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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going out of Business, SALE

interesting handspun fiber
Recently was able to purchase some awesome fibers/yarn from a LYS that is no longer in business. How sad to see them go, as it was such a fun and funky place to visit. Everyone there, workers and shoppers were fun. They do plan to have an on line store; but I don't think that will work for me. I don't know fibers and yarns well by name, I need to see and touch them to determine what I want or what I like. How bout you?

I am pretty excited though about this purchase. Just before scheduling this post I rolled this awesome Ozark Opulent which is 65% Mohair and 35% Wool. The color is Salmon and there's about 50 yards. I've eyed this before but thought it a bit pricey so was happy to get it at 25% off; though I don't remember now what I paid for it, though I think it was $25.00? This is dyed and handspun wonderful fun. The opulent usually paired with this was gone. After looking alot and sharing brains with the awesome clerk I landed on Shale Loop-d-Loop made in Italy color 003 which is 73 yards of 35% mohair, 30%acrylic, 20% nylon, and 15% viscose. I got 3 skeins of this which were $10.00 a piece less the 25% discount. I'll have some left no doubt.

Sometimes you get really excited about a purchase...this is one of those sometimes! I have a pattern that says I should be able to make a wrap with this. Stay tuned. I've been itching to start this; but have been trying to finish a scarf for a charity first.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


According to wikipedia, a tattoo is a marking made by inserting dark, indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tatoo's on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding.

Henna TattooWikipedia also states Henna or Hina is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. The name is also used for dye preparations derived from the plant, and for the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes. Additionally, the name is misused for other skin and hair dyes such as black henna or neutral henna, which do not derive from the plant.

I'm not a lover of tat's. I don't think most are pretty or add to one's appearance. Real ones make me think unpleasant things in history where people were branded. But, while at The Arts Festival, I learned a bit about Henna Tattoo's. They are temporary gone in about 10 days. What we see here in the picture is crusty; but that goes away...you can brush it off and the color underneath is a brownish red. It's not bright or all that visible but darkens or becomes more noticeable with sunlight.

I was impressed watching the lady free hand this drawing, and others on her clientele. I've mentioned before I can't even draw a decent stick person, so always am in awe of someone who can actually draw something that looks like something.

For those who like tattoo's this is considered wearing art. For those who think they might like to have a tattoo; why not try a temporary Henna type before you consider something permanent.

Doing a google search I found out Muslims and Jewish faiths believe this is defacing God's Temple and therefore it is against their religious beliefs to have a tattoo.

I think the thing that fascinates me most about the large number of people who sport tat's is so many folks are afraid of needles, yet the willingly pay someone to stick them.

Would be interested in your thoughts, please leave a comment.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sandy's Summer Salad

This is good eating if I do say so myself...and I do. Spinach, red and yellow peppers sliced, thick sliced mushrooms, red onion, handfull of sliced sun-dried tomatoes, 1 can Mandarine Oranges, 1 grilled chicken breast sliced, fresh ground pepper, hand full rice noddles. This would probably be good with a sweet sour type dressing; but hubby's not a fan so we used a regular Garlic Expressions. You can't go wrong with that dressing on almost anything anyway. I like avocado in my salads, but again hubby's not a fan so I had one sliced on the side. It was super ripe and good; but didn't slice that well because it was so soft. Complete your meal with seasoned olive oil to dip your hot bread in. Plain bread works best so you don't have anything flavors fighting each other.

No meal is complete without a nice bottle of wine. We're drinking a light red wine we shipped from The Callaway Winery in Temecula Valley in California called Fratello. It's one of their special selections we tasted while we were there and really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How many is too many?

knitted bright and lofty scarf on the needles
How many projects is too many projects? I've gone back and forth in my knitting and crocheting organization. Working on multiple projects, a different project each day...working on only one at a time, trying to finish one before starting another....working on big projects at home and taking smaller projects with me for breaks at work or car rides etc.

