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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half Way There!

 Well, finally I can say I'm half way done with this feather and fan afghan (Sea and Sand).  I've thought before I was half way...in terms of the color layout etc, but then I would measure it and go back to the drawing board with what section, what color to do next etc.  The brown variegated you now see on the needles is the half way point.  From here forward I'll be doing the reverse with variegated sections between the larger light gray, dark gray, and tan sections.  Though the variegated sections up and coming aren't the same, the colors blend, so am hopeful it will look planned and not look like a grab this and that to put it together.  Late getting this post up for Work in Progress Wednesday; but at least I made it this week.  Been behind with my WIPW, FOF, and YOP Sunday meme's.
Here's a bit of close up so you can see the brown variegated better.  All meme's badges and links have been moved to their own page to clean up the blog some.  Check the tabs across the top of the blog.  Join us for any or all of the meme's, they are fun.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sneezing, Stitching Sea and Sand on Sunday

Debated whether or not to bother with a picture of Sea and Sand. Wasn't sure you could tell I'd made some headway....I've lost track of my original ideas (there have been too many) in terms of the layout and the number of colors to use etc. The light blue variegated you see on the right side between the 2 sections of light gray was suppose to be the middle in which case I could happily say I'm working on the 2nd half. I've measured it again........not going to get the job done. Which means I need to go hunting again through my stash to see if I have something I can use after this currently light gray to be the middle ---double check and make sure I've got enough light gray to do 2 more sections after the middle before I can carry on with the plan. Bother.

Been sneezing up a storm of late. These allergies are killing me. I gave in and went to the Doctor the other day, something I rarely do but, I wasn't getting any relief from my current meds. He changed things up; though I can't tell if I'm making any headway or not. A big part of my job is talking to a room of people explaining what we're doing (I'm called a moderator). I've been hoarse for a week, making my job very difficult. That's also added strain to my voice, probably making me even more hoarse. The repetitious nature of my job...sometimes I'll do that as often as every 45 minutes and then a new group of people come in. Add to that working my hours then normal, with even more slated for next week. I'm pretty worn out.

Been trying to get back in the swing of wearing my pedometer to work to count my steps again. I do well for awhile then poof I find I'm not doing it again. Sigh. As I look at the pedometer from Thurday it reads, 11,443 steps which converts to 4.339 miles. Forgot to clear it and wear in on Friday. And thus I m tired.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday, Squares no More

Surprised? Probably not, another afghan. A few YOP post ago I talked about needing to put away the feather and fan afghan (Sea and Sand) to work on something else. At the time I said that, was really thinking smaller projects. Well, guess not. This afghan is called Summers End. It's made from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond, my charity blog. I used a variegated tan and off white, (though I think it's just look solid) to do the edging and joining. It's drying here in the picture after being laundered. No huge need for blocking, but I do like to wash them all and tug/coax them a bit into proper shape while they'll dry. Also helps smooth out the various changes square to square and the actual joining seem.

Now, I wonder....where did I leave of with Sea and Sand? I don't remember, sure hope I put my counting card with it so I can properly pick up where I left off. **Edited to add....I did not. Picked up Sea And Sand last night. My counter was there indicating 4. Memory tells me it was a 4 row repeat and therefore I should start with row 1. Have looked around quite a bit without finding my index card where I had it jotted down. Will do some looking on RAV and see if I can or remember the particular one I was using.

Happy week to one and all. YOP badge and link in sidebar. Updated list in the tab across the top of the blog.