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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 flows into 2009, looking back and thinking forward!

As the close of 2008 is upon us, I thought it appropiate to do some reflection. Looking back, this is my dads side of the family. Can you see the German oozing out all over! lol. Goodness me. To the far right seated with his pocket watch chain showing, the head of the family (no question there...being the head, look at how even seated his authority shows!) is Wilhelm Heinrich Mader. He was born in Germany, immigrated as a single man alone to this country, at the age of 20. The year of his immigration was 1850. Six years later in 1856 he became a US Citizen. Physical descriptions of him indicate he had blue eyes, a large nose, oval face, and was 6 foot 1/2 inches tall. Looking at the picture, it's apparent he was indeed a big man; especially for those times. And thus my story starts to unfold. This picture is a treasure, one I feel lucky to have. One of Wilhelm's son's was a professional photographer and thus...we do have family pictures from that time sooooooooo long ago

As the days unfold in our new year of 2009, I'll tell more of the story...this is the beginning.

Further reflections of the year:
It's been a difficult one regarding my mom's health; both physically and emotionally. I hope the new year brings new hope in that direction

My daughter will start her last symester of grad school and we're planning for her graduation in May and what comes after. Presumably a move from Baltimore back to her beloved St. Louis and a job. Where or when that story can be told is unknown to us currently.

I have tremendous hope for the future of our country under new leadership and look forward to President Obama and his very capable team. I know much hard work is needed to make strides in any direction, and know the changes can't take place over night.

I hope the year 2009 brings us closer to solving some of the problems that face this country, high un-employment, health care for the masses, improved education, and a shot a peace in our life time. War is most certainly NOT the solution.

I hope and pray our men and women abroad come home soon, stay safe and return to their loved ones.

I did not make my charity goal, though I came very close. It's possible if I stay off the computer, and don't do my cleaning, or my laundry I could wip up some squares, or rectangles, or finish a couple of my works in progress; but...I don't think I can let that be my goal today. I've read with appreciation some words from Bunny, and Ghost and a few of you other special blogging friends and am not beating up myself over it. I will do what I can when I can and always strive for more; but not feel badly if I'm unable to do more.

2009's charity goal will probably remain the same number 200 items, it's nice to have a goal to work towards. I'm thrilled to have met so many new people this year here in the blogging world and love seeing how many people are willing and able to help each other. That gives me tremendous hope for our future.

Happy New Year one and all!
Please be safe

Please check out my 2nd blog, a local charity drive, The Bridge Project.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Working on stuff....and

Pink booties, got 3 knitted, need a 4th and need to stitch them together. 2 Different sizes, one newborn, one larger newborn. Probably will go to....? Must check my list,

Pink short sleeve sweater, crocheted....will go to.........wherever I send booties.

2 tone blue scarf, knitted nice and thick and warm for The Bridge Project. Wish you could see the design, doesn't show up in pictures.

Purple cap, I made for my daughter; but it's not quite large enough for her...fits me pretty well.......though purple isn't the color I needed to go with a red coat. It might go to one of the charities. Still thinking.

The fun super soft orangey shawl was a Christmas gift for my great-niece. Knitted with Red Heart, bright and lofty. Fun yarn to work with.

The black, white, and grey scarf is one my daughter is working on for The Bridge Project. She might get it done in between working on lesson plans and cover letters for job applications. Love the yarn.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slogging through with just 5 days to go!!!

Slogging around here in Central Ohio, we've had tons and tons of rain. Warmer then normal temperatures of late which is both a good and bad thing. It's good for the homeless to be less cold, but it's bad for others and they tend to dress inappropiately and get sick...forgetting that's still really winter. Plus, I hate the cool damp, I deal better with cold then damp.

5 days to go til we say adios to 2008 and welcome in 2009. I'm still short of my charity crocheting and knitting goal. I did manage to make a little sweater yesterday (temporarily without camera, so no pictures), knitted a pair of booties to match (though they need to be stitched up), got a 2nd pair of booties started (got 1 bootie done but need to make the 2nd and get them both stitched)...day before I worked on candy corn ghan and made some really good headway on it...though still not finished and thus it probably isn't going to get done in time for this years goal...took time away from charity kntting to knit a shawl for my great niece for Christmas (picture later when I get my camera back), and daughter wants another hat...though I have the yarn at hand, have been putting it aside in hopes of getting a few more items done for the charities before the close of the year.

