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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Box of Crayons Heading to Rochester not Sandy Hook

So many sad tragedies of late, it makes you not want to listen to or read the news.  Horribly sad, but especially so this time of the year.  In a previous post, I showed you this afghan, Box of Crayons when it was a work in progress.  The plan was to add green to the trim to pick up on the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary as part of a caring project in a group titled, Hands, Hearts, and Hugs.  However, that group came to a quick halt.  Sandy Hook has been given so much support and gifts, the community has asked that people please stop sending things.

I then posted an edit indicating this afghan would then go for it's original cause through Bridge and Beyond, Project Welcome Home.

In the next few days, Hands, Hearts, and Hugs has regrouped, and changed it's name to Hands, Hearts, and Hugs-Crocheting for a Cause on Facebook.  The plan is to do projects as needs arise.  Sadly, The brave volunteer Fireman, Lt. Mike Chiapperini, and Tomasz Kaczowka lost their lives while responding to a house and car fire in Webster, New York.  They leave behind many who cared.  In addition to these 2 lives lost, 7 neighboring families homes were burned to the ground.

While I will continue to assemble afghans from donated squares and strips through my charity, Bridge and Beyond; I knew the membership of kind and caring people in that group would want to help, and so this cherry brightly colored afghan will make it's way to Webster/Rochester to help comfort one of the families of those 2 firemen who lost their lives.

**I've been on the road and thus this Sunday post for Year of Projects is being posted late in the day.  Links in tab at the top of the blog.  Please join us.**

  This project and afghan does not change the goal or mission of on going support with hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, afghans, squares, etc for the cold homeless people of Central Ohio.  Bridge and Beyond will continue to collect squares.  Help for both of these charities is greatly appreciated.  The afghan is pictures here prior to being laundered and blocked.  Though, as I type it is infact being blocked...that picture turned out to dark, so you're seeing it before hand.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sandy Hook Families

Here's Box of Crayons in it's next phase.  Only 6 squares left to edge, 3 rows already joined, and other corners tied together at the ready stage for joining.  This afghan should be completed and begin it's journey to a grieving Sandy Hook family very soon.  The idea for assembling comfort ghans comes from a blogging friend (and one who donates regularly to Bridge and Beyond, Marie Anne (check out her group on Facebook Hands, Hearts and Hugs; the squares were donated to Bridge and Beyond. **Edited Dec 28th, squares are on HOLD for Marie Anne's group.  Sandy Hook has asked that people please stop sending gifts etc.  The future of her group is not yet determined.  This afghan will be donated to Project Welcome Home, here on Bridge and Beyond........the original intent of the squares.

When people come together in the benefit of others, the end result is heart-warming.

This post is a day late for our Sunday, Year of Progress.  Links in tab across the top of the page.

Things here have busy, as no doubt things are in your house.  Darling Daughter spent the bulk of yesterday wrapping all the presents, both those she's giving as well as those from Hubby and I.  She's quite good at that and does a nicer job of it then I do.  Thank You Christine.  Hubby and I spent about 3.5- 4.0 hours making egg casseroles for the family.  When we gather tonight for the family Christmas Eve Celebration there will be I think 21 of us...a few less then Thanksgiving.  Everyone takes egg casseroles home for their family breakfast/brunch Christmas Morning.  It's quite a production, 8 pounds of sausage, 3 dozen eggs, 2 sandwich loafs of bread, 3 pounds of cheese, gallon and half of milk,  full container of diced onions, almost full container of Mrs. Dash, lots of foil, and foil pans.  In addition to those in the family, I made a couple of casseroles for neighbors.  I don't bake Christmas cookies.

Peace and Goodwill to all.
Safe Travels to everyone traveling to be with loved ones, and please keep those who can't be with loved ones in your hearts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Box of Crayons for Sandy Hook Elementary

**Edited on Dec 28th, the squares for Hands, Hearts, and Hugs are now on Hold.  Do not make anymore 6 inch squares, the direction of the group is pending.  Sandy Hook has had such an outpouring of help, they've asked people to please stop sending gifts.**

I don't believe it's possible to not be touched/moved and want to do something for the grieving families in Sandy Hook Elementary.  A friend (Marie Anne), I've gotten to know through my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond has started a group on Facebook to make comfort ghans for the families. 

She's asking for help with 6 inch squares, and help in assembling the ghans.  You can read the details on facebook, Hands, Hearts and Hugs

I'm putting these afghan together, calling it Box of Crayons, with squares donated to Bridge and Beyond.  Have begun edging the squares with off white and will possibly join in green; and do a couple of rows of each color for the border.  The school, Sandy Hook's colors are green and white.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buckeye Blitz Completed

Days almost over, but am finally getting this post written.  Buckeye Blitz is completed, has been; but I was delayed in getting the post up.  It's Sunday, year of projects post time.  WOW

Like most of you, life's so busy this time of the year.  Work is always extra busy during December; or at least up until now.  Sigh of relief.  Finally got the house all decorated for Christmas and am looking forward to our Daughter coming home for Christmas.  We've got girl stuff planned, like hair appointments and massages.  We both enjoy doing that together.

Buckeye Blitz is another afghan I've assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond and is the 5th of 10 on my list to be made from donated squares.  Haven't worked lately on Sand and Sea (the knitted feather and fan ghan), have knitted quite a bit on my traveling jewel scarf; but........am thinking about frogging it.  All of sudden I'm not in love with it.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Buckeye Blitz in the Works

Making some good headway with Buckeye Blitz Afghan.  As you can see, comparing this picture with the one in the previous post.  I like how the black is adding more contrast; but in measuring this in it's current stage....don't believe the additional row of black is going to be enough to get the size needed. 

Have considered adding more gray, but also have a lighter gray.  Have considered adding another row of white ....think that might make things pop even more?  Current supply of black in my stash makes me think I might not have enough to just keep adding black....Am in the pondering stages. 

A lady at work who used to knit and crochet, always likes to see my projects and she thinks black is the way to go.  Might be making a yarn purchase, though that seems crazy given the already bulging shelves I have....stay tuned.

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Making a List

 My list says make 10 afghans using donated squares from Bridge and Beyond and donate afghans for Project Welcome Home.   This one is in the works and will be called Buckeye Blitz.  The red squares aren't quite large enough to just join so am adding 2 rows of DC, will re-measure and consider adding other colors if necessary.  Stay tuned.
Here's Christmas Time.  I was about to call this finished and get it in the laundry to block, but...wasn't sure I wanted to end on a red row.  Soooooooo,

I didn't.  Am amazed how different I think it looks with adding a green row.  Now, it looks finished to me.  This afghan made from crocheted filet squares is made up of 5 shapes, Christmas Tree, Bell, Candy Cane, Santa Sleigh, and Wreath.  I crocheted the squares together with white, did 4 rows of DC, followed by a row of both red and green in sc for the border.  Now it can be laundered and blocked.  This is ghan #4, so 6 to go.

Haven't knitted any this past week, so no headway with either The Traveling Scarf, or Sea and Sand Ghan.

For a change actually writing my post early, this is Sat and tomorrow will make my rounds for YOP, see list and link in tab across the top of the blog.