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Monday, July 15, 2019

A Look Back, and Crossing the Baggage Claim

Not a very good picture, but this is a quilt I made some time back for my older brother, Chuck.  He's a fan of Norman Rockwell.  He get's it out every Christmas to add to the decorations.  It's draped over a chair in the family room in this picture.  I think this is the last of the quilts I've made and hadn't yet shared with you.  As I've said previously, I don't do specific shapes or quilt stitches, I just find fabric I like and piece things together and stitch based on the pattern of the fabric.  Been a long time since I've made one, perhaps I'll make another one sometime.

 Again not a good picture, but these old photo's scanned just don't come out that good.  Made this little purse for my Mother way way back.  She liked Natical things.
Just a quick Baby bib with a fun nickname...the parents were both quite short and thus the nick name.

Didn't bother to take another picture of my red/black shawl/ scarf.  It's bigger but still not done, and frankly doesn't look much different than all the previous pictures I've posted.  Beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it done though, it's currently at 23 points.

There have been so many really good memes lately about rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do..........it would be hard to say which ones were the best; but I did have a few favorites.  Incase you've missed it, this all came about from a quote from the hijacked DC 4th of July Celebration by little donnie john.

I just had to share a few with you.
And then there's this one.
AND, there were a lot more.  You just can't get through the day without trumpie saying and or doing something beyond pathetically stupid.  He gives us so many reason to make fun of him.  Though I really wish it would stop...that he would stop, and I know he won't!

I trust you all had a nice 4th of July Celebration without making a fool of yourself, like he did.

I know many of you use a tracker to keep track of your steps, If you do, JOIN Achievement with these link and earn while you get fit. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Yarn a Plenty, I'll Drink to That!

Started another scarf.  I really love this pattern. This is my 3rd one.  The first one I actually made for myself........something I rarely do.
Love the colors of the one I made for myself, but it's tucked away now until fall, as it's finally gotten to nice to want to wear a scarf/shawl.

The 2nd one I made for a friend, who likes gray as she says it goes with everything.

This 3rd one, is for another friend, who loves everything Buckeye.  This is made with sock yarn, so it's going a bit slower and will be smaller when finished, I think.  The two previous scarves were a bit easier to work with due to using size 8 needles vs the 4's I'm using with this sock yarn (that has lots of silk in it).  Currently 17 points.  With the other yarn (which the pattern was written for, 25 is about what you get for the full cake of yarn.  So, will see how this pans out with the sock yarn, which is slightly less yardage.

This is yarn I purchased while in the Pacific Northwest on a recent trip with my daughter.  Love both colors and am trying to decide if I want a scarf from each one, or ........I want to double the base and make one larger with both cakes?
Thoughts?  It too is a lighter, more like the current weight yarn I'm working with.

I spotted this the other day, and thought WOW...someone is really good with photoshop, thought it worth a share...with all the talk of late about Sarah leaving her position.  Seems appropriate she leaves, she certainly didn't do her job anyway.  No real question and answer periods, no regular briefings etc.  And the others ...it would be funny if it weren't all so sad to have such lack of appropriateness in our government.

Wine Country.  A fun and funny movie I just watched while on said trip with my darling daughter.  We really enjoyed it, as we toured several wineries there in Sonoma...so this seemed very timely.  You no doubt notice several characters from Saturday Night Live!  If you watch, let me know if you liked it.  Be sure and pour a glass while you're at it.

After above post, I visited all 29 blogs on my blog list (plus one extra that was suggested by one of the 29).  I would like to encourage bloggers to check their settings to allow name and url instead of just google....truly folks it's a HUGE time saver.  All explained in previous post.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Cross Stitch, Knitting and Making a Hyperlink

Not a good picture, as this old cross stitch (stamped not counted), is now hanging in the basement.  Had this upstairs above an old children's roll top desk for years.  I must have tired of it, or decided during one of the paint color changes in the house (in 36 years there's been a few), it no longer matched or looked nice.  But, I always liked the saying, Choose Thy Love, Love Thy Choice.  Good words to live by.  I think perhaps I need to bring this up from the basement and see if I can clean up the frame, if not; maybe re-frame it.  This was one of my earliest cross stitch projects...in fact, it might be the very first.  I think it is.

