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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ahhhhhh, how nice is this?

This award comes to me from Octopi, and here's her blog note regarding it.
Octopi Crafts was given an award! Thanks Cotton and Cloud!
Here's the rules:
1) Put the award on your blog
2) Put a link on your blog of the blogger who gave you the award

3) Nominate 5 other bloggers...

Sandy's Space
A great blog about crocheting and life! Sandy also recently started another blog devoted to helping the homeless of Ohio, The Bridge Project
Muchas Gracias for this sweet award. You sure know how to make someone feel good. Now, I must give some thought as to whom to pass this award along too....stay tuned.
(finished a pair of mittens last night and am almost finished with a scarf for the homeless project. Gonna work some on the Candy Corn Ghan, thats been in the works for a realllllllly long time, while I'm watching the super bowl).


  1. Hey Sandy,

    Congrats on the award!

    I'll let you know when I get my hats in the mail to you. Considering we're supposed to get another storm on Tuesday, I might not make it to the post office till the weekend. I am ready for Spring now, please!

  2. Now you have an award?! Oh my goodness. I'm so proud!

    Can't wait for our 4:00 massage...I'm sure your neck hurts as much as mine!!!

    I'm inspired though...I think I'll go blog walking too!!!!

  3. Congratulations on the award!!


  4. Great award, you go girl!!! You deserve it you do so much and I do enjoy your blog.

  5. It's congratulations all the way around! Well done, winning that award!

  6. test as netwalk signin

  7. testing as gmail signin

  8. Congratulations on getting the award Sandy. You so deserve it.

  9. Hey Sisto...I remember a swimming pool and a screened in porch at the cabin...right?


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