all and tug/coax them a bit into proper shape while they'll dry. Also helps smooth out the various changes square to square and the actual joining seem.

Now, I wonder....where did I leave of with Sea and Sand? I don't remember, sure hope I put my counting card with it so I can properly pick up where I left off. **Edited to add....I did not. Picked up Sea And Sand last night. My counter was there indicating 4. Memory tells me it was a 4 row repeat and therefore I should start with row 1. Have looked around quite a bit without finding my index card where I had it jotted down. Will do some looking on RAV and see if I can or remember the particular one I was using.

Happy week to one and all. YOP badge and link in sidebar. Updated list in the tab across the top of the blog.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Late for a Very Important Date

Late to post, late to visit, behind in knitting and crocheting...(though I do have something to show you if you keep reading that involves yarn). Since I've been so late I missed 2 weeks, I'm posting this one early. (YOP badge and link in sidebar)

You've no doubt since this in my side or on Facebook or others blogs. Superpoints, a place to shop, clip coupons, play games, watch video's, do surveys and spin for lucky bonus points. Convert your points in to a gift card and or money. I convert mine into Amazon Gift Cards to help buy
these school text books. Used school text books for kids in need at my Darling Daughters school. This picture represents over $700.00 in used text books, and only takes care of 1 student. To date, I've donated $100.00 in Amazon Gift Cards towards this cause, and I believe my Darling Daughter's earned 70 ish? I've forgotten what she told me.
Have made good headway on this afghan since the picture (which was taken in order to do last weeks post.......see how behind I am). This afghan is for Bridge and Beyond and is called The End of Summer. When this is completed, which I hope will be soon...I hope to get back to Sea and Sand Ghan.

I've not made much headway on my list for YOP, but hope to in the near future. Join us and see what everyone is up to. (A plea to all my YOP friends, would you please please please, purdy please get rid of the captchas's on your blog. Many of you also use approvals, in which case you're doing double and really don't need the captcha's. AND, with the blogger filters you really don't need them, even if you're not using approvals. It soooooooooo slows down visiting. Most have to be done 2 or 3 times because they aren't readable).

If you'd like to help kids get needed text books, and or earn money for you and your family/ or gift cards. Click above superpoints badge or link. Let me know if you join, happy to help you get started. Joining is quick and easy. 3 steps:
  • register
  • verify your email addy
  • take care of profile requirements

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Well, it's Sunday again. The first day of the week, though it always seems like the last day of the week to me.

YOP...not much going on there. I did finish my cable scarf, photo HERE. Fairly pleased with that, but don't think I'm yet ready to begin the cable skirt I want to make myself.

Feather and Fan Afghan, Sea and Sand is in slow motion. Or at least it seems that way to me. I don't feel like I'm making the headway I was there for awhile. Thinking, I need to start something else to get a fresh start and come back to it with more energy! We'll see.

No new pictures, the couple of rows completed since you saw the last piece....just not worth it, you wouldn't be able to tell any difference.

Been busy spinning to help earn points to convert to amazon gift cards in order to be able to purchase school text books for kids without. Read about it Here.

Thrilled to report Bridge and Beyond is listed in a recently published book, "Crochet Saved my Life".

Hard to believe we're in the month of August already, where does time go? YOP badge and link in sidebar. Join Us.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sweet Lady

I going to tell you today about a friend I met here on the internet, blogging. She's a crocheter...not surprising I would connect with a fellow crocheter in the blog land for sure. She's also a published author.

I don't want to give away too much information about her book; but I do want to tell you to visit her on her blog, follow her on Facebook and or Twitter. Subscribe to her newsletter for a discount on her latest book, "Crochet Saved My Life".

Her name? Kathryn Vercillo
Her Blog? Crochet Concupiscence (be sure and add her to your blog log)

I was surprised, and thrilled when she informed me she listed my charity Bridge and Beyond
in the resource section of her book. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. And so, I give you a sweet act, by a sweet lady on Sweet Saturday.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cable Scarf Completed

This is my first knit cable scarf. I love the yarn, the colors and the look of the cables. Prior to this the only time I had tried my hand with cables was with a wash cloth....Big mistake, cotton is so much harder to work with, no give to pull the stitches to make the cables. I have a cable knit skirt, I'd really like to make myself, but felt I needed a bit more practice with cables. Thus the scarf.

I used 3 different cable hooks/needles to see which I liked best; also good practice.

However...the scarf is much smaller then I had hoped. It's about 4 inches wide which is more narrow then I like them. And, it's shorter then I like; but ran out of yarn. In fact, only one edge is trimmed. I tried my hand with a knitted edge vs a crocheted edge. Normally I don't edge my scarves, but thought it might make it a bit widder....silly move, as I didn't have nearly as much yarn as I needed. And it's a wee bit tight in one area. Hopefully that will give a bit after blocked?