This, I think was my 2nd project.  With the reflection it might be hard to read.  It says, God Gave us our Memories, so that we might have roses in December.  This too is a stamp not counted cross stitch project.  I made this for my Grandmother who who a wonderful rose garden when I was a kid.  Back when roses smelled good, you know before "they" had been hybrided to death.  In seeing these pictures togther on my blog, I see no reason why they couldn't reside together
Bringing out Coffee Latte.  Haven't worked on this since mid April, according to the date of my last picture.  Have a few more of the solid brown to do, and then the large variegated section is next.  So making headway.  The largest variegated section is towards the bottom of the picture to give you a feel for where I am.  I think, if I guessed right on the amount of yarn I have, this will be larger than a lapghan when done, and maybe a bit smaller than a regular ghan.......time will tell.

Making a hyper-link.  Some time back.  I blogged about making a hyper-link.  But, couldn't type exactly how to make one for you all, or it would in fact be a hyper-link and you wouldn't see the code.  Then one day when I was visiting one of your blogs and using said hyper-link, it occurred to me to take a picture.  Then you could see the code, but it would be a picture and wouldn't therefore be a link.  Many of the bloggers on my blog list only use google as an option when leaving a comment, instead of the name and url option.  When you only use google, a person clicks on your name and is then taken to the bloggers profile page...NOT their blog.  If that person has only one blog, you then click the name of the blog from the profile page...thus 2 clicks to get to the blog of the person you want to visit.  If however, the person you're visiting has several blogs (like I do, and many bloggers do), without using name and url you again go to their profile page, then you have to click trough how ever many blogs are listed to find the one you typically visit.  In some cases many of the blogs still listed on the person's profile page are blogs they no longer use.  For those with out dated blogs, or inactive blogs, you can edit your settings and hide those blogs from your profile page to simply things.  But, if a person only has google listed and not name and url as an option when you leave a comment, you can save and should leave your actual blog url by making a hyperlink in the actual comment area...as the above picture shows.  You start with <a href=".....after the " you add the copy and paste of your actual blog post...end that with"> then add the name of your blog where you see Sandy's Space above, followed by </a>

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bloody Mary's, Cross Stitch, Knitted Shawls, and Pontoon Boats

 Hubby and I are always in search of a really good brunch with a good Bloody Mary!!  Several week ends ago, we tried out a new place in town called Drunch.  One option there, which we both tried, was the Bloody Mary Bar.  Mine has bacon, a dill pickle, several olives, and I think a hot pepper.  
Last weekend, we thought we'd venture again, the line for Drunch looked long, so we ventured just around the corner, but still in Italian Village and found this Bloody Mary...Black Olive, different type of pickle and Italian Bacon....quite tasty.  This Bloody Mary can be found at, The Market Italian Village.  Both were good, not sure which I thought was better, but might give a nudge to Drunch, as it had horseradish in it.  

This vase is another of the items I kept from my Dad's house.  I remember it being on the mantel at his parents house when I was a kid.  I always liked it and so have it in my China Cabinet.  On the bottom it says Czechoslovakia 220/20.  No name of a company, and perhaps an initial S with something after it, just an initial...presumably of the person who made it?  This was #20 and they made 220?  Is that what that means?  I don't know.  I don't know if it was something Grandma and Grandpa purchased, or something one of them got from someone in their families.  Sure wish I knew something about this piece.  Any thoughts about how to find out without a company name?

Drum Roll...........finally done with this gray shaded shawl.  Just have to tuck in ends.  Hoping to start a new one later today.

For my cross stitch friends.  I made this pontoon boat back in 1982 for my parents.  I also made the frame at one of those do it yourself frame places.  They had a pontoon boat that looked just like this that they used to spend lots of time on, back in the day.  Their den was very nautical. So the boat picture fit right in.
My cross stitch picture was around the corner which was the entrance to the room from the hallway.  As some of you might know we recently had a tag sale, and cleaned out my folks house after selling it.  Thus the surge lately of me sharing with you some of the family pieces I kept.  The cross stitch pontoon boat doesn't go with anything in my house, but it brings back fond memories of my folks and since I made it...well, kept it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cross Stitch, Table Cloths and Family

