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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Another Week and What's to Show For It?

This seems to say a lot.  Spotted this meme on Facebook a few days ago and thought it worth sharing.  

I've never seen anything like this before and wondered if you all had?  This was in an airport, though I'm not sure I remember which one....perhaps Portland or San Francisco, as I think it was from a Mother Daughter trip a few months back.

I've not worked on this project in awhile and should, but I'm contemplating, ripping it out to start over.  Stay tuned.

No new picture on the yellow shawl, as it hasn't moved forward enough to look any different to you.  It's really slow going.

It's crazy I know, but....I keep wanting to start something with this yarn.  Do you suffer from start-itis?  I have multiple projects going, but want to start another one.

This is close to being done, but I made a mistake that I couldn't fix, plus there's a spot where there was bad yarn.........argh....so I've put it away and am trying to decide whether to finish or rip it out.  It was going to be a gift.  The mistake is one I could probably ignore if I were wearing it myself...hide it by the way it was tied etc; but.............

Had a very busy week.  My cousin from out of state came and I spend lots of time taking her places and to visit with Dad.  Vertigo is much improved, thanks to all of you who've asked.  Not gone, but much improved.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Stuff and Such on Sunday

 Pink Himalyanan Salt Light.  Have you heard of them, seen then, use them?  They're often used in Yoda Studios which is how my friend learn about them.  They provide a very nice soft light and are quite relaxing.  Thus the yoga connection.  However, they are reported to have other benefits like increased energy, improved mood, better sleep.  Some say they purify the air.  I bought mine through Amazon for under $20.00 and it had the low wattage bulb with it.  It also has a dimmer with 5 selections which is nice.  We tend to use it on the lowest or 2nd to lowest setting.  The light is actually a chunk of pink Himalayan Salt from the area of the Khewna Salt Mines in Pakistan.  They're decorative.  I bought it to see if helped hubby sleep...I think maybe it does, which in turn helps me to sleep or perhaps it helps us both directly?
 A recent meal that was particularly good.  Pork Tenderloin, fresh green beans and a nice salad.  I like to prepare the pork when I bring it home from the grocery.  But, when buying from Cosco you get a rather large package and each package has 4 tenderloins which I season, cut in half, wrap in wax paper, then foil and then freeze in a zip lock bag.   By seasoning ahead (and doing all 8 pieces at a time), you have less mess and safe time.......but additionally the meat has a chance to absorb the flavors of the seasoning more than just seasoning them when you're ready to cook them.  A half piece of tenderloin is perfect for a dinner for 2 people.  3 slices for me, and usually 4 for hubby.
 Travel Hangers.  They are laid out in the 1-2-3 of how to use.  They come folded (like the blue one).  Step one fold down the 2 sides (gives you the size of the pink one), fold out the ends of the 2 sides gives you the size of the yellow one.  They are light weight plastic.  I spotted them advertised the other day and immediately wanted them.  Oddly enough my friend (that told me about the Himalayan Light), sent me a text saying she spotted them too.  We often compare notes on good things travel related.  I ordered them pronto, believe she did also.  I got a package of 10 from Amazon for $9.55.  I think they will be really handy when traveling in Europe where often hangers can't be removed from the closet.  If you ever need to de-wrinkle clothes in the shower, or do a little hand laundry...you need to be able to move the hangers.
 Amazon, my favorite place to shop probably really likes me lately.  I've been shopping from the comfort of my computer.  So much talk of late about the condition of our environment and what we can do to help.  Not using plastic bags at grocery stores for fruits and vegetables is a big one.  The package says these are reusable mesh produce bags that are safe, washable, and eco-friendly; as well as BPA free.  So, thought I would give them a try.  There are 2 sizes, 5 of each size.  I paid less than $10.00 from memory, but can't find my original order to be exact.  I didn't know when I ordered them but, they are made from re-cycled plastic bottles which is an added bonus in my opinion.
I still have the Vertigo, so saved this on my computer in hopes of being able to do these stretches later on.  If you try them, let me know what you think.  They look like good beginner yoga moves.  I am doing more walking again (but sometimes have to stop to slow the dizzies.  But leaning over to do these right now.......nope, not happening.