We won't be traveling for New Years, though I wish all who are happy and safe travels. We will be eating out for New Years Eve. Made our reservations yesterday at our favorite resturant, which is close enough for us to walk...though we rarely do.

Looking forward to a massage today, both daughter and I are getting a deep tissue one. Had a fabulous one when she was home for Thanksgiving. We were both in need then, and it was such a good one; we booked ourselves another. It helps my neck and back alot (with all the arthristis for me, her's is mostly tension).

Happy New Years one and all. I'll be making my way around to everyones blog here again in the next couple of days.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's sure cold here today, sunny but cold. We had freezing rain again last night; but thankfully it started after my daughter arrived safely from Baltimore. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed having her friend join us. They traveled together and now, she's heading on home via Greyhound.

I've got more cards to address, keep doing them in batches chipping away at it. I've started a ghan for a gift which I think isn't going to happen. I need to make hat, scarf or shawl for my great niece for Christmas and I am sure running out of time.

Please hop over to my other blog (The Bridge Project) to see how awesome people are.

Going to dinner tomorrow with good friends before they head out of town for the holidays. Heading to the basement now to do more laundry. Geesh........thought I was done with it yesterday; but no...I was wrong.

Have a good day, be safe and stay warm in your travels if you're heading to other places this wkend to celebrate the upcoming Holidays.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nice Mental Picture

This sunset is from several months back when I was in Florida, trying to relax after the hectic first round hospital stay for Mom and her surgery; as you know it got much worse after that. I never got the opportunity to edit and share any of the Florida pictures and since it's bitter cold here in Central Ohio this morning this picture is as close to seeing sun as we're going to get. Thought it might make me feel warmer.

Also thought seeing the sun might help us all relax as we prepare with extra errands, longer work hours, and stress of the upcoming holidays. In truth, the holidays don't stress me out; as I'm not one to do lots of cooking and baking etc, but...dealing with Mom has stressed me out.

I'm working on several projects hoping to meet my goal for charity items; but am doubtful that I will succeed. Might get close though.

Working on a blue knitted scarf for The Bridge Project, got one bootie done and need to make it's mate, working on Candy Corn off and on for Victory Camp, and have odds and ends here at the ready suitable for more scrafs.

Hope you're staying warm, keep stitching and enjoy the sunset.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Messiah

We flew into Baltimore early Sat am, caught up with our daughter after her dress rehearsal and got lunch in Federal Hill at The Rope Walk. Back to the hotel for a little visiting while she and I graded papers. Then she dashed out to pick up a friend coming in from DC on The Metro and we met for an early dinner in Towson at Cafe' Troia, then headed to the concert. The Handel Choir of Baltimore performed The Messiah in Towson at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Flight was quick and thankfully on time -- uneventful, the best type of flight
Lunch was very good, bet The Rope Walk, a historic tavern is fun in the evening. I would indeed recommend and return to this tavern. Cafe'Troia is listed as one of the top 10 Italian Resturants away from Little Italy. Frankly I thought it far superior to the 3 resurants I've eatten in in Little Italy and highly recommend it. Nice, quiet, good service, good food, and prices aren't bad. Pretty much what one expects at a fine resturant.

The concert was FABULOUS! Seating, left much to be desired though. Hard church benches, wooden narrow no cushion; very hard on the back. Beautiful old church with wonderful acustics; but with the large pillars lots of places where vision is impaired. For such a longgggggg concert, would much have perferred an auditorium witih a real seat, for comfort and site.

Our daughter was thrilled we made the time to pop in and out for this special concert. She and the choir have worked hard with lots of extra practices during a very busy time of the year, making life hectic.

Worked on scarf for The Bridge Project and a sweater for a newborn (need to check my lists and see which charity is up next for the donation.

