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Saturday, December 25, 2021



Not sure why the tree looks different on the bottom then the top.  I tried taking the picture from several different angles, but it didn't seem to help.

Crocheted snowflakes on the french doors from the dining room leading out onto the deck (I didn't crochet them)
Dining room table

The fireplace, candles, wreath and nativity (hand painted by my Mother in Law, many years ago.  She did a fantastic job.
Close up of the nativity

A Merry Christmas to you all, Happy Hanukkah and whatever special holiday you celebrate.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Yarn, So Many Possibilities, Reading


I've begun a project with all my fun colors.  Though these mocked mitered squares will make an afghan at some point.  I'm trying to decide how to arrange them.  Here's one possibility.  with the same color on the coutside 
Or the common color in the inside

Or stripes vertical or horizontal, sorry must have moved as this first picture is blurry.  Common color right left right etc.

Or the common color going the same direction?

Not sure what I think, but am interested in your thoughts and preferences.  One idea is to do one of grouping of 4 and then have 2 large triangles on either side (doubling the size).

Might not be able to decide until more squares are completed.  Then there's the pinwheel design idea.

A fascinating book!
Another WWII book, but focused on a woman!  Ladies do yourselves a favor and read this book.  This is a true story.  Women can be awesome when given a chance.  I won't do a review, don't want to give anything away.

Cutting these post a bit short, as I know everyone is rushing with last minute things to get done for the holiday season

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Knitting, Reading and Decorating


Plymouth Encore, 200 yard skeins WW yarn.  Washable 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool.  This is my go to WW yarn.  LOVE the colors.  28 skeins here. 5,600 yards of yummy.  These colors were calling out to me, even though I have an afghan in the works that's close to being done.......AND a 2nd WIP, The Buckeye scarf (scroll back one post).  Have made progress with the scarf, it's bigger than it was in the  previous post; but I haven't taken another photo.  Maybe next time.  AND...do swing back to see what I'm doing with this 5,600 yards....or at least the first project using some of this.

The first book in 3 book series by Ken Follett.  If you like anything about history, the coming of age; you MUST read and or listen to this series.  I really enjoy listening to books and get them free from the library and use the Libby App.  The app is easy to search, to borrow, or be put on a waiting list.  Book 1, follows the lives of families in Germany, England, Russia, and a small Welsh coal mining town.  I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

Book 2 in the series, follows the lives of families in England, The United States of American, Russia and Germany.  And how what happened in their lives was dictated by events in and around World War II

Book 3, the final book of the series involves the same families (the 3rd generation) and the same countries: England, The United States of America, Russia and Germany during the cold war and lots of historical events including The Cuban Missile Crisis, The British Invasion, The Kennedy Administration, Watergate, and The Civil Rights Movement.  If you're my age, you lived through this period.  If you read or listen to these books, let me know your thoughts.

Decorating has begun at my house.  How about yours?  Do you decorate the same each year?  Do you buy a real tree or have an artificial tree at your house?

Hope everyone is getting their Boosters and getting the young ones vaccinated.  As the numbers of cases, and hospitalizations has risen in many states.  Sadly, my state is one of those.  And just a few days ago, the states first cases of Omicron have appeared here.  Oh how I wish I could wave a magic wand and get rid of this virus in all of our lives.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Buckeye Scarf, Thanksgiving and Reading


Started this newest project, a scarf in Buckeye Colors. These asymmetrical scarves are fun to make.  This is using Cascade 220 Superwash yarn 100% Superwash Merino Wool.  It's really nice yarn to work with and will feel good about the neck.  The skeins are small, only 136 yards and I just recently started on the 2nd skein.  I'm estimating it will take 3 skeins to make it a nice size; but we'll see.  I do have more than 3 skeins, just in case.  Purposed this yarn at my local yarn shop when they had a going out of business sale, so it was a good buy.  Sad to see them close.

Speaking of Buckeye Colors....this is our brunch before the Ohio State vs Michigan game a few days after Thanksgiving.  We had egg casserole, Cinnamon Rolls from Mama Mimi's (something they only make at Thanksgiving and Christmas), and of course Champagne.  Sadly, our team didn't play well, and Michigan won.  Their first win in 10 years.

Due to Covid, we did not join the large family gathering (too many people, indoors, without everyone being vaccinated.  But, we did set a nice table with heirloom family dishes.

Dishes that have been in the family a good long while.  Hand painted china, service for 12 given to me by my Great Aunt on my Dad's side of the family.  Dad's father's sister, Aunt Irene.  Irene was born in 1895 and lived to the age of 92 years old, dying in 1988.  I don't know how old she was when she either purchased or was given this set of dishes.  I know one of her sister's, Viola had a similar pattern on her dishes.