Add to that the difficulty of balancing charity knitting and crocheting, with things for friends and families....and or once in a blue moon something for self. It's a process, one I see lots of knitting and crocheting Bloggers discussing. Towards the end of last year I decided I would finish all my WIP (works in progress) before starting new ones. That plan went by the way side. Why? I'd go shopping because a friend wanted to, or because someone was having a good sale and every-time I did that yarn would find it's way into my hand, into my house. It would call out to me....I'm here....I'm here, please come see and play with me.

Sooooooooooo, I would start something new. Then I thought perhaps I should have exactly 7 projects going, so each day of the week I would work on Project Monday, Tuesday etc. I thought about that, but didn't do it.

Soooo, now I need to count how many projects I have going:
  1. I have Fun and Funky Scarf (knitting) Gift
  2. I have 2 balls recently rolled of fabulous Mango Moon (will be knitting) Me
  3. I have corner to corner ghan for homeless (knitting) Charity
  4. I have granny squares for homeless (crocheting) Charity
  5. I have Candy Corn Ghan for Victory Camp (crocheting) Charity
  6. I have Opal's Ghan (crocheting) Friend Request
  7. I have Bright and Lofty Orange Scarf homeless or passion of the heart (knitting) Charity this is the item pictured here.
I think that's right. So, as it turns out I do have 7 projects after all. Does 2 being balls rolled count as a project? Does the purple green unidentifed specialty fiber not mentioned above but in my mind for a special someone count? I worked on #1 yesterday; I could perhaps finish it today? (though this is a scheduled post so by the time you read this it's no longer today...lol). So, you see my quandary.

Back to my questions how many is too many?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crochet and Knitting Books

I'm pretty excited to have found these 2 books at Half Priced Books, plus that particular day there was an additional 30% off. I got a Christmas present while there too, but.......shhhhhhhhhh can't show that.

The Readers Digest looks to be a good how to type book with great details and pictures about how to make certain stitches and I really need that type of help. The 2nd book, Filet Crochet has some darling patterns that would make some nice afghan's or squares for afghans. I'll be using yarn though and not thread. I highly recommend both books and suggest you call your local Half Price Book Store to see if they have them. I already removed price sticker for the knitting book and sorry to say, don't remember what I paid for it; but thought it was a good buy at the time.

Anyone have these books? Funny, I learned to crochet first and have lots of separate pamphlet type patterns like from Leasure Arts, but lately have been more into books with knitting how to's. What's your routine? I have more patterns than I could ever make, and often look at them for ideas; but with crocheting have often not really followed the pattern. Much the way I cook....hum..........I'm seeing a pattern here of not using the patterns. lol

Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Green Can it Get?

green green grass of homeSeriously, how green can it get? We've had sooooooooo much rain and cool nights I can't remember a spring or early summer when things have been sooooooooooo green. This is my backyard which is constantly in need of mowing due to the rain and the cool nights. Click on picture to enlarge so you can see the beautiful yellow Stella De Oro's. Normally the fire pit isn't in the yard; but behind the shed; but you can see the mound or what's left of the mound the tree people have left. Yes, I'm still hearing chain saws. Think this might be day 10! Up and down the entire neighborhood trees are being trimmed and cut down because they interfere with the electrical wires. It's a relief really, we've had so many power surges and little electrical outages this should help........but the noise is getting to be a bit much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun and Funky

funky scarf on the needlesThis is FUN, and funky to my way of thinking. Purchased this yarn some time back for a gift; but was delayed in getting it done. Rolling this from the hank to the ball to use was a job and a half. I spent about 4 hours working on it; then took it with me this past weekend where Julie got it done. She likes the puzzle and likes playing with all the fibers. I've counted 8 different fibers mixed here, and they do catch on themselves both when rolling into a ball and while knitting.