Have a good week, happy stiching, happy shopping.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My first Scarf

This is my first scarf for The Bridge Project

Crocheted with 2 shades of blue and 2 shades of grey. I just delivered it to my sister-in-law who will delivery it with other items this evening at dinner meeting with Rae.

Excited to see our daughter tomorrow. We're heading to Baltimore where she's singing with The Baltimore Handel Choir. It's The Messiah!

Have a good wkend all.

Monday, December 08, 2008

PREEMIES, 10 for Ninja

Made it! Just, and will mail on my way home from work today. In previous post posted picture of pullover sweater, booties, and hat...but the picture didn't show the colors in the yarn...slight but not really all white like it looked in previous picture. Think this picture of a close up of the hat shows the colors.

That same yarn, used in a cardigan sweater crocheted this time not knitted, also shows the colors a bit better; notice the cute little yellow duck button. I love that.

Using that same pattern, I made 2 more sweaters. Again both are crocheted. The green one is short sleeve and made with Caron Simply Soft (nice to the touch, though not a favorite yarn to work with), the 2nd cardigan is a multi-colored Berroc Comfort which is also a soft yarn.

Then made a hat, green and white (also crocheted) that matches the little sweater. These items don't have to be used as sets, however. If when they are distributed they need more pieces, they can be used separately. These will be mailed today on my way home from to Ninja for her 10 for 10 Preemie Project.

I'm getting closer to my goal, but ...don't know. Need to make time to clean, deocrate the house, address Christmas Cards. Yikes, so much to do and time is getting tight.

PLEASE check out my other blog regarding, The Bridge Project

Stay warm, and happy stitching one and all.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I Might Not Make it!

YIKES...the end of the year is near and I've not yet made my charity goal; but am still chipping away trying to.

Made 2 more pair of slippers for Pine Ridge. Both are crocheted. The blue and grey are a little smaller than the fun multi-colored ones. Slippers are a good way of using up left over yarn, by the way.

Working on 10 Preemie Project for Ninja, hoping to get 4 more items done this wkend so I can get in the mail on Monday, running out of time. Got 6 items done. Multi-colored white booties, hat, and sweater could be a set or not. They are knitted, having a hard time getting the color to show up in pictures as it's light. The off white booties are knitted, the rose booties and multi-colored pink hat are both crocheted.

Working on getting the word out about my Bridge Project

Fingers andn toes crossed, Mom seems to be doing slightly better, less pain. Had another MRI yesterday, results are pending.

Snowing today in Central Ohio

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Project, Need Help

I've just begun, set up a separate blog Here

Can you help?
With knitting, crocheting?
With checking out the blog, tell me if you can join? New to trying to set up a team type site.


email is sandycrochet@gmail.com
listed on previous post here, and on Bridge blog (can someone check to see if it's listed when you click on my profile?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surprise and Squares!!!

Andrea made my day. THANKS!! It's been a bit tough lately (if you've read the post about mom you know what I'm referring to). Coming home today from a less than satisfactory visit with Mom to find a box on my porch!!! Lots of goodies inside, I won Sunnie_fairie,s contest--check out her cool blog Octopi Crafts

Including a picture of the box and goodies, my favorite is the flower (shown in a separate picture). You really REALLY made my day, what a nice pick me up.

Mom is home from the rehab center, though I'm on pins and needles; as I think things still aren't good.

Daughter is due in shortly from Baltimore (fingers crossed, it appears her flight is on time---as rare as that is).

Sent out 15, 7 inch squares yesterday from Warming Omaha. Lots of colors, hope they help Robyn's cause.

Made a pair of slippers and working on a 2nd pair for Pine Ridge. Made 4 batches of homemade noddles. Took over one batch for Mom and Dad to have chicken and noddles for dinner. Did 3 pies today (not from scratch, Mrs. Smith's I just put them in the oven).

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making Headway!!! YIPPEE

Mom's stitches in her head (from the injury when she fell at the first Rehab Center), will come out on Sat. She'll then get to wash her hair which she's really looking forward to. Many thanks for all the good vibs, prayers and wishes from you all. She's making a wee bit of headway each and every day.

Hats and booties sent to Marine Corp Kids today. 4 of the booties match the hats and could be used as sets; or if when received the need to separate to cover more families...that works too. All items knit.