We dressed for dinner.

Another lighter book from my listening list. I found the book entertaining.  A story of life for two women, best friends for years when they become empty nesters.  

I also listened to this book while walking, working in the yard, doing kitchen prep etc.  The book is different than the TV show.  The parts that were different, I won't divulge in case you'ld like to read/listen to it.  One of the differences I liked better in the book; and a second major difference I liked better on the tv show.  

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Knitting, Fall, and Reading


Holly Cow!  I don't know where time goes.  Had no idea it had been this long since I had blogged.  I got busy with yard work, walking, planking almost daily; and genealogy!  The genealogy is probably what I spent the most time on.  I worked on my husbands side of the family and then switched back to my side and found lots of information, pictures and made great headway with both of our families.  Reaching back several additional generations for both of us.  

AND, I finally finished my shawl.  I love the color and the texture this broken garter sttch provides.  It's nice and warm, and since the weather has indeed turned; I've worn it several times so far.

We had some nice color, but it didn't last long.  This was taken Nov 2, right after voting and since then we've had lots of windy rainy days, so the leaves just simply didn't last long.

It seems like people do more decorating for holidays these days.  When I walk I noticed far more than Christmas Decorations, which is really all I remember until recent years.  I saw lots of Halloween decorations.  I posted about them on my travel blog, click HERE.  Have you noticed more decorations?  Do you decorate for holidays beyond Christmas?  I never have, so am curious.

Continued my lighter reading/listening with this series of 4 books, Bride Ships Series by Jody Hedlund.  They are historical romances.  This is book 1, A Reluctant Bride

Book 2 The Runaway Bride

Book 3, A Bride of Convenience
And Almost a Bride is the 4th and final book of the series.  These books deal with bad conditions for women who can't marry well, due to their station in life.  Often not having a say in whom they're promised too, violent pasts and so they try to improve their lot by leaving London and head to British Columbia on a Bride Ship with the purpose of finding a husband.  All is not as it seems.  The historical fact is women did travel to marry men they did not know in many places around the globe.  It often help settle frontier areas.

Let me know if you've read/listened to these and what your thoughts were.

As always, please leave a comment so I know you were here and I will happily visit, read and comment on your blogs.  Thank you.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Yarn, Flowers, and Books oh My


Took this picture about a week ago so have made more progress since; but wanted to show you this picture because you can see both sides of this shawl.  The flat portion is the back side, and the triangle section is the right side.  In my previous post most people indicated they liked the wrong side the most.  I like both and think wrapped up in this will show both sides and it will work out just fine.  

My Mothers Day Flowers.  Not a good picture though.  Tried several times, the color is so vivid but was having a problem with the light.
This at least shows you the colors.  There are so many interesting flowers.  I don't know what the green feathery flowers, or the orange one to the right of the green flowers, or the larger deep reddish one next to it.  I know the Carnations but, that's about it.  If you know what any of these flowers are, please share.  These were a gift from my darling daughter.

I love fun cocktail napkins.
I like to have a mix on hand, and so does my hubby.

My first blooming Iris.  I get very excited each spring when this pop up.  I got the starts for these purple Iris from my parents yard.  I've given starts to both my brothers from my yard as well.  Flower beds are badly in need of weeding; but it will be a long process before I'll be able to mulch.

I finished the Stacey Abrams book I mentioned in the previous post.  And again tried to get into the RGB book also mentioned in the previous post; but just couldn't.  I think so highly of her, I must try it again another time.  I returned it to the library so others on the list could have a go at it.

I started something much lighter.  Have read so many heady books of late.  This series of 3 books was just what I needed.  The historical story of the gangs of New York, the large number of orphans or children given up by their parents when they couldn't care for them went west on trains to try and get a new life.  This is book #1

This is book 2, and this is book #3

I really enjoyed these 3 books.  I loved the voices of those doing the reading.  I enjoyed how they took on the many voices of the various characters in the books.  And I enjoyed the love stories.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Snow Go Away, It's Spring, Full Body Vibration Plate


Dinner is served.  This was a quick, and easy dinner.  Panko crusted friend shrimp.  Very good, and super crunchy.  Didn't bother to dig out the toaster oven/air fryer.  Putting them on a cookie sheet in the oven actually works better.  Broccoli 4 minutes in the microwave (very little water is needed).  I never cook broccoli in a pan on the stove top anymore.  Comes out much better and not mushy in the microwave.  Salad is fruit and cottage cheese.  Here I used canned Mandarin oranges.  I really like almost any fruit and or a good ripe tomato with cottage cheese.  Topped off with a nice glass of Pinto Grigio.

