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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five thousand three hundred stitches!

middle panel opal ghanNothing fancy for sure, basic beige in basic double crochet stitches. One pound of Caron and a I hook, chain 100 stitches get's your 53 rows, which is 5,300 stitches. Funny, I've never actually thought about how many stitches there was in something I made. Have you? This measures about 33.5 inches square and will be a center panel on a ghan. It's not as big as I would have hoped, but needed to see how big the one pounder would make. Long ago I started this ghan, had issues with it, then determine the original design I came up with wasn't going to work and had to frog it. Terrible how long this has been a wip. The stitches were so tight it really bothered my arthritis, carpal tunnel, and ulnar nerve...so I keep pushing it aside. Finally got tired of pushing it aside and put it in the basement even with my yarn stash. My friend asked me to make it, she doesn't like anything with holes....so smaller hook, makes it tighter etc.

I never intended to have it go this long and am rather embarrassed by it. After I put it in the basement, I didn't even think about it anymore. Believe my new design will allow me to make fewer squares which is the part that bothered me the most.

Here's the first go round that was completely frogged.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just for Fun

us kidsLong long ago, in a planet far far away. Me on the left with my dirty sandal shoes. You know I still love plaids. Butterball in the middle, is my younger brother Mike. Isn't he adorable. My older brother Chuck looking quite handsome and right at the camera like you're suppose to. He was always a good kid, almost....always did what he was told. lol

Just for fun....thought I'd share.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Ever CAL (Crochet along)

Square #44I've never joined a CAL before, never thought I would enjoy it actually. I like to make what I like to make, and or am directed by what charity I'm stitching for. But, I received a person invitation to join this one, and thought I'd give it a go. The pattern book we're using is 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser. I've used some of her patterns before, but so far I'm not overly impresses with her ability to write patterns in a user friendly way. I have a border book of her's I've been using and it seems much better written then this book. I've only done 2 squares so far, but in both cases I had to add and delete stitches to come up with the number of stitches she indicated should be there. Maybe I'll do better with the third one. No one else has yet mentioned having that trouble.

Then again, not many people have yet started as getting the book presents some problems. This book varies in price from 16.95 (which is what I paid) to around $300.00 on line. None of us can figure out why such a huge price swing on this book. But, it's been priced in about 10 different places and is over priced in the majority of the on line listings we saw. The group is a RAV group and so far there's just a couple dozen of us that have joined. Check it out, if you're interested.

Above is the first week's square. I liked how it turned out, and believe this is a square I would do again, #44. I did alter the order of colors so that I started and ended with the same color which is not how the pattern is written. The pattern indicates it's about a 6 inch square, mine was 7 using knitted worsted weight yarn and size I hook. I had trouble with my stitch count on rounds 4 and 5; but got it worked out and am pleased with the end result.
square #99The Teddy Bear was a real BEAR to do. I really worked on this as the counts would not work as she had written them for me. I did and redid a couple of times until I finally just added stitches where I needed them etc. This is suppose to be a 5 inch square and since I don't like squares that small changed this pattern also. The last row is just beyond the bear where the darker color is and was to be a sc row. I did DC instead, and then added yet another row of sc and if I do this again would probably do 2 rows of dc's instead to make it larger. I also used left over Caron Simply Soft yarn which I hate using and that probably made it smaller also since it never meets gauge properly for a ww yarn. But, I had the yarn at my finger tips and decided to experiment with it. I don't know if I'll do this again, though it turned out ok it was not fun to make and too far too long for one little square.

Will keep you posted how things go with The CAL. Have you ever done one? Did you enjoy it?

Monday, January 17, 2011

The last of the garage sale hats, completed!

4 hats for the homelessThese 4 hats are the last from the partial hats needing completion from The Garage Sale. I've mentioned this before. (HERE) and (here) Am happy to have those all finished and on heads of those in need through Bridge and Beyond.

I started this fun multi-colored scarf also for Bridge and Beyond the other day at hair dressers. Needed something I could do without my glasses on while I was getting rid of the gray. That process seems to take alot longer then it used too...hum, must be because the gray is more gray and there's more of it. GROAN! This is called kaleidoscope and is probably the softest Red Heart Knitted Worsted Yarn I've ever used. Wonder why it varies so much from color to color?
crocheted scarf for homelessThe picture makes it look more orange then it is. I might have enough for a matching hat too since this is for a child. We'll see as it progresses.

We've been busy redoing our bedroom which has been a pretty major project. In a small house, it's hard to have places to move furniture in order to paint...AND before you paint you have to repair places (Spackle and stuff like that). These projects always take more time and become more involved then one thinks it will before starting. Always! New bed will be delivered in a couple of days so we need to get the painting finished before delivery. We moved our bed into the other room, but had to move the bed from their to the basement. See what I mean...always more work then you think it's going to be. But, am anxious for it to arrive. We both feel like we'll sleep better going to more space, a King. Sometime down the road, we'll need to do some changing around in the room we moved the bed too...cause it's over crowded now. But, one thing at a time.