The suggestion from my LYS when I purchased this was to use to size 13 and knit straight. They also suggest lengthwise not width wise in order to see the colors and textures develop. I used most of their suggestion in that I am knitting lengthwise and one of my needles is a 13. I chose a 6 for my 2nd needle feeling it would be way to open, prone to pulls --stretching using only 13's. I think the 6 on one side helps to give it a bit more body? As a result is it going to be more narrow, or am I stretching the yarn where it will end up wider? These things always confuse me a bit. Bigger needles make bigger stitches, but also use more yarn. Anyway, I LOVE the fun in seeing how this changes as I continue to work on it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rolled and Ready and Beaded!

yarn hanksTwo fun new hanks of yarn with beads. This is called Mango Moon Chakra. These hanks are only 75 yards, little pricey to buy lots at $25.00 each..........but looky looky. I love them, and the colors are divine in my opinion. Got these last wk-end in Port Clinton at a fabulous yarn shop I highly recommend called "Just For Ewe". I wasn't going to do anything with them until I finished a few projects............wasn't is the key word here.
rolled yarnThe orange here doesn't show up as well as it does in the first photo. Must have been my lighting. Anyway, couldn't stand it; so got the 2 hanks now rolled; which means their ready.........right? lol How many projects should one have going at the same time? Is there a limit? I think NOT!

Now I mentioned the price being a bit pricey at $25.00 for only 75 yards/69m...but, this is hand spun in Indonesia and according to the label provides safe shelter, health care and education to families in Nepal and Indonesia. I need to check into the cause I bit more, but wanted to pass that along to you. Things like that make a big difference to me on how I spend my money. AND Christi at the shop was wearing a green-purple version of this yarn in a skinny necktie of sorts that really only needs 1 hank.............so. Stay tuned for when this stash turns into a WIP (work in progress for my non knitters and crocheters) and a FO (finsihed object).

The label goes onto say: 30% recycled viscose, 66% cotton, 3% spandex, 1% beads/stones. Love that part of it is recycled!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do You Remember?

Don't be afraid to show your age here. Do you remember this?

old postal boxes

As with all pictures, you can click to enlarge. If you're really younger you might not even know what this is a picture of. But...if you're as old as dirt like me; or if you've lived in small town this might bring back a fond memory. This is an active post office, with the old style brass mail boxes in the small town of Urbana Ohio. I recently had business there related to the needs of my 90 year old Aunt and seeing this brought a smile to my face so thought I'd share my smile with you in hopes it did the same for you.
molded ceilingLook at the beautiful ceiling with the molding. Amazing what one can enjoy while waiting in line at the post office. I often have my camera in my purse and was glad this day was one of those occasions. I've always enjoyed older buildings, they have so much more character to me then new buildings. This is art, you really don't see this in new buildings that are thrown up over night. I asked the postal worker how old the building was and if memory serves me right she said it was built in the 20's.

Chevy BelairNow this is a ride! Look at this beauty. I've whited out the license plate but really wanted to share this with you. When Daddy and I got out of the car at the nursing home/rehab center there in Urbana we both said WOW...look at that. Now I'm not really a car buff but this was in mint condition or at least it looked like it to me inside and out. In small towns, people apparently leave their car windows open and doors unlocked! I'm guessing this is a 1957; though from reviewing the years...I'm not positive. Regardless of the year I hope you enjoy it. Anyone besides me remember riding in these beauties...or better yet remember snuggling in one of these? Come on now, be honest!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Car Repairs Make Women Shutter

Who can get along without a car? Not many people. But, when something goes wrong they are a royal pain. The car world is no longer a "Mans" world. You take the car in for repair and often because you're a woman, they tell you everything under the sun needs repaired. I know we've all been there and hate it. Do you know what they're talking about when they banter around words like water pump, air filter, or head gasket? I don't!

I'm not one for kicking the tires, or spending extra money or fancy wheels. I just want a car to get in and drive and get where I'm going safely. When I pass a Hondo, Acura, Chevy or Toyota Corolla on the freeway; I don't know one from another; nor do I care.

Finally, a repair service women can trust. Repairpal gives us the ability to manage repairs on line, to ask questions, to check car reviews, to get FREE estimates of repairs so when we need to take the car in; we can feel confident. You might be traveling for business or on vacation with the family when your car needs attention, no matter you can search for Chicago Auto Repair, Miami, San Francisco or a host of other cities to find a trusted mechanic for your needs. Repairpal has recently teamed up with Aol and AARP. Book mark the site, so when you're in need help is just a click away.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tornado's and Chain Saw's Oh My

cutting up a treeThis photo is part II of the tree that fell on our house a week or so ago. Hubby here taking a wee break after cutting down the 2nd half of the tree that fell. (if you missed it it's in the previous post Here).

