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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice Bull, Please go Away

Trail Location

I've posted off and on about my walking.  This site is for anyone with an interest in virtual travel, anyone who likes history, anyone who likes awesome photography, and anyone who likes to walk, anyone who has a fitbit etc.

I'm virtually walking in Scotland and enjoying the sites, chocked full of history, interesting pictures; however.........think if I came in contact with this fellow, I might want to take off my walking shoes and find another hobby.  LOL

This badge will eventually be added to my sidebar and or have it's on page with a tab here on the blog, so I can click and or you can to see where on the trail I am.  I've gotten through part of the trail that's very overgrown and has nettles..........whatever there are they sound like (see the description in the photo there) like they hurt and scratched up my legs and others on the trail.  Makes me wonder if this is more appropriate for hiking boots vs my walking shoes.........though they're not nearly as comfortable.

I'm wanting to change the font on my blogs from the default font and can't figure out how to do it, anyone know?  I've tried to find it even in the html code where I know it can be changed, but.........haven't been successful and it occurs to me with all the gadgets there's probably an easier way to do without messing with the code?

I should add, I'm super close to getting my 1,000 mile badge on fitbit (less then 2 miles to go), need 70 more flights of steps for the next stair badge which is 500 floors...so best get off the computer and get stepping.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Eating Well, Knitting a Shawl

Some time back a variation of this quick and easy meal appeared on Facebook.  The pan was turned the other direction, and they used only 3 items (no carrots) in the version posted.  They had chicken on one side, potatoes, and green beans.  They suggested using canned green beans.......I use fresh when possible.  Their presentation wasn't nearly as colorful as the potatoes (white showing) were next to chicken.  I suggested for color they flip things around........then the first time I made it I used green beans, carrots, and no potatoes.......typically I didn't cook potatoes with chicken. 

It was hit with hubby for taste and with me for ease of cooking it, and cleaning up.  One pan, no muss, no fuss.  Cook on 350 for 45 minutes covered with foil.  Drizzle with Italian dressing.  Sometimes I use olive oil and a good balsamic and my own spices.......sometimes I pour Italian Dressing right out of the bottle. Salt and pepper to taste, or use Mrs. Dash........which is what I used in this picture.

By turning over most of the potatoes to show red, stacking beans and carrots, and adding potatoes......you can make it a very complete meal.  

Spending lots of time walking (see previous posts), so don't want to spend lots of time cooking and no reason to.  I've also put pork chops in this arrangement in place of the chicken.  Butterfly chops, cut in half.  Not bad flavor, though they come out a little tough.

When you don't spend too much time in the kitchen, you have time for other pursuits.

Like knitting a prayer shawl.  Love the green, such a pretty color.  I've not used this yarn before, but will be again......love the way it feels and how it slides nicely on the needles.  It's Uptown DK anti pilling acrylic.