As always busy busy, how bout you all?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Started before Christmas...still a Work in Progress

Buckeye ScarfBuckeye Colors, Scarlet and Gray. This was going to be part of a Christmas gift, but as you can see....it didn't get finished in time. It's basic garter stitch and is striped but at an angle which I like called Chevron. Now that it's sat awhile, I'm not sure I can figure out where I am in the pattern. Errrrrrrrrr, why didn't I leave myself a note. I don't want to frog it since it's striped would have all those separate pieces. tsk tsk...must think on this. This is where my knitting isn't up to my crochet skills. With crochet, I can count figure out where I am and or determine what the stitch is etc. I find that harder with knitting. I keep at it, hoping I'll improve my skills. I do enjoy knitting; but...I can't do it as easily when someone's talking etc.

Did you get all your planned projects done in time for gift giving?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Baby

start of Candy LandCandyLand is the theme for this OddBall Baby Blanket.
I had issues with this blanket. Firstly didn't realize it wasn't a knitting worsted weight blanket. Was trying to follow suit and used Caron Simply Soft (which I had on hand, and hate using), but it was purple and to close in color to the section already here. I didn't want to buy more yarn, even though baby yarn or sport was suggested. Found some fingering weight yarn in my stash still nice and clean in it's original closed plastic bag. Fingering is too thin, so I used 2 strands. Since I had quite a bit done and had to frog, I went with your basic garter here to get this on it's way. I had held the group a bit and felt badly about that. The yellow next to the purple looked nice.
Mossy Delights startBarely started here in this picture, though since photographing have made some good headway with this one. This one is titled Mossy Delights. I'll be the last knitter on this OddBall. I'm using Pique Triangles which is a nice two sided stitch. It's best not to have a right and wrong side with blankets, though that can't always be accomplished. I love all the greens.
close up of border for ConfettiThis is a close up of Confetti, where I was on Border Patrol. I crocheted this edge and used up some green confetti looking yarn so was able to stay in theme with my border. I found this border (and the one I used for finishing up my daughter's ghan for Bridge and Beyond), in a nice leisure Arts book by Jean leinhauser titled 50 More Crocheted Afghan Borders. #4531 I like the book, it seems to have a nice mix of borders to use for different types of ghans.
Confetti Baby Blanket CompletedAnd here's the completed Oddball Baby Blanket, Confetti. The Oddball group is on Rav if you're interested. There's a group for baby sized blankets, full size ghans, and even pet ghans. Everyone does their bit and the blankets do a bit of traveling before they're donated. The baby blankets are all donated to children's hospital's around the country for those in need.

This is some of what I've been busy doing. Still many projects in the works, but a bit here, a bit there and slowly they get done. Though it seems for every completed project I start 2 or 3 more. lol How bout you? What are you up to? Remember busy hands are happy hands. Even if they're not hands that are knitting or crocheting.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy finishing Hats, and designing afghans

crocheted hatsHere's 2 more hats I completed from the partials garage sell donation group. Believe I've got about 4 more to do, so stay tuned. The pink rows don't match, but I think it's ok given the fun trim I ended with. I'm finding it's possible to use up some real odds and ends when completing these hats. You might remember reference to this garage sell donation for Bridge and Beyond HERE. There were 9 hat starts and I've been chipping away fixing and completing them.

A fun girly set with scarf here, had more of the fun pink, black, white, gray so didn't have to add pink to this first one.

Two more doctored up here.

Also been busy designing, photographing, and bagging up afghans. Got several ready to be worked on from squares I had here mixed with those being donated through Give a Square. All the afghans made thus far have been donated to Faith Mission for those women and children in temporary housing. Some of these people have been homeless and some abused. Having fun doing the designing. The method of photographing them is working out well. Once I do that, I don't have to leave the squares laid out and can bag and label them. Then as soon as I'm done with one ghan I can reach for another bag, select the joining yarn keep the process moving ahead full speed.

What are you working on now that the holidays are over?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Waiting to be?

brown taosWaiting to be, no doubt a scarf as 2 skeins is the right amount. Though it could be a hat? It's my favorite Taos, 100% wool yarn. I love to knit with this and have often. My question here is....is this female or male yarn? I've changed my mind about 3 times since purchasing it; but I've been itching to start something using it. I really should probably know it's intended for male or female though before starting. Need some help, what do you think? I might like to start this as my first small on the go type project for the new year....sooo. What say you? And, has anyone crocheted with it? I've only knitted with it to date.

I don't plan to watch football for New Years, do you? I'm hoping to take a walk, my first walk of the new year.

Scarf or hat, Male or Female? hum.... Knit or Crochet?