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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Stuff, Prevent Brain Freeze, Knee Replacement

These 3 items are being sent for Prevent Brain Freeze (a school project), through Homespun Helpers. The two tone green scarf is crocheted, the blue scarf is knitted, and the headscarf is knitted. been making items it seems mostly suited to females of late (though the blue scarf was made for a guy), I need to check for some guy colors and yarn types in my stash.
Been at the hospital alot the last 5 days, Mom had a knee replacement. She was to have been released to home or a rehab center a couple of days ago, but her recovery has hit some snags. She's having more pain then anticipated, dealing with low oxygen, and they've done some extra test. I do hope things improve soon. She's getting a bit down, though we did manage to surprise her and pick her up with an unexempted visit from my daughter. She flew in Friday night and was able to visit with her yesterday and flew back to Baltimore first thing this am. A very quick visit, but a worthwhile one. Mom was thrilled and really surprised to see her.
Working on a pair of blue baby booties. Then...might start a new ghan for a friend, though I still have more WIP I wanted to complete before starting something new. I have made good headway and reduced the number of WIP...but, my friend is anxious...so, don't know. Perhaps a bit of this, and a bit of that.


  1. Testing a new feature, this is supose to be faster than waiting for a separate page to load to make a comment? Anyone else trying it out?

  2. Speedy recovery wishes to your mom. My mom, age 87 at the time, had her knee replaced. Complications also but improved quickly and was back to her old self in no time.

    Can't wait to see the booties. I need to knit a pair. It is difficult because I don't know the sex of the baby.

  3. Sandy your work is lovely as always. Love the head babushka. So, sorry to hear about your mom and hope she feels much better soon. My mom also had knee replacement and had unexpected problems. I know the unexpected visit must of cheered your mom and I am sure yourself. Blessing on you all.

  4. Oh, love the bandanna thing! The scarves are beautiful too.

  5. All three items look great, but I really like the white and green scarf. Very pretty!

    Best of luck to your mom. My mom has had both knees replaced, but fortunately both of her surgeries went well. I know the complications can be scary and hard to get through, so I hope she does better soon.

  6. Sandy love the items as usual you do such a wonderful job...Prayers are going out for your mom to get on the road to recovery....

  7. Coll I like the new comment thingy.....is it blogger? I need to talk to Sassy about changing my comments to the bottom of the page and also about this feature, so could you let me know so I can tell her...Hugs

  8. Thanks much for entering my giveaway, Sandy! I believe I have fixed the problem with the button, So could you try again?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. :]

  9. Love the knitting and crocheting on your blog. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Prayers for your Mom.

  10. Love the scarves and great work as always:)

    your mother is in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    also I found it!!:) the picture of your lapghan and now have it posted to the blog:)
    I have no idea what happened with it i thought sure I had already posted it to the blog:(
    anyway your pretty lapghan is now added to my blog. and thank you again for helping us to reach our goal!!


  11. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. Love visiting your blog and looking at your projects.


  12. I'll be sure and keep your Mom in my prayers. Hope things improve for her quickly. Love all your projects...you certainly keep yourself busy :)

    happy knitting and crocheting :)

  13. My sister had knee replacement a few years ago. She did well with hers. Mom had a *fairly* simple procedure to take care of blockages in her leg and ended up in the hospital a month. So one never knows what will happen. I will keep your mom in my prayers.

  14. Love those scarves! It's hard to find colors for guys! :) black and dark blue and cammo...
    I hope your mother is feeling better!

  15. Look at you go woman! You are so fast and I just love all three pieces. That white and green scarf is to die for. Keep up the great work and know that I have you and your family (mom too) in my prayers.



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