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Monday, February 02, 2009

Following up on the award

I'm now to pass along the award to 5 people. Wow, I read so many blogs, and all are interesting, educational, and fun...only 5. Ok here goes:

First my SIL, a new blogger who's loving it all so much and having fun learning new things. Jan, at Ignite to Write

Next, Crochet Princess (Beth), for not only donating a mound of mittens, but for designing a pattern for mittens for The Bridge Project.

Next is Ghost, who's blog is always interesting; who donates to many causes with her big heart; and who is always willing to help with computer questions.

Sissie, who rallied people here on blogger and over at Crochetville last year to make 100 lapghans to ensure seniors at a nursing home had a better Christmas, and this year is rallying the troops to make ghans for sick children for Victory Gang Camps; one of the late great
Paul Newman, Hole in the Wall Camps.

And Wormie, who's personal blog is always interesting; her willingness to share patterns and her 2nd site, Marine Corp Kids, such a worthy cause that she maintains.

My best to you all, keep up the good work and thanks for being such wonderful blog buddies. You all now have the same tough job when you go to pass along the award.

Save the picture/award button to your computer and post on your blog, with a link to here...my blog.

Pick your five people, leave them a note you've done so and they in turn will follow the same procedure.

Thank you again Octopi for giving this award to me....award button in previous post ladies.

Pictures tomorrow of 2 WIP which are now FO, mittens and a scarf for The Bridge Project. Worked some today on Candy Corn Ghan, had a fabulous massage this afternoon with SIL, and plan to work on a few more rectangles to get them dropped off for Warm Up America, and........


  1. Awwww....I don't deserve it...you should get a double award! Actually, I'll need to pass it back to you as one of my people...then I'll have to figure out how to pass it on!!!!!

  2. Oh Sandy, thank you so much. You are so kind and I love the photo on this award. I am proud to display it and will post on it today sometime. I have a sick cat that needs to go to the vet today. Sorry, but that comes first.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love meeting new people! I also love knit/crocheting for charity...my two passions are chemo hats and preemie stuff. Love to see others giving of themselves too! Thanks for the big smile! Nice to meet you Sandy! Come again!

  4. To answer your question about my family genealogy on my blog.

    Yes we have done the family genealogy and then when we found our relatives were also President Lincoln's relatives we hooked our genealogy into his genealogy.

  5. hallo tis is my first time to visiting your blog..

  6. Thank you so much Sandy for the award! I really don't deserve it either - I designed the mittens out of love to help my fellow Buckeyes in need! I will display it proudly! Thank you again! My first award! :)

  7. Thank you, Sandy!
    What a nice thing! Honestly, I don't deserve it. The great thing about my blog is that people like you donate to Marine Corps Kids and other great causes!!

    Can I award you back for all the great charity work you do????

  8. Thank you so much sandy for the award! you are to kind!! this award should be for all the great ladies and you that are all here to help me:)



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