"Dirty Little Lies".  A HBO series with views of the beach, and The Bridge was perfect for my daughter and I to watch while we were in San Francisco (though the actual bridge photographed was in Big Sur...it felt like we were where it all was filmed.  Based on a best seller by Liane Morarty this 2 season series is packed with stars: Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Joe Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley.............at least those are the women who's names are listed as they appear in the above photo.  It appears though there won't be a 3rd season from what I can find.  Darn it, enjoyed it.  Though doubt hubby would have, it was a good chic flick.  AND we don't have HBO...so there you go.  Have you watched?

No pictures of projects or yarn, cause I have nothing new to show you all, but hope you're keeping busy.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Walking, Watching, Reading and of Knitting of Course

Took this photo one day recently while out on my daily walk.  I thought it was so cute, colorful and a great way to decorate for a party, whatever the occasion.  I liked the display of all the pretty colored whirl-a-gigs and thought it worth a snap shot.  We're at the time when most of our flowers have stopped blooming and things need to trimmed, leaving the yard rather bland looking...before it get's super ugly and brown, followed by...the dreaded white stuff.  I shan't say the word I so dislike it.  I'm thinking about (when the Vertigo is gone and I can get back out to do the yard work...spreading some colorful whirl-a-gigs throughout the flower beds for some color.  What think you?  Yeah or Neh?

Hubby and I just finished watching this series.  All 3 season, and really enjoyed it.  HATE the way it ended, and that there will not be a season 4, so much was left up in the air.  ARgh.  Did you watch?  Did you hate the ending?  Where you disappointed about no season 4?  It seemed season 4 was anticipated when 3 was wrapping up.  Thought it was interesting that Kiefer Sutherland was the lead actor and the publisher.

It may not look all that different from the previous post/picture, but it's 3 inches more knitting, which isn't too shabby given it's sock weight yarn.  The section completed is without the drop stitches where it's more solid.  Will be starting more drop stitches....the open lacy part.  How long do you all make your shawls?

Have recently started reading Michelle Obama's book.  Started it on a recent vacation.  For Christmas I bought the hardback for my daughter who prefers books over e-books, and bought myself the e-book version, which I prefer.  I'm not a big reader.  She LOVES to read.  I find the time others might use for reading, I'm reading or writing blogs or knitting.  But, what I've read so far, I've enjoyed.  A great deal about her growing up years and the friends and family in her Chicago neighborhood.  Have your read it?  Did you enjoy it?

Speaking of Walking, you notice I have a badge in my right side bar that shows what trails I'm virtually walking on Walking 4 Fun.  It's connected to my Fitbit account and automatically sync's my steps/miles there.  Additionally, I have connected my  Achievement (CLICK HERE), account to Fitbit where again steps are automatically synced.  Achievement is a research sight, you have the option to participate in health type questionnaires/surveys for additionally points.  The bottom line is you can make money from your physical activities.  The money you make can be donated as well.  So there are many options.  The app is simple and very straight forward to use.  Click above where it says click here to join, and let me know if you do.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Vertigo Reduces Steps but Increases Knitting Time

Headway has been rather slow with my drop stitch shawl.  You may remember in the previous post the great un-knitting that took place.  The headway has been the 2nd section of the darker yarn.  I went almost a week after getting back in town before I picked it up and did any knitting......not the way to make much progress.

I've been extremely busy each day working in the yard.  After being gone, the flower beds were screaming for attention.  The amount of thistles that grew in my absence..yikes.  Anyway, working in the yard each day and getting in my daily walks.  As many of you know I'm an avid walker and had a banner week last week, breaking many of my benchmark records on Fitbit.  So, with walking and yard work, no knitting was accomplished. (flowers are gorgeous about 8 inches in diameter, Mallows).

Since tomorrow is Monday, thought this ditty was worth a laugh.  Are you singing it?

Bunheads!  I never heard of the show, so seldom watch tv, but my daughter and I watched this recently on a trip together.  It's fun, a bit different.  The only person I recognized was Kelly Bishop of Dirty Dancing and Gilmore Girls (Mom in both cases.  I guess from my googling it didn't make it past 1 season..........too bad was entertaining.

