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Monday, October 28, 2019

Bet You Can't Eat Just One, Potato Chip Scarf.

 Well...a bit of start-itis hit me.  I've been anxious to start working with this yarn, Queensland Collection, Perth 3.5 oz 437 yards and finally decided on this ruffle scarf.  The pattern is called Potato Chip.  I'm adding a link to a video that describes how you accomplish this using short rows.  I didn't find this video until I was at the point you see above.  In the video she goes from a small amount of stitches to a larger, the pattern I used did the opposite.


The pattern I used though is HERE, but I am not using worsted weight yarn, and therefore I used 1.5...in that I cast on 30, and used 12-9-6 for my short row count.  Then thought it wasn't quite full enough and periodically changed to 15-11-8 and then would go back to 12-9-6.  My problem now is wondering if I'll have enough yarn as I was going to use both of this in fairly large blocks.  On my recent ladies trip to Hilton Head, my friend talked me into just using the purple.........gotta get my scale out and weigh how much I have left and decide if this is going to work.
Have done a few more rows on my mellow yellow (just decided on that name) shawl.  The drop stitches show up so much more on the solid yellow because you can see the carpet behind.

I've not signed up for the official challenge, but am using this photo to try and limber up with yoga a bit.  Still having a few issues with vertigo; but trying to work through it.

Night two of my 50th class reunion.  YES.......I am that old!  We were setting things up here before the non committee classmates showed up.  A fun, but tiring weekend.  It was just one day after that when I headed out of town for ladies week.

Was nice to get away and relax afterwards.  How's things going with you?

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Lacy Yellow Shawl, A Bright Future, Get Your Amazon On!

Making headway, but slower than I would like with my yellow shawl.  I tend not to work on this at night while watching tv.  The light weight sock yarn and I do better in the light of day without distractions......thus it's taking longer.  Since it's laying on my green chair and ottoman you can see through the yellow section better than the multi-colored sections.  Think you can now better see the lacy effect better than you could before the yellow section was added.

Folks there seems to be technical trouble.  The sound isn't working now on this video.  It worked, then it didn't, then it did again, and now not.  Will leave it for now in case it works itself out.  Now some folks are hearing it and some aren't.  I hear it when I open using Explorer, but not currently with google.....yikes.  Give it a try though folks, he really is cute.

Snarky.......yes, but it made me smile, so thought I'd share.  So much going on right now, hard to keep up with all the scandals and lies.  Never in my life did I think we'd be in such a state with so many people at the top being so inappropriate.  

As a person who LOVES Amazon Prime..........I had to snatch this picture!