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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside

Earth and Sky has grown quite a bit since the first picture (2 posts ago). It's just past the half way point, I think.  The middle section is the darker variegated section.  Given the yarn I have that works with this color combination, I may need to add a border when done, we'll have to see if I'm happy with the size when I get to that point.  Currently it measures 35 ish inches by about 60 from memory.

Baby it's cold outside.  Was only in the low 20's again today.  So glad I can sit with the afghan on me as I knit to provide more warmth.  

Was away from blogging a wee bit with catching up on stuff after a short vacation with some girls friends, then my daughter was in town for Thanksgiving.  So, looking forward to making my way around my blog walking list to see what everyone's been up to.

I don't know if people are already in the throws of getting ready for Christmas and perhaps too busy for above, but I also think some folks like to clean out to make room for new and or just clean out before decorating.  I spotted this a while back on Facebook and rather liked how they made de-cluttering a smaller job by breaking things down into manageable pieces for daily advances.  Technically I've already done a few of these this week.  I need to figure out how to mark it.

Since we've had rain, freezing rain, and some snow......this seemed appropriately funny to me.  My husband told me today at lunch when he got in the car to come home, the light that indicates doors are open or ajar was on.  This am, he couldn't get two car doors opened due to ice.  Apparently he's pulling on them popped just enough that when the ice melted...they weren't totally closed.  By the by, I hate winter.

What a cute craft this is.  Made from buttons.  Anyone keep a bag or can of buttons?  I know my Mother who was quite a seamstress did.  I can't say I ever really have, but wouldn't this be a cute use of them?  A way to recycle sorta.  Or if you're looking for a cute craft that maybe the kids can do.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  In my last post I said eat and enjoy and then exercise the day after.  Well....did you?  I managed to exercise for 2 days following ...but not sense.  Guess I need to restart again.  I did though get my membership at the gym updated the other day.  Haven't been there yet mind you, but ....it's ready if I can get myself motivated.  

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, Eat Today, Exercise Tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.  Hope you all have a special day planned with friends and loved ones, and if you're traveling for the day, b safe.  

Tomorrow, we'll get back to our exercising off the food we eat today.  LOL  I purchased this recently after trying it out in Hilton Head.  My friend, Jane brought her's with her and I thought it seemed like a good item.  It's quite reasonably priced from 10.00 to 35.00 depending where you buy it.  I got mine on Amazon for 9.99.  She had purchased her's through a Groupon.  It's light weight and very portable so easy to take with you when you travel.  There are 3 bands to increase the resistance as you progress.  You can start with the lightest band which is 15 pounds resistence, and move to 25 and then 35.  You can also put two bands on...not that I ever think I'll get that strong.  This is called Wonder Arms.

Here's a little humor for you.  This made me smile when I saw it.  Do you make lists of things to do?  I do and love marking them off the list, however sometimes.........I decide something on the list doesn't need to be done.

Friday, November 16, 2018

New Knitted Afghan, a Turkey Made of Fruit?

Earthy Afghan
Earthy?  Land and Sea?  Earth and Sky?  These are the names popping into my head for this in the works afghan.  This was started just last week while traveling in the car with 2 girl friends to Hilton Head.  We have girls week twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  Though Cardiac Collage isn't yet finished, I needed to take something that wasn't so big to work on in the car.  Cardiac Collage needs to be edged and joined...stay tuned on that score.

But what of this latest one?  What shall I call it.  Currently it has 2 shades of green, a tan, and a variegated tan, blue, green.  It measures 60 inches wide (cast on 200 stitches)  and since photographing here measures 14 inches deep.  The green you see next to the tan is completed and I've got about an inch of blue which picks up a bit on the blue in the variegated.  No fancy stitches...just stripes/sections of good old garter stitch.  Love to hear you thoughts on the possible name.

Trip was fun, but I came back with a cold.  Dang it.

Turkey made of fruit
Last year I shared a photo of a turkey made from veggies for a beautiful center piece.  Several people I know made it, thought it looked great, but was lots of work and people were afraid to eat it, didn't want to ruin the look, lol.  This is a fruit turkey you might want to try for the up coming Thanksgiving Day Holiday.  However........my question is how does one keep the banana's from getting dark?  If you make this, please let me know how it went.

I don't post about politics as often as I used to, and certainly not as often as it's on my mind.  But, when I saw this on Facebook...I couldn't help but think how sadly accurate it is with depicting "don the con".

Need to catch up with stuff around the house, and blogging since I've been away.  Looking forward to visiting everyone on my blog log and catching up with your activities.