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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, AND


Our tree is a bit smaller than normal, shaped nicely.  Lots of ornaments from places we've traveled, some special ones from when our daughter was young representing her school days, and plays she performed in.  One ornament left from when hubby was a child.  So each ornament has meaning.  No designer tree here, but a rather old fashion one.  The candy canes are always the last I add as a special tribute to my Grandfather.  My Dad's Dad loved candy canes and he would sneak them to my brothers and I while Grandma would scold him about us not needing candy.  
Dining room, but I don't know if you can see the snowflakes on the window.  No need to make it look like snow now though, our rain yesterday turned to snow as the temperatures dropped mid afternoon and into the evening on Christmas Eve.  Only 17 now that it's warmed up, so the snow isn't going to melt anytime soon.  Boooooooo
There are tiny lights in my pot design that weren't on when I took the photo.  And battery motive candles inside the candles on the mantel which we only turn on at night.

I've continued to work on Coffee Latte, the afghan, but haven't taken any new pictures.  It's measuring about 19 inches now, so good headway...considering I've not had as much time to knit of late.

This is one of the books I've recently listen to as I walk.  I found it rather enlightening and recommend it for some insight into Racism in our country.    I used the library's Libby app and find the time goes quicker in my walks then it previously did.  I've found the selection for audio books to be very good.  I've read/listened to:  The Room Where it Happened (well almost all of it, need to get it again to finish), A Warning, Unhinged and both Michelle Obama's book and one of Barak's earlier books, Dreams of My Father.  Was on a political bend for awhile then switched gears to 

which I really enjoyed.  After finishing this one, I read another from the same author, Everything I Never Told You.

Then moved onto 

A fascinating read that is both sad and uplifting.  I highly recommend this book.  Next on my reading shelf is another by the same author Cilka's Journey.  But, I'm a bit boggled down as I'm using a 30 day free trial of Audible so I can listen to Obama's new book.  It's long, so hoping to get through it before my trial runs out.

****85 Days til Spring

The family and I did not get together for a family Christmas, all choosing to do our own thing and not mingle to stay safe as we await the vaccine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Coffee Latte Afghan, The Election


Coffee Latte has come out of the project bag again for awhile.  It was quite skinny when last I worked on it and showed you a photo.  It's about 3 x as deep now.  It still is going to take some time I think.

Close up so you can the color better, not solid brown.  Got a curling edge problem.  Should have done several rows of garter before starting the pattern.  So, picked up stitches  and knitting 3 rows but it's still curling.  Pulled out the picked up stitches and will probably crochet an edge when all done, that and blocking hopefully will take care of the problem.  Other thought, will it matter if I pick up stitches on the back side to start instead of the front side which is what I did and you can clearly see the fold?  Thoughts??

Ern and I when we voted early.  The line was pretty long, well beyond and behind the building and doubled up.  Took about an hour and 15 minutes, but the weather wasn't too bad, another advantage of voting early.

After voting we celebrated with a little bubbly in our back yard.

Our neighborhood had only Biden signs, which was nice.  I was happy I didn't have to see lots of the orange ones signs.  Though there were some as I did my daily walks.

Two recent books I've listened to as I walk.  LOVED Little Fires Everywhere, but hated how it ended.  Anyone read or listened to it?

This book along with Bolton's, and A Warning by Anonymous which later we learned was Miles Taylor all point to how completely dysfunctional this man is and how unfit he has been since day 1.  Counting the days til we can throw him out of our house.  So frustrated he won't permit the traditional transition.  It's dangerous on several levels, certainly the national security is at stake and no doubt more people will die from Covid without a smooth and coordinated effort between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration.  He obviously doesn't even care that he's putting even his own followers at risk.  Sadly, they don't seem to understand it either.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Knitting and Walking and Cooking during Covid

FINALLY!  I got my jeweled tones asymmetrical scarf finished.  This seemed to take forever.  Typically I knit at night while watching tv, but with this being sock yarn and dark in color I didn't/couldn't do that. So, only working on  it during the day stretched out the time it took to complete.  I would work on it while zooming with our daughter, or facetiming with girl friends sometimes.  Took the picture before I cast off, which took quite awhile with something close to 300 stitches on the needles.  But, it is now finished and waiting to be worn.  With the way the weather has gotten quite a bit cooler very quickly (well ahead of schedule), that could be soon.

