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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cancer, My Niece Janet...MUST READ

Many of you remember my niece Janet's year long struggle with cancer. Many have asked from time to time how's she's doing. PLEASE read, I want to share this marvelous story with you. Many of you kept her in your prayers, some sent cards when I asked. So many people pulling for her, I know it all helped her be where she is today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#885 Delft and #311 White = SPECIAL OLYMPICS

5,000 Delft Blue and White scarfs are needed for the upcoming Special Olympics. These colors are chosen to match the colors of The Special Olympics, being sponsored by Coats & Clark (Red Heart). These colors are there's only. The request if to have every participant, judge, and official wearing hand knit and hand crochet scarfs. As of a previous publication, 1,000 had been received. No clue when the deadline for the publication was; to know how many more have been collected since then. I do know groups here on Blogger, and some over on Ravelry, and in Crochetville working on this project.
My 3 completed ones are all crocheted: 1 6 3/4 x 68, 2nd one is 6.5 x 72, and 3rd one is 5 3/4 x 74. The one in the works is being knitted and measures 5 1/2 inches wide. I've only knitted 15 inches so far; but would like to finish and get all 4 in the mail soon. I think that will do it for me on this project (and take care of the 2 special colors I search high and low for here in town).
I'm not real thrilled with my one in the works; contemplating ripping it out. Hum...will ponder while at work today.
Have made 2 6 x 9 rectangles (need to make lots more) for HAP
Have 2 pair of slippers for Pine Ridge (want to make lots more)
Candy Corn Ghan still on back burner, haven't touched it in a very long time
Thinking about booties next---red, white, and blue ones. Patriotic Booties for our newborns of our military.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scarfin it up

Red Scarfs! The first one is knit with Airy Aunt Bee, so nice and soft. It's the brighter one of the 3. Wish this pictures would load in the order I actually put them in. sigh
The 2 darker reds are both crocheted. The 2nd one I made was with Caron Simply Soft (hate working with that yarn), it's the one pictured on the far right. I do like the texture. Used 2 dc followed by 1 fpdc, continued that pattern throughout. I did not switch to bpdc on the next row, but continued with the fpdc. Added to both ends and around edge with Red Heart, as I ran slightly short. Gave it a bit more substance and a wee bit of shading.
The 3rd scarf, the one pictured in the middle here was my favorite. I did blocks of stitches and really like how they show up with the solid dark red. sc, dc, v-stitches. All 3 were mailed off 2 days ago for The Red Scarf Foundation. Two measured 68 inches, while the 3rd one measured 76 inches long. Widths varied from 6-7.5-8 inches.
Thanks for the good wishes regarding the mess left from Ike, much appreciated. Heading to The Ohio State Football Game shortly, so no more clean up today. We'll hopefully get the rest of it done tomorrow.
Working on the blue and white scarfs now for The Special Olympics. Just finished the 3rd one last night (no pics yet), and hope to get one more done with the yarn I have left.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Damage from Ike

So many people had damage from Ike, we had quite a bit in Ohio. We were losing a limb about every 15 minutes during the 75 mph winds that hit central Ohio on Sunday. We were one of the 500,000 people without electric. Schools, post offices, and many businesses including grocery stores were closed due to no electric. Ice was hard to come by. This is my front and back showing some of the downed limbs and parts of trees. We got our electric back Tuesday night about 9, my folks got there's back the following day, Wed. at about the same time. There are still folks who are without, and still plenty of trees in need of clean up. We worked on the front yard first and my husband made 4 trips to the dump with a large full and over full rented trailor. He was able to get the stuff from our front, and 5 of our neighbors, as well as the stuff from my folks yard. Last night we began to work on the back tree and have all the stuff we can do without more help. The large limb in the back is stradling the fence, and is quite heavy. This tree actually is our neighbors, but fell in our yard.
Thankful though we didn't have more damage, and know what we experienced is nothing compared to what those in LA and Texas went through with these recent hurricanes.
Hope all are getting back to normal.
**heading to post office and then to work (mailing 3 red scarfs for The Red Scarf Project).

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well this is fun, and just what I needed. I didn't know this cute award existed; but what a clever idea it is. I was feeling a little blue after my Buckeyes last night played so poorly in the football game against USC. Though not taking anything away from them, they played very well. Congratulations USC.