Addressed and mailed out a stack of please donate to the Cancer Society today also. You know, when you sign up to be your neighborhood representative.

My back is still far from 100% and I was super tired working yesterday on my feet. Perhaps today will go better. I'm hoping to maybe find a place to have a massage early next week to help.

Worked a bit on Candy Corn Ghan again. Seems forever since I've worked on it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fingers and Toes Crossed

Well since the posting of Worst Week (previous post), I'm almost afraid to say shhhhh things might be getting better. Everytime I think things look better, or look like we're moving forward...we go back 4 steps.

Mom got released to the 2nd Rehab Facility from the Hospital on Sunday. The day everyone was sick, Dad, my husband me sorta, my sister-in-law; my nephew stayed with Dad for the night so at least we felt better that nothing further would happen to him.

Hubby had the lightess case of the 3 of us. ONly part of the day and just felt tired for another day, I had it slightly over 12 hours and felt dizzy and light headed for 3 days, daddy lost 7 pounds..he was somewhere in between the 2 of us with severity.

I check on everything Sunday am, and head back home to regroup and recoup, and fill everyone in over the phone. Dad calls early next morning....pre 8 am to say he's ready to go to the hospital. He wakes up my older brother after waking me up. We know...my brother and I that the release is gonna take HOURS, and try to explain; but Dad thinks he needs and wants to be there first thing. So...off we go. We stand around for about 4 hours, finally everything is official, ambulance comes and we head to The Rehab Center. She has a nice private room, roomey, nice and efficient staff, the room is yellow---her favorite color and we're all pretty up when we see everything....except her. She says she doesn't like it, bed's too hard, the food isn't good, and on and on and on. Can't think of any positive thing she said. We all tried really really hard to get her to see this was best. Daddy spent the night with her, slept in a reclincer in her room. He was misserable, uncombfortable and his back was bothersome next day.

Fast forward today is Tuesday and it's almost over. She must have realized this was really the best for her, for daddy, and for us and the only way she was going to recover. Her attitude was much improved the next day when she called, and then I visited and ran several errands for them. Had one rest day-get acquainted with the facilty day, then Monday the hard work of physical therapy began. Tuesday, today...harder and more painful still...but she's beginning (the first time in about 1 month), beginning to make headway. Now, daddy's being a bit of pill. I don't want to get old. Emotionally, this is awful for both of them. They are, and we kids are, realizing they aren't and never will be again independant. It's official now, my older brother said. Our parents are old and are roles are reversed. It's really quite sad, frustrating, difficult.

Had my 3rd chiropracter apt today, and hoping I'm gonna be able to maintain tomorrow at work. I work a very fast past job, always on my feet and if they weren't short staffed right now...really wouldn't be going back tomorrow. Told them I would do my best, but was not 100%, and was most definately slower than normal. My job is pretty physical, so we'll see how it goes.

Sent off a large stack of Thanksgiving Cards for Shareacard today, waiting on address to send 6 pr. of booties and 4 hats (to be picture...maybe tomorrow) for the 10 preemie project through Homespun Helpers. Worked a bit tonight on the Candy Corn Ghan (haven't touched it in months).

I've not had time to come and visit any of you, to see what you're all up to. Hope all are doing well, and I will try to soon. Many many thanks for your understanding, your good wishes and vibs and prayers....all much needed and very much appreciated.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