I decided I'd frog the edge so the scarf would be the same..........but, couldn't. Somehow, there was a bit of a snag and it wasn't coming out nicely; so then I grabbed my crocheted hook to get from causing further damage and........so, the scarf is edged on one side. Argh

So, when it's blocked I'll see the finished size and determine from there to whom it should be gifted/donated. I had hoped it might work for a student program my Daughters involved in, but am afraid it's too small. I'm also hopeful, the edge no edge isn't a huge deal.

It's Friday folks, make your way around to see all the finished objects on Friday. See badges and links in sidebar.

**must remember to grab darning needle and work in my tail**

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working Away on Wednesday

Wow, it's Wednesday again. Seems I've fallen behind with these regular mimi's of late. This cable scarf is coming right along. In fact I've worked on it more since taking this photo the other day. I love the yarn, both texture and color. I'm pleased with my progress making the cables. This is the 2nd item I've made using cables. First was a difficult washcloth....cotton not a good thing to start with since there's no give to it. My concern is...I'm going to run out of yarn. Bought this some time ago and trying to match it...not possible; plus somewhere along the line I pitched the wrapper and couldn't begin to know what the number was. It's also a bit more narrow then I like. I would add a 3rd cable if I did this again. In fact the pattern on RAV, only showed one cable and was a real skinny scarf. This measures just about 4 inches wide. Assume It will grow a wee bit when blocked?
Slowly it's coming along. My first ever one piece knitted afghan. Knitting is so much slower then crocheting; but I am enjoying working on this. I previously made a scarf using the feather and fan and decided a ghan was the way to go. You see the pattern so much more. My problem is, I keep changing the design in terms of how much of this color and that color, because I'm using donated and stashed yarn and well, it truly is a work in progress. I thought I finally had it figured out, and the last variegated yarn was to be the middle....which would mean I'm now working on the 2nd half. I'm not totally sure it's going to be large enough. See, what you think. Sooo, I may have to check my stash again for like the 3rd or 4th time. Pretty sure though I don't have anything appropriate....to have a middle, I needed an odd number of the variegated, sooooooooooo...we'll see. I do think I may need to lay this aside though and work on some other projects. I always name my afghans, and this one is titled, Sand and Sea. I can't take credit for it, the name I mean. One of my fellow bloggers suggested it.
I'm continuing to work everyday on earning points through superpoints. The points are converted to amazon gift cards. After shopping for myself and obtaining awesome needle holders, and a yarn organizer; I've been able to donate my gift cards to my daughter. Like me she's working hard everyday earning points and converting to gift cards through amazon. She's uses them to purchase text books for her students in need in the inner city of St. Louis. If you can help us by joining.........we would surely appreciate it. To join 3 easy peazy steps
  1. click the button and fill out the 4 little lines, name etc
  2. verify your email addy
  3. fill out your little profile/post a photo
That's all there is to it! You've now earned points, and so have we. Our points are going for a good cause. Your points give you the ability to save for gifts, shop for yourself and more. You get 30 spins daily to win. I've NEVER not won something. So, once you've finished those 3 little quick steps to join...take a couple of minutes and do your 30 spins. If you plan to do more then spin (ie. play games, shop, clip coupons, do surveys), do set up a 2nd email account so the extra email you get won't get jumbled into your personal regular account. It's just easier that way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sea and Sand and School Stuff..........already!

YOP post

Time to think about school, school supplies and books yet again. The sales are going on already. My DD works in the inner city in St. Louis and is trying to obtain help getting books and needed school supplies for the students who are without. No, I'm not asking you to donate money, or buy anything.
I am asking you to click the above button and join, it's fast, easy and fREE. Once you join verify your email addy, then fill out a little bio. Now the fun begins. You're earning points that can be converted into gift cards from a number of places, Best Buy, Pizza Huts and Amazon among many other places; as well as $$ through PayPal. You might have seen this button on my blog, or heard me mention it before when I ordered lovely needle holders after converting my earned points to amazon gift cards. My DD recently found out she can get items her students in need through this same process. I've already turned over my remained amazon gift cards to her and will be continuing to do as I earn them. But, am asking you all to help too. It's a win win. YOu'll be helping her help students in need AND you'll be earning yourselves to shop for you and your family with the gift cards. You earn points by clipping coupons, something we all do anyway. You earn points when you join, when you shop, when you play games, when you do surveys, and when you spin the wheel. Spin the wheel everyday..........takes all about 3 minutes. I've never had a day when I didn't earn points when spinning.
Before turning my gift cards over to DD, this was the yarn organizer I received through my points. 6 holes to thread yarn through, clean sections to see the yarn; all nicely zipped in. Notice even velcro to keep the yarn from going everywhere.
I have all the yarn I need, each in it's sleeve and threaded to continue to work on my Feather and Fan Afghan, named Sea and Sand. There are places for patterns, needles and the large inside is big enough to hold....Sea and Sand in it's present size!
It's really coming along. I finished the large light gray area followed by what I hoped to be the middle variegated area and am now working on the large gray area again....working my way back down the other side. I need to lay this out on the floor yet again and determine if I finally have it large enough to be just past the half way point. As you know, the design of this ghan has changed several times due to finding out I didn't have as much yarn as I thought I had. It's a process.