Now this cute little award was bestoyed on me this am, by Sandie. Thank you very much, much appreciated.

To carry this forward, I am to select 7 blogs and pass along the award. What a fun and positive thing to do. We all need a hand up now and again.

Here are the rules:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you (as shown above).
3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

**interruption here, need to look for batteries for my mouse. Getting a message my batteries are critical. Yikes.

Batteries, that took some doing. But, I'm back. Sandie had a rule as she looked at her to nominate for the award, blogs that are updated at least monthly, and about crafting. I like a bit of variety both in my own blogging and in my visiting of blogs; though I would say crafting is the biggest topic. I enjoy all my blogging buddies, but like Sandie tried to select those I didn't see on her list.

  • Kristin's blog, always fun to see what her kiddos are up to.
  • Litknit of this and that, lots of good stuff
  • Tammy's, such a wonderful photographer and fun stories about her family
  • Sissie's such beautiful lapghan's to see, so many varieties for such a good cause
  • Kahucho, she makes such interesting and unusual items.
  • Joanie's Knitting by the Ocean..she's very talented
  • Priscilla's, By hook or needles

I'm off now to go leave messages for the above blogs, and pop in on Sandie's to say thank you.

During the game last night I almost finished my Sp. Olympics scarf (picture tomorrow), have a few rows left of my 3rd Red Scarf Scarf...those will go out in tomorrow's mail.

I need to take pictures of and document my stash for Ravelry...

I need to get my projects posted over on Ravelry, very behind on that

Dug up some plants for my brother and his wife, and need to tidy up the yard from that. Do some weeding too.

Have a super day, one and all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Exploring The University of Virginia & Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, an interesting yet controversial man. Knowledgeable, a man before his time in some regards, forward thinking in some areas, and yet without backbone in other areas. He understood principals of building and invention...things if in use today, we would be warmer when we needed to be and cooler when we needed to be without being hard on the enviornment. He used materials, lay of the land, position of the sun etc. as well as building above or below the ground to accomplish this. Certainly he was a man before his time there. A man who didn't believe in slavery, and yet had slaves that he never freed. Even if you don't accept that he fathered children from his famous slave, Sally...it is proven that he didn't free his slaves. And yet, he thought highly of them, they traveled with him and were his clothes friends. A man of principals, but no backbone perhaps to do what he knew to be right? Financially, also a man of controversy, one hard to respect. He died a pauper, things had to be sold to pay his outstanding debts, and yet he had vast holdings in land, furniture, people (his slaves). He never used his own money and always lived above his means....sounds all too familiar with todays problems, doesn't it? He must have been charming and able to convence people to support him all along the way, while others worked hard and had very little....makes no sense to me. He's primary believe was that man needed to be indepdant and self sustaining..........he wasn't at all. He depending on the work of slaves, he depending on others money. Loved touring the Unv. and highly recommend it.
**Finished the 2nd red scarf pictured in previous post
***Started 3rd red scarf (should be finished with it today), in order to mail those 3 tomorro..picture later
****Made one slipper, need to make the 2nd one AND tuck in threads on pair thats finished
*****Hope to start a scarf for The Special Olympics during the OSU game tomorrow night
******need to work on the pink and purple ghan pictured several posts ago, haven't made progress
Have a good weekend all

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Time to Scarf!

One red scarf done, one in the works. Both to be sent to The Red Scarf Project (link on right side of blog). Remember the month of Sept is the ONLY time these scarfs can be sent to The Orphan Foundation of America. The completed scarf was knitted, the one in the works is being crocheted. Look at the close up...I'm really liking the texture. (texture is 2 dc, followed by fpdc, 2dc across...then instead of putting a bpdc in the next row where the pfdc is, I've continued to use fpdc. This is making a nice thick scarf. Hoping to get one more Red one done for this project and get them in mail. Goal to wrap this up this week...fingers crossed.
Then would like to work on some rectangles for HAP, and blue scarfs for The Special Olympics Project...and many other items, but those probably on the top of the list.
Ohio State Football Game yesterday. Yes we beat Ohio University; but we did not play well. Weather was nicer than the previous week in that I didn't feel like I was going to melt from the heat.
Headache, sore throat today...not good, have a very long week ahead at work.
Motto for the week:
Be kind, it makes the world a better place.