*****WORST WEEK !!!!************

I hardly know where to begin. Last I posted, I was trying to enjoy sun and surf while on vacatiuon. Each day devoted some time on the phone to checking on mom, talking with other family members and learning she was going down hill fast. Not only wasn't the back pain better, she was losing ground with the knee rehab...too much back pain so she would cancel her therapy sessions. Both are not good. When I would talk to her, her voice was garbled, her speech slurred. This concerned me. My older brother and dad got her to the doctor finally after they had called him twice...he thought he should see her. Though all he did was medicate her more. He felt she needed stronger longer acting pain meds to deal with it. She does NOT do well with pain meds. He knows this, we all know this. Neverless thats what happened. A long acting pain med, a short acting one, a muscle relaxer, and Tylenol. He had her way way too dopped up. My brother said she wasn't able to do any of the therapy, he spent the night there even though they didn't want him too. He was even more concerned and called to ask when I would be home. I was due home the next day, so went home for 10 minutes from airport, grabbed appropiate things to spend the night there (different from my light weather Florida stuff), and spent the night. He was right, she had lost all muscle ability, was dead weight, things were not good. She was irritatble and confused and very slurred speech. The next morning I began making arrangements for her to receive care at a rehab center (where we all wanted and though she should have gone post op---most people do, but she was very opposed and the doctor didn't tell her rehab was best). We...being my dad and brother, or my dad and me couldn't support her with the help of the walker. She almost fell twice the night I was there. We felt strongly she needed to do this, but when my brother and I precented her with the information/insurance coverage etc. she wouldn't agree. Initial she was all for it (that morning when I told her I was going to check into it), her doctor Dam him anyway, told dad on the phone she hadn't given the meds long enough. She was in terrible pain, she was in no less pain taking 4 meds than she had been taking 2 meds, she had gone down hill big time on the four meds and was dead weight. (I need to add my brother and I both have bad backs, and my dad has 2 Harrington rods in his back from surgery years ago). They decided they were going to sleep on the idea.

And so, what we were trying to prevent; her falling.. all for naught. My brother spent the night (we were trying to take turns), and she did fall! DAM I was irritated and upset. Ok, we tell them they have no choice. We update the arrangements from the day before, call a transport service and get her to a Rehab Center. She's there about 2-3 hours, when someone gets her up, gives her the walker and walks away from her...AND she falls AGAIN!!! When she fell at home, it was sorta sliding out of bed and hit the floor which is carpeted. At the facility....she hit tile floor and busted her head open on the underneath part of the bed. She fell backwards. Blood everywhere she's squaded to the hospital. I had only been home from the facility and running errands for Daddy for about an hour. We head to the ER and got home the next morning at about 2 am. She was admitted, had x-rays, MRI's, Scans, blood work, got 8 stitches in head. The next day with further tests, they found she also had a cracked back, and more bruises than I can count. She's miserable. She's not gone to the bathroom in 7 days and looks 9 months pregnant. Pain meds do that.

Not knowing how long she'll be in the hospital, and knowing she has to go somewhere else after the hospital for the needed P.T. for her knee I make other arrangements with a different faciltiy. I've had mutliple conversations with them, and social service, and have physical been to the facility.

She's been given more laxatives, stool softners, and enema's than I can count. Know she has the opposite problem, diarrhea. Head is healing, back has been fused with some kind of adhesive. That procedure was done yesterday. She has an incision in the middle of her back from that. She was bed fast for several days due to the back. Therefore no PT, therefore losing more ground, more muscle mass. The only movement to date is to use bedside commode. The possibility exists that she'll be released tomorrow. Though, she's scared. She's afraid to get up, she's afraid people aren't going to help her enough, she's afraid she's going to fall again. She's forgotten some of the hospital stay, due to the meds and being doopy.

I got a stomach virus 2 days ago (think I lost about 10 pounds--that what it feels like anyway), my dad has lighter bout of it now, as does my husband. It started with my dad last night and he passed out making his way to the bathroom, and he fell. He cut his foot on the cabinet in the bathroom, but thankfully thats all he did. So he can't go visit mom today. I'm still feeling pretty punk. 12 hours of diahrea and vomitting really takes it out of you. Hubby hasn't had the stomach part, daddy only once. My older brother got the call from my dad at 3 am when he woke up after passing out. He's been there all night with him. Neither got much sleep. It's a real mess around here. My back's been real bad this week (been to the chiropracter twice), could hardly walk yesterday, some better today. I did manage to get to the hospital so I could check on her, hear what the doc had to say, and talk to the nurse. Only stayed a little while (1.5 hours), at least enough I could update dad so he wouldn't try to go. Older brother will go later, probably after he gets some rest. Fingers and toes crossed he doesn't come down with this two.

My nephew is going to stay with dad tonight. We can't risk his passing out again.

