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Monday, February 23, 2009

My head hurts!

Can any of you, I know you're out there...more tech savy people than me. Can anyone out there explain to me the difference, importance of google ranking vs Alexa? I've posted the widgets...look on the right in the sidebar.......and now that I've done so, what do they mean? Clueless back in cold Columbus.

I managed to knit 3 pair of booties and a hat (pictures posted in here), while we were out of town. Got back last night and did an update over on The Bridge Blog today. PLEASE, check it out. Pass on your thanks, and or see if you can help.

I spent the bulk of the day unpacking, doing laundry, and putting stuff away. I did post a travel rant, not sure that can really be counted as a traveling suitcase update. Although........some good advice there.

**My 2 cents worth for today**
"Our time on earth is what we make it, so get ready and cook something up!"

WIP (for you non knitters and crocheters), works in progress:
Christmas Ghan (crocheted)
Opal Ghan (crocheted)
Candy Corn Ghan (crocheted)
Scarlet & Grey Scarf (knitted)
*****Packing box for womans shelter in Michigan, Caring House which includes, hats, booties, sweaters for wee ones, toiletries (shampoo), conditioner, lotion, soap for women in need. This box will go out tomorrow*******

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We had a heck of a storm yesterday, standing water, tree limbs down, some folks were without electric and the wind and rain were so strong I couldn't see out my windows.

But.......then look when it was over.

I've left 1 photo dark, the way my camera took it with flash as I was hurrying before it was gone; the other 3 I fixed on the computer, wanted you to see the difference.

I've updated the Bridge, please pop over for a look see
I've gave each site, this one and The Bridge a facelift. What do you think?
PLEASE check out my other page, this last blog will have new things while I'm gone. It has a cool feature to post date blogs, so please check it often.

Heading out of town, so won't make it around to everyone's blog this week as I normally do. Will catch up you all on my return.

Pretend you're on vacation too, no packing necessary.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Smatterings on Saturday

It's been a mish mosh day, a smattering of this and that. Updated Bridge and Beyond

Did an bit of an update on Twitter, still finding my way around there with searches and finding folks.

Cold, dark, wet outside; though the snow is melting...everything looks dirty. So I thought we needed pictures on non wintery things.

Ah to be cooking outside again. This is a great, and easy dinner on the grill. Marinate veggies (big pieces) in salad dressing of choice, I'm partial to Garlic Essense pr Paul Newmans Vinegerette. Cut up chicken and mix with peeled shrimp.

Toss veggies in sprayed stir fry type bowl for outdoor use, then add meat. Serve with your choice of wine.

Veggies...whatever you like. I used onions, 3 different colored peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash...yummy

A Christmas Quilt I made a few years back for my younger brother and wife on display at their house this past Christmas Eve. I've not yet made one myself. On the list of things to do. Just wanted to show you, I do sometimes do something that doesn't involve yarn. lol

Remember summer? When things were pretty bright and green? Why do kids always climb up the slide? Little one next door, his slide is tied to the fence while his dad and my hubby were building his swing set. He couldn't wait!

I'm forever blowing bubbles, who knows the song, sing along.

Had one of those battery operated bubble machines. Had more fun with it. Towards the end of the summer though it didn't work. Maybe next year I can get another. Here having fun, my great niece and nephew.

And so....... Sat. Smattering of this and that.

As I read and posted on blogs today worked on a scarf (I think I actually might keep for myself, all mine are looking pretty ratty).

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

It's Thursday, and I was thinking; sure has been a long time since I've gotten to get out and tromp around a good cemetery, to see and feel the history, the beauty of the old stones; enjoy the nicer weather and wonder about the stories behind all the stones. Too long.

Anyone want to come with me?

Seriously, anyone enjoy the peacefulness in the cemetery? Share your thoughts on my picture.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WIP, FO...and progress there of

Posted recently completed scarf and mittens on The Bridge Project page, 2 less WIP and one more FO (work in progress AND finished object for you non crafters), and here is some more progress on perhaps the longest living wip I've had. The Candy Corn Ghan...it's not a real square and I don't want it to be, sorta modern version of a square if you will. I won't it to be off...and funky, but traditional in it's colors at the same time. So, it's a real piece work. A few rows of this, then I stare and decide what to do next based on the amount of whatever color I have.

Fabulous massage yesterday, need to run errands next, sun is melting some of the snow....see me dancing in the streets?

**wonderful updates on The Bridge Blog, please hop over via the badge on my side bar.
***working a bit on Twitter...jury's still out on that to see if I'll carry it forward....

Monday, February 02, 2009

Following up on the award

I'm now to pass along the award to 5 people. Wow, I read so many blogs, and all are interesting, educational, and fun...only 5. Ok here goes:

First my SIL, a new blogger who's loving it all so much and having fun learning new things. Jan, at Ignite to Write

Next, Crochet Princess (Beth), for not only donating a mound of mittens, but for designing a pattern for mittens for The Bridge Project.

Next is Ghost, who's blog is always interesting; who donates to many causes with her big heart; and who is always willing to help with computer questions.

Sissie, who rallied people here on blogger and over at Crochetville last year to make 100 lapghans to ensure seniors at a nursing home had a better Christmas, and this year is rallying the troops to make ghans for sick children for Victory Gang Camps; one of the late great
Paul Newman, Hole in the Wall Camps.

And Wormie, who's personal blog is always interesting; her willingness to share patterns and her 2nd site, Marine Corp Kids, such a worthy cause that she maintains.

My best to you all, keep up the good work and thanks for being such wonderful blog buddies. You all now have the same tough job when you go to pass along the award.

Save the picture/award button to your computer and post on your blog, with a link to here...my blog.

Pick your five people, leave them a note you've done so and they in turn will follow the same procedure.

Thank you again Octopi for giving this award to me....award button in previous post ladies.

Pictures tomorrow of 2 WIP which are now FO, mittens and a scarf for The Bridge Project. Worked some today on Candy Corn Ghan, had a fabulous massage this afternoon with SIL, and plan to work on a few more rectangles to get them dropped off for Warm Up America, and........

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ahhhhhh, how nice is this?

This award comes to me from Octopi, and here's her blog note regarding it.
Octopi Crafts was given an award! Thanks Cotton and Cloud!
Here's the rules:
1) Put the award on your blog
2) Put a link on your blog of the blogger who gave you the award

3) Nominate 5 other bloggers...

Sandy's Space
A great blog about crocheting and life! Sandy also recently started another blog devoted to helping the homeless of Ohio, The Bridge Project
Muchas Gracias for this sweet award. You sure know how to make someone feel good. Now, I must give some thought as to whom to pass this award along too....stay tuned.
(finished a pair of mittens last night and am almost finished with a scarf for the homeless project. Gonna work some on the Candy Corn Ghan, thats been in the works for a realllllllly long time, while I'm watching the super bowl).