This is a closer look so you can see the colors better.  I tend to wear lots of black and gray in the winter, so believe this will jazz things up a bit.
Am very sad about the passing of this truly great lady.  It's because of her the women can have their own charge card, buy property in their name among other things.  I'm deeply trouble to loose her voice and experience on the bench and don't believe the current administration should replace her.  That's something the incoming President should do.  The hypocrisy of The Republican party knows no bounds.  President Obama had 237 days before an election.  We're 40 ish days away current from an election...AND 20 states have already started voting.  This really should not be permitted, but they plan to ram it through.  Despite many video's of all those pushing currently being the loudest voices against an election year Supreme Court Placement back in 2016.

We've all been doing more cooking during the Virus, and not going out to eat.  So, it's nice to have some simple meals.  Pork Tenderloin, Carrots, and Asparagus.  All cooked on one cookie sheet (with foil, and even easier clean up).  

I walk daily, generally about 6-7 miles a day.  I find it helps clears the mind with all the crazy going on right now.  The other thing I find you discover things when you walk that you don't see when you drive the car.  This is just a few blocks from me on a corner lot.  I just happened to look down at the right time.  Been by it, multiple times no doubt...given where it is.  I wondered who he was.  Goodle Dean Dugger and found he was born Sept 18th, 1933 and died March 5th, 2000.  He was born in PA, went to high school in West Virginia, and played college football for Ohio State University.  He was an all American.  I don't know if the memorial tree was purchased through the University or not, but found it interesting to learn about him.
I wonder if the people who's yard the memorial is in are relatives, or just avid OSU fans?  Perhaps, if someone is in the yard on one of my walks, I'll be able to find out.  I could even put a note in the door?


Friday, July 24, 2020


Anyone want to play Bingo?  In these Covid Times, I've heard many people say they can't keep track of what day of the week it is.  Some have said they're spending lots of time in jammies.  Well, I can say I've clicked a few bingo squares off today.  I got dressed, ate food, stayed alive (so far), Got shit done (does making the bed count?), brushed my teeth.  Whew.....exhausting.  But no bingo yet.  How bout you?  I hope you're all dealing as best you can with the shape of things.

For those that need it, here's a safe from Covid Hug

This might be helpful if you're trying to decide whether or not to do something.  Me...I'm sticking with only things that #1 at the moment.

I've mentioned before I love fun cocktail napkins.  Happy hour is an Old Fashion, enjoy.

Still working on this.  Have several more inches than this picture, but honestly it doesn't look any different, so I didn't take a new picture.  Maybe next time.  Still have 2 afghans in the works........yes, I am behind on my knitting.  

Stay well and wear your mask!

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Cooking, Masking, Martini's and Race During These Covid Time

Enchiladas!  I make both chicken and pork.  Many people have talked and posted about how much baking they've been doing during these Covid times, not me.  #1 I don't need or want the calories, and #2 I don't like to bake, never have.  But, I have been cooking more.  Two fold, we've not gone anywhere since very early March, about 4 months due to the Virus.  So, you must cook more to compensate for not going out.  I also have more time it seems because hubby has been working from home, and I therefore don't have to limit what I cook to something that can be quick whenever he gets's home from the office.  I typically never even started cooking until he got home because he worked so many hours, one never quite knew what time it was going to be.  Now, he's right here working so that gives me more flexibility.  We have therefore, been eating a bit differently with more variety.