The following day the electric company started on trees all around us so we've heard lots of chain saw lately. In fact as we speak, I'm hearing about 3 of them. This is the 4th day they've worked on one large tree in the corner of our neighbors lots, which is more in our yard then there's. Doesn't look like they'll get it done even today. sigh

Over the weekend my SIL's and I spent some girl time at Lake Erie. We had a wonderful time consuming Pinot Grigio, laughing, and eating.....Then the Tornado's in Northern Ohio put a damper on our activities. Sadly, there were 7 deaths in the Tornado's around us. Thankfully, we did ok. My condolences for those who's families were torn apart from the loss of property and loved ones. Keep them in your hearts.

I've started a new scarf, in an effort to teach Julie how to knit; and have tried to photograph it for you all.........but, my camera doesn't seem to realize I have good batteries. I'm charging them again with fingers crossed that something isn't wrong with my camera. Most of you know, it's not very old.

Friday, June 04, 2010

TREES, storms, and what's keeping from blogging!

fallen treeStep 1 of many. Working in the yard, weeding when I heard a crack ....I was standing right beside this tree; well about 3 feet from it. Dropped what I had in hand and ran the opposite direction. Yes...this old broad can still run; though in truth faster then I knew. lol
fallen treeA 5 minute strong wind and pouf the tree was down on top of the house. Called hubby pronto. He arrived from work and we began pulling, and sawing, our way to the house to check for damage. We truly were lucky. Thank You, only the gutter appeared to be damaged. The next night we began cutting all this up, rented chain saw and trailer and also cut down the 2nd half of the tree which you see on the left at a angle. We didn't want it to fall and possibly hurt the cute little guy next door when he was swinging or something. So 3 days later, 4 trips to the dump later. This mess was cleaned up.

Then, the 2nd storm hit and we lost a major limb in the front yard. A even bigger tree slated by the electric company for removal started the next day of messes. The crew came and began the work. Pulled large limbs from our back yard through to the front ....I didn't even bother to take a picture of the mess I was so disgusted. Where things hit in the back yard we have holes, deep ones. They weren't careful, and left lots of stuff piled on top of our landscaping. Some items are totally flattened. They didn't even clean up after their day of work. We expected them back the next day to finish the job, as the tree still isn't totally down. They didn't show. Meanwhile day 2 and our grass is now all matted. The important thing here is this is NOT our tree they're working on; but our neighbors across the back. This is the same tree we spent 2 days last year working on when a big junk fell in our yard because the electric company wouldn't do anything at our say so...not our tree. The neighbors informed us it was our problem since it was in our yard...even though it's their responsibility to take care of their trees. Two large work trucks have our street blocked, hubby can't even use our drive. The neighbors who's tree this is have no mess, they have a large circle drive where the equipment could have been pulled up pretty close to the tree, saving them time and energy. Go figure.

So, the next night hubby and I moved all the junk we could lift from our yard and put it by the tree in the neighbors yard. Hubby called, and called, and called. FINALLY, got someone to answer so he could register a complaint. We were told they would be here today. Writing this now at 3, and they've just shown up. However, the equipment is still on my street...and not on the neighbors street which means they'll still be tromping through my yard. Why, I really don't know. Thought after we called maybe it would change?

Spent another day in Urbana checking on my aunt with my Dad, and managed to get some cleaning and laundry done today. Between that and my work schedule....I've not been here as much. Knowing my time is becoming more limited I deleted the EntreCard widget from this blog. Sorry folks for the ads that were canceled, hope some of you will continue to visit as I will still visiting you all from my Travel blog dropping etc.

Have worked a bit re-designing my SIL's blog. Please take a look. I'm pretty happy with her Animal Talk Blog but think more work is needed on her Ignite to Write. Though it's coming along.

I hope things calm down soon so I can get back to regular blogging. It's Friday, definitely TGIF for me. Hope you all have a good wk-end lined up.

Maybe hubby and I are becoming to good at this tree business?