If you've got some spare good will, we could surely use some.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sand, Sun, and Surf for Sandy

Well, after the strange and hectic Friday (see previous post), Sat, the (this time last week), started out about the same. First a call from Mom, who had been making good headway to ask if I muscle relaxers (from when my back when out, she thought I might). I answer no and she tells me she was pulling on her ted hose (you know those anti-embelism hose from the hospital), and pulled her back out and she was having lots of pain and bad muscle spams. After taking tylenol and using heat it was no better. After she did her physical therapy for the knee replacement, it was worse still.

We did manage to leave town on time and have had wonderful weather. Fun in the sun, but each day I call once or twice to check on her, hoping to hear she's better. She's not. In fact the opposite, she's continued to get worse with more and more pain. Finally she got a script for something from her doctor, but after several days on that...still no improvement. She's ready to go back to the hospital she feels so bad. Hearing how poorly she's doing had dampened my fun in the sun. I wonder how I could help if I were there. Finally get my brother involved more. They went to the doctor yesterday, he changed her meds and decided she doesn't the oxygen any longer. One less thing to worry about. She's thrilled though to not have the oxygen to mess with. Hard enough trying to move on her post op knee, while her back is in spams without trying to trip over the oxygen.

Have walked the beach everyday which is good exercise. I'd forgotten how much harder walking in the sand is vs. cement etc. Have soaked in some good sun around the pools, and have enjoyed watching the large ships come and go from port. A couple of cruise ships, lots of package ships which are HUGE, and some personal yatch's belonging to the rich and famous. In fact, one ship with the name Privacy went by and hubby said...hum, I know that name. I think that's Tiger Wood's ship. He googled it and found out indeed he had a good memory. We didn't see him, he might not have even been on it. It's the time of year when people have the yatch's moved further south and that might be what we were seeing.

I've gotten a good tan, but no one's gonna see it; as I understand I'll be covered head to toe tomorrow when we return home since it's gotten not just cool, but COLD there. Looks like we're gonna have a cloudy day today. Pooey...wanted one more day of warmth and sunshine.

Finished a hat, a pair of booties, and am about half done with a baby sweater. Haven't knitted or crocheted as much as I thought I would. Really can't do that while sitting in the sun around the pool.

Have a good wkend, one and all.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Stuff, Prevent Brain Freeze, Knee Replacement

These 3 items are being sent for Prevent Brain Freeze (a school project), through Homespun Helpers. The two tone green scarf is crocheted, the blue scarf is knitted, and the headscarf is knitted. been making items it seems mostly suited to females of late (though the blue scarf was made for a guy), I need to check for some guy colors and yarn types in my stash.
Been at the hospital alot the last 5 days, Mom had a knee replacement. She was to have been released to home or a rehab center a couple of days ago, but her recovery has hit some snags. She's having more pain then anticipated, dealing with low oxygen, and they've done some extra test. I do hope things improve soon. She's getting a bit down, though we did manage to surprise her and pick her up with an unexempted visit from my daughter. She flew in Friday night and was able to visit with her yesterday and flew back to Baltimore first thing this am. A very quick visit, but a worthwhile one. Mom was thrilled and really surprised to see her.
Working on a pair of blue baby booties. Then...might start a new ghan for a friend, though I still have more WIP I wanted to complete before starting something new. I have made good headway and reduced the number of WIP...but, my friend is anxious...so, don't know. Perhaps a bit of this, and a bit of that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"FROST on the Pumpkin"

VOTE 12 days left

Frost on the pumpkin...I know I'm dating myself when I say that; but...we're really had it this am. Windows, grass...all frosty with the temperatures dropping. Soon it will be gone and warm up, but we've now had our first frost and sooooooooo, sadly I must admit the season is upon us. How many months before summer again?