I recently order a toaster oven.  Haven't had one in years.  I generally don't like to store things on my counter tops, but thought a toaster oven would be helpful to not use the oven to heat up the kitchen as much.......since I'm cooking more.  I can't say it replaces the oven though, as a casserole dish like the one above simply doesn't fit in the toaster oven; but it has been helpful in cutting down how often I use the oven, and it does indeed heat the kitchen up less.  It also has an air fryer component.  I don't tend to fry anything, but I know many friends talk about how much they use and like their air fryers, so thought I'd give it a go.  So far, I've only used it twice with battered shrimp.  We both enjoyed that with a big salad.  A quick and fairly light meal.

To celebrate our 48th Wedding Anniversary, I broke out the special Martini glasses.  They're quite pretty, and large.  I don't use them on a regular basis, keep them in the china cabinet.  I had a lightly dirty Martini (Vodka), hubby has a Dry Gin Martini with a lemon twist.  We had cocktails on the deck, while the filet's were on the barby.

Remember, I said I like fun cocktail napkins.  This one makes me think of political and racial posts I've seen on line.....we've all been there I know, the yelling in my mind......sometimes actually outloud, as if the computer screen can hear us.

With the many protests around the country, and the world after the police murdered George Floyd, it seems racial problems might finally really be discussed.  It's always troubled me when friends/ or line acquaintances would say, I'm not racist...I don't see color.  Aren't we all just Americans instead of Black or White Americans.  I think perhaps people who say that, aren't being honest with themselves.....why, because of course we see color.  We see the color of someone's hair, the car they drive, the dress, suit etc they've chosen to wear.  To say we don't see color seems dis-honest.  I never could quit put into words why I thought that.  Then I spotted this, as part of on line forum to discuss racism and how we all have biases........even if we don't recognize them.  I thought this was worth a share.

Sorry if the wording is offensive to you, but I thought this meme was a perfect example of why, we aren't winning against this virus.  Here's a women with a mask and shield trying to be responsible and do her social distances, then you have the jerk........the non science believer leaning in, not wearing a mask and well...........being invasive in her protective space.........which is also meant to protect him.  I'm sick of seeing and hearing people who still believe this isn't real, or if they believe it feel it's against their personal liberties.  Wear your mask, stay away from parties, wash your hands, don't go to packed events, social distance.  All those pretending things are normal are making matters worse and causing the numbers of cases to climb, the death rate climb, and the virus to stick around longer.  Be a responsible person and wear your mask!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What I'm Doing on my Summer Vacation

No, I haven't mastered this.  I can almost do this on one side, but not with the heel down.  The other side fell right on my keister.  Now I've tried to do it when not moving from another position to this for practice....um no, I still can't do it.  I am though enjoying learning some yoga.  My primary problem is I need things to go slow so I can see what they're doing and some move pretty quickly from one move to another.  This is a video from my gym.  I'm going to try it a few more times to see if I can improve.  I'm also doing something called Boom Mind from Silver Sneakers which is a combination of yoga and pilates.  That particular one is standing only, which I like and focuses a lot on balance..........boy do I need that.  So if someone asked me what positive thing did I do during the Covid times, working on yoga would be the answer.

Politically, I found this hopeful and hope lots of other folks did as well.  The police violence is something I find very very troubling.  I hope this time will be different.  I hope this time something beyond empty promises can take place.

This seems to explain how stupid a recent comment from the orange  one was.  In my opinion, getting rid of him in November is the single most important thing we can do  for our country.

I love fun cocktail napkins.  Recently ordered quite a few from Amazon, since I'm still not going to any stores.  I am still ordering my groceries on line and having them delivered, and or picking them up curbside.  I've not been knitting or crocheting, spending more time on yoga (see above), and walking.  Been averaging about 15K a day in steps.  Trying really hard to up my physical activity.  