This is another cross stitch table cloth I found when cleaning out my Dad's house.  I like this one a bit more then the blue one in the previous post.  I assume it's done by the same person, but am not 100% certain of that.  These colors work in my decor, but the size doesn't work for my table....so
Currently, it's on the rocker in the living room.  The chair is one I've had for a long time, it was from my Great Aunt Irene, and I think she's possibly the stitcher.  I think that because we know she once made a cross stitch framed piece that was the serenity prayer.  She was my Dad's Dad's Sister.  So, if my logic is right, it seems fitting that her stitchery is being displayed on her chair.  But, you can't see the whole thing........anyone have thoughts about what else I might do with this cross stitched tabled cloth/family heirloom?
This is my Great Aunt Irene Mader.  She was the only sister who didn't marry.  She worked at the Post Office, had a really fun laugh.  She was my Dad's favorite aunt.  He'd stop and see her coming and going from dates back in the day.  I remember them both talking about that in years past.  Which is another reason I think the heirloom stitching pieces are hers.  He would have been more inclined I think, to keep stuff from her.
A cropped photo from her grade school picture.
For my knitting and crochet friends.......here's an idea.  I really like this idea, particularly for when you're using up ends of skeins.  If you roll a ball it gets away from you on the floor, or you end up sitting on it if you try to keep it in your chair.  I often keep it in a zip lock bag in a tote on the floor, but sometimes it doesn't unwind well.  Sometimes I use my yarn bowl, but I like that this is right with you at the same height almost vs being on the floor.  This would also be a huge plus for people with pets.

This is the most recent movie I watched.  I'm not sure I would recommend it...it wasn't bad, but it wasn't real memorable either.  It was a bit odd, sorta the odd that when you start you think maybe you won't finish it, but it's odd enough you wonder what will happen next so play through.  Anyone seen it?  What did you think?  If anyone watches it, let me know what you think.  It was on Amazon Prime.

No new pictures of my shawl, cause it doesn't look much different.  I thought I would be done by now, but life has gotten in the way.  Dad isn't doing well, so have been busier doing things connected to him and his care at the Assisted Living Center, and frankly getting some things in line, as we believe his time with us won't be very long.  Trying to take care of details, dotting i's and crossing t's where we can to make things a bit easier on all when the time comes.  Hospice is seeing him more often now, which is helpful.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Family Heirlooms Tell Stories

Another family heirloom I couldn't part with.  Once again, like the Mader Doily, I wish I knew for certain who in the family made this and how old it is.  I don't have any memories of being with a relative and seeing them stitching beyond my Mother and I know she didn't make this, or the Mader Doily.  

It's pretty, 2 shades of blue, which I hope shows up against my gray comforter.  I don't have blue in my house, so it really doesn't go with anything, but I remember blue china, whose?  Unknown.  Once upon a time, Mom said she was going to put stickers on the back of the family china pieces with names, but sadly she never did.  There were 2 or 3 of these plates around the large living room bay window.  Dishes from several generations ago.  Some were decorative pieces and some were what was left from someone's china set.

Thought I had a picture looking at the bay window, but this is all I could find.  You can see how large the window is with shelves all around.  This is after we purged for the house staging.  But these blue dishes were on one of the shelves.  Looked great with the blue wall behind it. Would so love to know the stories of whom and where for the dishes, the doily, and cross stitch table cloth.
Haven't started a new series, now that I'm done with McLeod's Daughters, but did watch this movie the other night.
It was a good "chick" flick, and perfect for a night when I was here solo, as hubby was out of town on business.  Did you watch it?  Did you like it?  I did not read the book it references...50 Shades of, not my cup of tea, I'm sure.

One of the boutiques I was able to make from the large bunches of flowers my Darling Daughter sent me for Mothers Day.   I love the white and green!!  The light from the window didn't make for the best picture.  I have a boutique on the mantle in the living room, and a smaller one in the bedroom on my dresser.  Truly gorgeous.  AND my Darling Daughter flew in Sat night to spend Mothers Day with me.  She made a fantastic brunch for me.  Was a very short visit, but still very precious.  Thank you!  Love her to pieces.

Making progress, but had hoped to have this shawl finished by now.  It's grown 2 more pattern repeats which is 2 more points, thus 20 rows.  Probably 3 more to go.  Looks like I may be able to get at least one more section where the dark gray/black yarn will appear, which I like.  I like the contrast.

Cute idea for someone you want to gift yarn to.  Though I'm not sure how you keep the second tier of yarn attached.  Thoughts????