This red granny hat, quick and easy to make. 3 approximately 6 inch granny squares, all edged with sc, sewn together. I used 2 rows of sc for band portion, and again using sc decreasing as I went (every other stitch), enclosed the top to make the crown of the hat.
The green slippers are both knitted and crocheted. The initial rectangles/squares--the green portion is knitted while the grey edging is sc. Stitched together with grey.
This pair of slippers, larger than the green pair is crocheted (basic dc for the rectangle portion, and again sc for edging).
I LOVE this blue and I LOVE working with this yarn. Probably my favorite for regular knitted worsted weight yarn, Caron Wintuk. Nice feel, soft but also very substantial. I don't actually know what the difference is between this Caron yarn and the large Caron pounders which I also like to use. Though, I think this might be softer? This is dark colony blue.
Another pair of knitted booties, pink multi-colored for a newborn. This is some of the balls of yarn I rolled and rolled and rolled. Berroco's Comfort Yarn, works well for booties, is soooooo soft.
Using more of the multi yarn donated by a friend paired with rust, this scarf is crocheted with basic dc, sc, and fpdc.
This very nice Red Heart Yarn. I ordered it several years ago in 4 or 5 different colors and was thrilled to find I still had 2 of the green skeins left. I've never seen this yarn in the stores (JoAnne, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Walmart). It's called Red Heart Tweed came in 4 oz skeins 113 g, worsted weight, 4 ply. It's very soft and I'd like to find it again. This color is Moss. The scarf is simple dc, with this nice yarn--the tweed really no need for fancy stitches. In fact, I experimented with a few that were lost. You really just didn't see them, or texture. So, keeping it simple seems to be the way to go.
More fun with granny squares. I call this hat fall granny. Green, gold, burnt orange all harvest colors varigated squares (3 approximately 6 inchers), edged in sc burnt orange. Stitched together in same burnt orange, several rows back loop sc for band, topped with pompom of orange. I did not decrease to make a crown on this hat. I gathered the top using darning needle weaving in and out, every other stitch and pulled tightly. This method is faster then the one used for the red hat, but also makes hat smaller. A good way to alter sizing. Kids heads are soooooooo many different sizes.

Slippers are heading to Pine Ridge
Scarfs heading to Homeless Veterans through a group on Rav called Knitters for Obama
Booties ...will be sent ??? Gotta check my rotation and see who's turn it is next. Several groups need booties.
Hats will go to the school project, Prevent Brain Freeze as soon as I get the address.

Works in progress:
The blue scarf, candy corn ghan, pink and purple ghan. I'm really really really trying to finish all my projects before starting more. This is pretty good for me to only have a few things in the works. The project bag organization seems to be helping.

Had a busy, and tiring though enjoyable long wkend with my daughter in Baltimore this past wkend. Trying...to catch up.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Updates for bookkeeping

You know, sometimes procastinating can be a good thing. Had the box here address for HAP, as well as for Lil Troopers. Thought I could squeeze a bit more in each box and so.

8 more rectangles for HAP, 2 each, brown, green, teal, and dark red-burgundy (though in the picture it looks like rose ?). A variety of stitches. sc. dc, v-stitch and combination thereoff.

Got one more poncho made, and newborn vest. Susie modeled the vest ...she didn't want to give it up, said it matched her hair. lol

Finished the brightest colored lapghan for Sissie's nursing home project.

**Just back from post office, so all will go out first thing tomorrow am**

Working a green tweedy scarf for Homeless Veterans. Hope to have it with the tanish multi colored one in a few days. Tanish one shown in previous post, though here's a better close up, so you can see the colors better.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting things ready for post office

Rectangles for our injuried Veterans, got 9 made. Used a variety of stitches, sc, dc, dc back loop only, and v-Stitch. Though with the red, white and blue multi-color you really can't tell much of difference with the stitches. On the solid blue, the difference in the stitches in more pronounced.

I love making these newborn poncho's from various sized grannie squares. The squares are 6 and 7 inch ones, with sc edge...some have 2 rows around each square. Tried to vary the size a bit that way, since babies come in all sizes. You saw Susie modeling the first 3 in my previous post. Adding a picture here of the 4th one, with naturally Susie modeling it again. She really likes the attention.

Stella is shown modeling a multi-colored scarf. This scarf is for Homeless Veterans. I think Stella needs a new face....look how pale she is. lol

Babie booties, 2 pair of red, white and blue and one solid blue pair will go with the ponchos for Lil Troopers

working on a lapghan for Sissie, making good headway and maybe done in a day or so