Happy YOP...late getting mine posted. YOP Badge and link in side bar. Please join us. Technically I already have one change to my list. Working on a cable scarf which I posted about previously which was not on my list, however.......I'm thinking it's my warm up project using the fact I learned to make cables due to last years list.

Everyone Needs Tarps

Making a list of the reason and uses of tarps rates right up there with trying to list all the thing you can do with Duct Tape! Seriously think of uses inside your home, in your yard, perhaps at work where you wished you'd had the right tarp for the job.

Who's painted their house inside or out without the use of a drop cloth? I wouldn't suggest it. No one, not even a professional is neat enough not to need the protection a drop cloth offers. It protects things you don't need or want paint on.

Farmers need tarps and will find heavy duty ones, canvas tarps and cloth tarps available to them. You find a variety of sizes, and colors to fit any job, and you'll have the ease of ordering on line. What could be simpilier?

In my younger years we camped alot and always used canvas tarps under our tent for protection against the elements, and a different style to make a canopy to ward off rain in order to stay dry...and or to protect us from too much sunshine. Think of how nice it would be to have a canopy the right size at your next cook out, family or class reunion, or work related outdoor function. Buy already made tarps or order a roll with the accessories you need to taylor make it.

The only problem I see with ordering your tarp on line is....you might have trouble picking out which ones you want; there are soooooooooo many to choice from.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting with Food and Drink in Mind

Hubby and I love Guacamole, it's often the snack of choice with chips while we're enjoying our evening cocktails. Sometimes we're drinking Martini's, sometimes Vodka and Gin Tonics. No, this isn't knitted or crocheted, lol. Recently Darling Daughter, Hubby and I were vacationing in Park City, Utah. DD loves to paint pottery, and so we spent one afternoon doing just that. She's quite good at it, me.........well I've gotten better. See my previous attempt HERE (2 years ago)I didn't do real well on the back side. See the white between the 2 sides? I was attempted to sponge the edge. The gal running the shop said it was easier, and faster then trying to paint a thin black line and blended the two colors together. Apparently, I didn't get enough paint on my sponge. Still though, am over all pleased with my improvement.

FOF Badges and links in side bar

didn't post as scheduled on Friday, so playing catch up here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knitted Cables and Ty Dy

Cable scarf. This is my first cable scarf. I found a pattern on RAV which showed one cable and the scarf was quite thin (think it only had a cast on off 14 stitches). I used that pattern and added the middle stitches (3 garter stitches), and with good old math (see you really do need math in everyday life..............who knew back in school?), added a second cable with stitches on the sides to keep the scarf flat. I do have a bit of an curl at the scarf end; plus it flares a bit. I did several rows of garter there....thought I should to keep from curling...........lol. So, quess the curl and flare will be part of design when I get to the other end.

The purple and green (and red) yarn was purchased with DD in mind; but she didn't seem that excited by this scarf as I worked on it last week. Started this on the plane to Utah, worked on it off and on during the week when I needed a project that would fit in my purse; and again on the plane ride home. It's not quite as wide as she likes, though perhaps I could crochet an edge when done............or try to pick up stitches? I've not picked up stitches in knitting before soooooo...we'll see.

Love the yarn it's Knit One Crochet too Ty-Dy Wool. It's very nice to work with. 218 yards in the skein, I'm not sure if I have one skein or two. Must check my stash. Only took one with me, but I did that with several other skeins knowing I had more here. Hum........must check.

Work in Progress Wednesday, badges and links in sidebar. We love you all to join us. I've done one other item using a cable stitch so am enjoying the practice I'm getting with this.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sea and Sand Progresses

Sea and Sand may not look like it's larger when last you saw it; but...it is. The light gray section is complete (and is the largest section of the afghan), the next variegated section is almost complete. It traveled with me (in my suitcase, too big for the carry on) to Utah and back this past week.

Sorry I missed last week's YOP post, just couldN'T get it done from the hotel. We had spotty internet coverage for several days. And, we didn't spend much time indoors .

We were vacationing in Park City, Utah. Will be adding blog post to Traveling Suitcase too, feel free to visit.

This is a YOP post, badge and links in sidebar. Please join us, as travel together throughout the year helping and learning from another.

**Asking a favor folks, could you slide back a post. It's been awhile since I've done assigned blogging and am getting back into it. Could you help with some readership/support/comments, please and thanks**

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