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Monday, February 23, 2009

My head hurts!

Can any of you, I know you're out there...more tech savy people than me. Can anyone out there explain to me the difference, importance of google ranking vs Alexa? I've posted the widgets...look on the right in the sidebar.......and now that I've done so, what do they mean? Clueless back in cold Columbus.

I managed to knit 3 pair of booties and a hat (pictures posted in here), while we were out of town. Got back last night and did an update over on The Bridge Blog today. PLEASE, check it out. Pass on your thanks, and or see if you can help.

I spent the bulk of the day unpacking, doing laundry, and putting stuff away. I did post a travel rant, not sure that can really be counted as a traveling suitcase update. Although........some good advice there.

**My 2 cents worth for today**
"Our time on earth is what we make it, so get ready and cook something up!"

WIP (for you non knitters and crocheters), works in progress:
Christmas Ghan (crocheted)
Opal Ghan (crocheted)
Candy Corn Ghan (crocheted)
Scarlet & Grey Scarf (knitted)
*****Packing box for womans shelter in Michigan, Caring House which includes, hats, booties, sweaters for wee ones, toiletries (shampoo), conditioner, lotion, soap for women in need. This box will go out tomorrow*******


  1. Sorry that I don't know the difference between Google ranking and Alexa. Welcome back from your trip.

  2. I don't know either. (sorri) But so glad you are back - you've been missed!!! Crochet Hugs!

  3. Hi Sandy,

    Alexa is I think based on traffic measurements that may include Google traffic but also include other means of getting to a site...I don't know how reliable it is. I've tried to mess with it before but found some of its traffic rankings a bit hard to believe.

    I made my bear picture bigger per your suggestion...I'm used to posting smaller pictures because my originals show up really funky in livejournal...but it seems to be okay here.

    That is Bev's pattern for a onesie, but I don't think it's one of her best -- actually several people have it listed as their pattern so I don't know who actually created it. As I said in my post, I was only able to see how it worked once I put it on my bear, and even then...I'm not sure how well it will work for a real live baby. Eh. What do I know :)

    Thanks, as usual, for your comment!

  4. Yes you have been missed!!! Look at the time...I'm just now putting my paint away. The girls are coming back in the morning. I'm a glutton for painting and....YOU'RE RIGHT...I feel a painting exercise coming on!!!!!

  5. welcome back sandy! i missed you:) sorry I can not help with the rankings. I have no idea to either of them or what they even do!


  6. Well, welcome back, you were missed....I don't know what eirther of them do, so I can't help you there...I am not even 1/2 power techno savy... My son said thank you for the birday wishes..tonight hamburgers and smiley fries, your still welcome to sotp over...To answer your question about work....I work in the ER...not a nurse or medical anything...I am the clerical parat of the group...work from 4-12am..every Fri,Sat,& Sun, and every other Tuesday..I was full time and dropped to p/t, it was too much..I get up early and get the boys off to school, I was and can still be a walking zombie....I will check the other site out..after I go to Michaeal..I am off to get powdered graphite for my son's pinewood derby car..the big race is this
    weekend.talk to later...Faith

  7. Welcome back! I hope your trip was terrific.

    Unfortunately, I haven't even heard of Alexa, so I'm no help either on the tech front.

    Stay warm!

  8. I tried to leave a comment at your travel blog,
    but I was unable to....it showed "loading" for the squiggly word and I couldn't get it to post.
    We were thinking of going to Put in Bay ths summer....looks nice..I have not been there in years and years...We went to Kelly's Island last year...Sure has changed since I was a kid....
    but still looks beautiful...the house ship looks
    interesting... Faith

  9. No true tech news yet???

  10. Recently Alexa added new features in their Top Sites Lists. These features have come to be extremeley well recieved by the web professionals. Alexa is coming up with the newest hoepage offering wherein one can view the newest and the best on the net. In this Alexa Toolbar each member of the community is not only getting a tool but also giving one. this way the community can now about the sites and pages that are coming on top in terms of traffic and search results. Every five minutes the most popular pages visited by the toolbar users in the past one hour are determined and the list of "What's Hot on the Web Right Now" is updated.

  11. Hiya Sandie......
    I have a few questions....not to be nosey, but for research purposes....you don't have to answer if you don't want to..

    I know that you live in the Southern part of Ohio,have you always lived there? Or are you a transplant from another area? We, my husband and I are just tossing around the idea of relocating...somewhere in the Buckeye state...
    preferable the lower/southern half...just tossing it around at this point...me, I am ready to go anytime.....but there is much to do, and a starting point is needed....Are you far from Dresden? That is a point of interest for me..maybe I should this out to te blogosphere? We have lived up here our entire lives...so we didn't choose to be here...but something is missing.....my husbands family on his mom's side is from Southern Ohio, Cambridge,Byesville...and they came here for opportunity in the workplace I suppose years ago...we don't want to stay here for any number of reasons....Cleveland is not where I think we should be in the coming years,especially with the economy being the way it is....Cuyahoga County is the highest tax paying city in Ohio...and there is nothing to show for it.... Thanks, Faith

  12. Sandy,

    I'm sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. I'm thinking good thoughts for you :(


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