Mother Nature got confused.  This was just a few days ago.  We had about 3 inches, I think.  It was a very wet and heavy snow.  This tree branch is hanging about 3.5 feet below where it normally is.  This is the Crap Apple all pretty with it's pink blossoms, but heavy laden with snow.  Argh.  Hope it doesn't get ruined.  This is late April for crying out loud, we shouldn't be getting snow this late.  This photo was taken through the window of my deck door and this tree made us feel almost locked in.

I finished this book..........learned so many things about this courageous woman.  I highly recommend this book to read or listen to.  I really enjoyed listening, as the lady reading it did a wonderful job changing her voice when she was speaking as Eleanor or as her Mother-in-law, Mama etc.  Put it on your list.

Started this book, but am sorry to say I stopped it.  I found it a bit long in the tooth, which disappoints me, as I think she was an incredible woman.  I've listened to 13% of this book and then switched to

listening to this book, read by Stacey Abrams and am really enjoying it.  I've just over 1/3 of the way into this one (32%).  While I say I am enjoying it, am also finding it maddening.  I know voter suppression exists, it's in the news all the time.  But, I had no idea how badly Republicans push to keep people of color from voting.  It's beyond shameful and repulsive.  Not just in her state of Georgia, but she speaks about that the most.

Perhaps, when I finish this, I'll go back to RBG and try a bit more.

No new pictures of my teal shawl, though it is growing in size.  (see previous post).

I have picked up on my yoga again, trying to do it more often.  On nicer days getting out to do my walks and get my steps in, and have done some yard work.  I've ordered a full body vibration plate/whole body vibration plate.  Several of my Fitbit friends have them and swear by them.  Have you heard about them?  Do you have one?  

This is the one I ordered.  99.00 at Target, and Walmart, and Amazon.  But, the return policy on Amazon was very bad, so went with Target which is close to home, should I need to return it.  It's being shipped in about 10 days.  Has 99 speeds, and 10 presets.  The LifePro is what my friends have, but I opted for the lesser expensive brand. (Saved $50.00).  They appear to be very similar in terms of size and options.  One big difference is LifePro has a community component to it, and the lesser expensive model, Best Products doesn't.   

Thursday, April 08, 2021

New Shawl, Looking into the Future, and Audio Books


Stumbled onto a picture of this stitch and liked the look of it, the texture.  It's called Broken Garter Stitch.  You use mutliples of 6 + 1.  I cast on 55 stitches.  The yarn is Ultra Alpaca (light) Berroco, each skein is 146 yards, and suggested needle size is 5 and that's what I'm, using.  The yarn is super soft, 50% Super Fine Alpaca and 50% Peruvian Wool.  I LOVE the color and feel of this yarn.  It's sorta tweedy, but basically solid in color which I think makes this simple texture show up so nicely.  This is the right side, you can see the raised stitch creating a stripe, AND

This is the wrong side where you see the stripe is recessed./dented.  Two non knitting friends said they like the wrong side the best.  What say you?  I'm making a shawl/stole, so in actuality both sides will be visible which will be fine in my book.

If you're as old as dirt, like me.......you'll well remember this cartoon show.  But, what you might not remember is how spot on it is.  Seriously, this showed aired in September of 1962 to July of 1963, and the characters referred to living in the 21st century.  Promotional materials for the show indicated it took place in 2062.  Food for thought.

Finished the purple scarf.  It needs to be soaked and dried and will be ready to gift to a care giver at my Dad's Assisted Living Center.  I spoke about her in the previous post. Didn't keep the yarn label, so can't tell you what the yarn is.  I've used this before and made myself a pink and green shawl, and a 2nd time made my friend a grey, black and white shawl with it, but don't remember the name of the yarn.  ARgh.

Recently finished listening to this audio book, and really really enjoyed it.  Highly recommend it.  A good friend of mine is listening to it now and is also enjoying it.

Just finished this book day before yesterday.  WOW!  It's fascinating.  Written by a life long Republican who admits he was part of the problem.  He worked for many Republican Campaigns through the years.  It's nice to hear that he's come to his senses, I just fear not enough people have.

There have been many books written about this amazing lady, but this is the one I'm currently listening to.  Thus far (just started it yesterday), it spends a  good amount oftime on her earlier life.  I knew her early life wasn't easy, but had no idea how dysfunctional it was.  Add it to your list, I think you'll enjoy it.