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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge

Today's Work in Progress Wednesday (badges with links in the left sidebar) focuses on my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. I've listed it as one of my YOP (year of projects). I want a cloth to represent each month. This stemmed from all the beautiful cotton washcloths that were collected during the month of June's focus on Bridge and Beyond, and my wanting to get some of the awesome colors I saw, and my DD seeing them and stating how much she LOVED cotton washcloths and wanted a mound of them. After making 2 shopping trips, one to JoAnne, and a 2nd one to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, I think I finally have colors that will work for my calendar idea.

January, cold, snowy. Blue and White is my current idea
blue and white cottonFebruary, naturally one thinks red; but I may do this combo? Thoughts vs plain red?
Feb cottonMarch is Easter, so thought this looked like an Easter Basket of pretty eggs and jelly beans.
March Easter CottonApril tends to be a rainy month, things here in the Midwest start turning green...........unless there's still lots of snow on the ground.

Green for AprilIn normal conditions those April Showers bring on May Flowers (though again snow can get in the way of seeing many of them). I used a cast on of 33 and a double eyelet pattern, one of the stitches I used in the wedding ghan you've been seeing...HERE

MayJune makes me think of summer vacation, swimming pools, kids out of school, beach vacations, laying around in the grass getting a sun tan. This is the famous Grandma's favorite washcloth knitted corner to corner. Everyone's go to pattern.

June corner to corner clothJuly is 4th of July, the celebration of our Nations Birthday, Patriotic, Red, White and Blue and family picnics. This is using a cast on of 33 and a pattern stitch called Little Blocks that's also one of the stitches being used in the wedding ghan. HERE
July cloth in the worksAugust, the dog days of summer......hot scorching sun, bright orange and yellow. Another cast on of 33, with straight knitting side to side.

August clothSeptember...well, not totally sold on it yet; but thus far I'm looking at this. Though it seems like pastels...I'm thinking fading summer? September is still colorful, but less so. Some flowers gone, but too early for pretty leaf color? Thoughts? I also thought of just stripes of primary colors, thinking back to school, crayon colors; but since I'm using all those colors elsewhere...didn't want to be repetitive???
September cloth
October of course is Halloween, and Candy Corn.
Candy Corn OctoberNovember makes me think of the end of fall leaves, Thanksgiving on the horizon.
NovemberAnd naturally for December we think Christmas and Red, Green and White.

December clothI'm feeling like I'm a bit over 1/3rd done with this project, even though 12 divided by 4 equals 3, and my 4th cloth isn't yet done. After all, the time to shop, to think and plan...that counts right? And now to lock in some patterns for above colors and months. Thoughts, suggestion? Happy to check them out.

For those who've been following my progress on the wedding ghan...it continues, as of the writing of this scheduled post I'm on block 4 (6 in a strip) of the 5th (I think final) strip. Fingers crossed when I get the 5th strip done and attached I'll feel like it's large enough. I know it will grow a bit when blocked, and again a bit more with a nice border. Running out of time to make a 6th strip, and am pretty sure doing so would be very tight on yarn....don't want to run out and not have enough for a nice border. Have you ever knitted a border? Thus far, I've only crocheted them, but...have a few knitted patterns? How hard is it to pick up stitches? I haven't done this before. This is quite a learning process for me, in that, aside from corner to corner's this is my first knitted vs crocheted ghan, and I did learn new stitches in the process.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Knitting up a Storm (Wedding Ghan, Cotton Cloths YOP))

Week #3 for me

wedding ghanHere's the wedding ghan progress, got 4 stripes (4 of 5) done, joined, AND ends tucked in...not final edge as those will get done when the ghan is bordered; but forced myself to tuck in all the ends from changing yarn colors etc so I wouldn't have them all staring at me in need of attention all at the same time.

knitted wedding ghan2 blocks of the 5th strip done, working on the 3rd block (3 of 6), hoping to have this done and joined yet this week, but may not make it given my work schedule and the fact I'll be out of town later in the week.

knitted cotton washclothsYou've perhaps seen these cloths when they were work in progress, and or separately for a finished object on a Friday post, but here now are 3 which means this project is 1/4th done. May, June and August here in this picture for my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. July has been started and is about 1/3 done.

The remainder of the list:
Blue Scarf
Edging and joining ghans for Bridge and Beyond
Poodle Ghan
Candy Corn Ghan
Buckeye Scarf
*Learn to knit socks
*Learn to knit a cable
have no progress.

In my previous post I added a fun video, please treat yourself and scroll down.

Hope you've noticed my blog log for those who visit, and comment that are part of the yop. I like to keep working blog logs, and have removed a few folks from my regular blog log who never return visits, don't blog anymore etc.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday!

May & Aug ClothsFO (finished object Friday) is here again. You saw the pink (May Flowers) on Wed as a WIP; I'm happy to say it's now finished, as is August's Hot Sun Cloth (which was a WIP last week). August is straight knitting, orange and yellow for the hot hot dog days of August is knitted with casting on 33 and knitting til it measures just under 9 inches square. May Flowers also is a cast on of 33 using a double eyelet pattern and a single crocheted edge as it curled just a bit.