Hope you're all staying safe, washing your hands, wearing your masks and continuing to social distance.  I've seen way too many pictures of people partying, acting like nothing is wrong...AND with states numbers rising, particularly in the South, that's a big concern.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bingo, It's a COVID Affair

Bingo!  Spotted this the other day on our neighbor site, Nextdoor and thought it was quite cleaver and thought some of you might enjoy doing this, or have the kids do it.  Since kids shouldn't be playing together, the kids in the neighborhood could do this, perhaps take a picture of said item and or write the address or street where they saw said item.  Then parents could scan it or take a photo and share with the neighbor kids, like they did it together.

I know many are still fighting the idea of wearing a mask, thought this graphic was an excellent visualization of why it matters.  I wore my 2 ply cotton mask with a pocket and insert a double folded coffee filter in the pocket yesterday when I went to Home Depot to buy flowers.  My masks has a nose clip too, which makes it fit better.  I'm happy to say the bulk of shoppers were wearing masks and all the employees in the garden center.

Scored two pretty hanging baskets for the front of the house, and of course have our flag out for Memorial Day Weekend.
I'm disappointed to say I've not settled on a pattern to use for my yummy Mothers Day Yarn (see previous post).  I've been looking, but just haven't settled on one yet.  

And yes, back to masks.  Some of the excuses I see on line about why people aren't wearing them is because they don't have a bandana (one of the common no sew options), so thought I'd share this..........I know everyone has socks

It's rare for me to have a post without showing a knitted or crocheted project, but I've not been busy with needles in several days, so nothing new to share.  Getting yard work done, now that they weather's warmed up, and trying to walk and or do exercise classes via zoom daily.

Stay well, wash your hands, wear your masks and limit your outings based on your need and medical condition.  I will continue to order grocery on line and have them delivered and or pick them up vs going into a store for an hour.  My outing to the garden center was about 10-15 minutes, we were outside, and I was wearing my mask.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Happy Mothers Day to Me!!!!! Espresso Anyone?

This fantastic package came for me from my Darling Daughter!  Thank you Christine.  She told me something was on the way, but would be delayed with shipping and that I might be able to make something...see me smile, that means yarn, wonderful wonderful yarn.  This is hand dyed, DK weight from Honey Girl Farms. 218 yards each..........

Look at the reverse side of the labels.  Click to enlarge if you can't read the names.  This yarn is from The Outlander Series!!!

The gold is Fall at the Ridge (when they were here in the states at Fraser's Ridge.

 Jamie Fraser is the darker blend right next to the gold.
This series is soooooooooo good.  I'm not done watching, so no spoilers please.  I watch this with 2 girl friends when we have "Girls Week" in Hilton Head, typically in the spring and fall.  Though this years spring trip was cancelled due to Covid.

Lallybroch Castle, Jamie's home in Scotland (fictitious name for the series).  It's actually called Midhope Castle.  I got to tour that castle with one of my girl friends several years ago on a tour we did of Ireland and Scotland.  Was very cool to see it in person.  It's the purple blend on the far right.

This is Brianna MacKenzie, Jamie's daughter.  I think I need to find a pattern like the shawl she's wearing.  For some of this yarn.  This blend is the one on the left, blues and some lavendar primarily.  

Will take some time to decide what to make with this yummy yarn.  I like Jamie Fraser and Fall at the Ridge together, so might pare those.

Soooooo excited.  Love you Darling Daughter and thank you for this awesome Happy Mothers Day Gift.

 Trying to show you a close up of Espresso.  It's grown about 3 x the size when I last showed you.  Please click to see the pattern.  I'm in section 2 now where I'm reversing the garter and purl blocks.
It's a bit hard to photograph, as it curls a bit.  No doubt will need a substantial edge when completed.

AND because we've had lots of bad news lately with Covid cases climbing...thought I'd post a wee bit of hope.  Please stay safe.  Stay home as much as you can, avoid groups, wash your hands, and wear your masks when you have to go out.

Looking to get cash back when you shop on line?  I just joined this a few weeks ago and have already gotten money back.  Join today, you've got nothing to loss folks.  https://www.rakuten.com/r/SANDYC3117?eeid=28187