**Having broken my records for steps last week 103,258 with the highest day being 22,723 and lowest day being 12,258...I'm already in the whole for the week after.  I've been sitting pretty still for a few days with a bout of Vertigo.  Ugh, balance was off, dizzy, and nausea.  Does anyone else deal with Vertigo?  Have been reading a lot about it, as this is my 2nd episode in 6 wks.  AND, that's why I made some progress with the knitting on the shawl........sitting not stepping.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Yarn Here and Where I travel...and Look Ice Cream!

Started this shawl on a recent vacation.  Needed something small and easy to work on while on the plane.  I've since lost my note and need to refresh my memory, but finding the pattern again on line.  I know you were to go as far as you wanted before starting to decrease to make the 2nd half, but I'm having trouble visualizing how to do the decrease so I keep the design where the yarn overs are.  The yarn overs for you non knitters is the edge with texture you see on the left.  I didn't work on during vacation, and couldn't work on it on the return flight cause I lost my note.  Argh.

Instead I worked on this during vacation.  It too is a shawl, but after I did several additional rows of light gray and yellow, I decided I didn't like it.  And the beginning which is tighter due to using bad needles when I started it......was very apparent to me............so I frogged the whole thing.  Another ARGH.

Here's my Un-knitting.  They look better together in balls than when it was knitted.  So the yellow and gray will have to be for a different project.

And here's how far I got while on vacation after ripping out.  I also decided it was too wide so cast on about 3/4th of the number of stitches as the first go round.  AND decided to start with the darker combo and paced the stitches different.  I did both single and double YO on the first one, but singles really aren't noticeable so didn't use them the 2nd time.  I'm also using more garter stitches in between sections of changing colors to add a bit more sturdiness to it.  Debating if I have enough yarn or should so find a yellow or blue that blends to add it.  From memory believe each ball is slightly over 400 yards.

Went to an art fair while on vacation........more on this later on my travel blog

Did lots of walking and hikingEnjoyed a DQ after one hike, but as you can see it was hot and the cone was melting very quickly so when we ordered, she immediately put the cones in a cup.

Haven't joined this blog hop before...but like the idea.

*The blog badge is a link*
Took a nice long walk and have already hit my goal of 11K a day.  Am thankful I can walk that far, and even more thankful I managed it by 11:30 am, so all the rest of the day will be a bonus.

Monday, July 15, 2019

A Look Back, and Crossing the Baggage Claim

Not a very good picture, but this is a quilt I made some time back for my older brother, Chuck.  He's a fan of Norman Rockwell.  He get's it out every Christmas to add to the decorations.  It's draped over a chair in the family room in this picture.  I think this is the last of the quilts I've made and hadn't yet shared with you.  As I've said previously, I don't do specific shapes or quilt stitches, I just find fabric I like and piece things together and stitch based on the pattern of the fabric.  Been a long time since I've made one, perhaps I'll make another one sometime.

 Again not a good picture, but these old photo's scanned just don't come out that good.  Made this little purse for my Mother way way back.  She liked Natical things.
Just a quick Baby bib with a fun nickname...the parents were both quite short and thus the nick name.

Didn't bother to take another picture of my red/black shawl/ scarf.  It's bigger but still not done, and frankly doesn't look much different than all the previous pictures I've posted.  Beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it done though, it's currently at 23 points.

There have been so many really good memes lately about rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do..........it would be hard to say which ones were the best; but I did have a few favorites.  Incase you've missed it, this all came about from a quote from the hijacked DC 4th of July Celebration by little donnie john.

I just had to share a few with you.
And then there's this one.
AND, there were a lot more.  You just can't get through the day without trumpie saying and or doing something beyond pathetically stupid.  He gives us so many reason to make fun of him.  Though I really wish it would stop...that he would stop, and I know he won't!

I trust you all had a nice 4th of July Celebration without making a fool of yourself, like he did.

I know many of you use a tracker to keep track of your steps, If you do, JOIN Achievement with these link and earn while you get fit.