Did you know Julia Roberts is an avid Knitter? I didn't. Did you know Tom Hanks likes to play pranks while on the set of his movies? I didn't know that either; but since these two fabulous actors/actresses are a couple of my favorites, I wanted to share this video with you. It certainly proves, yet again Knitting is not just for old ladies! Not just for Grandma's.

Turn on your sound and enjoy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Ghan, and May Flowers

Work in Progress Wednesday (see sidebar for links)

4th ghan stripAlmost done with the last block on the 4th strip of the wedding ghan. One more strip to go. I have managed to assemble the 3 previous strips HERE in case you didn't already see them. To finish I need to complete strip 4, knit strip 5, attach the 4th and 5th strip (using mattress stitch), tuck in all the tails (worst part of any project), and do a border...probably will crochet the border. I was rushed and didn't lay this strip out nicely so it looks very uneven here, but thankfully isn't in reality, so I don't think the wedding ghan will require more then gentle blocking when completed.
knitted cotton washclothPretty pink, this makes me think of May Flowers and so is the 3rd cotton washcloth in the Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. Hopefully this will be appear again Friday for FO Friday along with August. June's complete cloth is HERE, August in the works is HERE.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Year Long Challenge, Week #2

It all began HERE. A post about the challenge itself and my working list.

I had a decent cotton stash that needed to be turned into cotton washcloths for my DD and for my homeless in need through my charity, Bridge and Beyond. I got the idea of a cloth to represent each month, after I purchased the above stash. Not good, as much of above stash doesn't lend itself that way. I've mention Cotton Challenge, then Calendar Cloth, and have now "officially" named this part of my list as Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. Part 1 of this challenge is the monthly cloth for my DD, (June is Done, August on the needlesAug cotton washclothand yesterday while out I picked up an additional color suitable to mix with something from the stash for October. So 1 down and 11 to go. All those made beyond DD's will go to The Bridge and Beyond. Though I still need more manly colors.

No work on Candy Corn Ghan, Buckeye Scarf, Awesome Blue Wool Scarf, Poddle Ghan, or Give a Square Ghans (listing still forthcoming on Give a Square Ghans).

I've continued to work on wedding ghan, working on 4th strip currently and tucked some ends in on the 3 stripes already joined.

Made selection of yarn for border patrol for The Oddball Blanket, this one titled Mardi Gras.
Will be using a bright pink variegated for a row or two, followed by a solid pink which to me is the color you first see...it's almost in the middle of the ghan, probably will make the final edge a dark purple, but that remains to be seen. The staring stage is complete. Next will select the border and hope to start crocheting on it this week.

**edited to to add this after several comments, these aren't dishcloths, these are washcloths for people to use on their bodies, larger then I would make it I were making them for doing dishes. When we make them for homeless and those in shelters it's a wonderful comfort for them to get a shower or bath with a special made washcloth. I'm making both some for the charity (Bridge and Beyond mentioned above) and some for my daughter. Using what I have in the stash, so cloths are not being made in chronological order.**

Friday, July 15, 2011

Grandma's Favorite is not just for Grandma's anymore

June clothWhile I've done lots of knitting this week on multiple projects, this is the only item that moved from a wip to a FO. A cotton corner to corner washcloth. I used size 7 needles even though the label on the Sugar'n Cream calls for a 6 cause it's a nice needle and it's metal. I don't like using my Denise needles (which would have been a 6) with cotton, it simply doesn't slid easily. This is cloth 1 of 12 in my Calendar Cloth Project. My thinking is a cloth to represent each month, this is June. June to me is summer, the kids are out of school with summer excitement in their heads, families have summer vacations ahead of them, the pools are open, the grass is growing and needs mowed...thus the green and blue. Using Grandma's Favorite pattern I cast on 4 and increased with my yarn overs until I hit 44 stitches, then started the decreases. The cotton was self striping so no need to change yarn which helps to make it an even quicker little project.

Everyone loves cotton washcloths, and with such pretty colors, truly they aren't just for Grandma's anymore. See my pretty Cotton Stash HERE

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Ghan, and Work in Progress Wednesday

start of June cotton clothA small beginning to a standard corner to corner cotton washcloth. I love the color combination. This is the first cloth made from The Cotton Stash I showed you HERE. My thought is a cloth a month, calendar cloth project I think I'll call it. I think this combination works best for June? It's summery, blue for water, green for grass, and the colors remind me of swimming pools and beaches. But, with my idea now of calendar cloth some of the months aren't represented in my current stash, and some of those colors in the stash don't jump out as a particular month. Might have to give this more thought, and or go shopping again? Primarily trying to focus on the wedding ghan, but need quick little items to toss in purse for on the go knitting. ( I should mention I'm using the lightest color for the joining, the color from the eyelet block, and you don't see it even on the dark brown blocks).
This shows the back of the wedding ghan and the mattress stitch. I had planned to whip stitch, but someone...good friend Sandie in Louisiana suggested mattress stitch. I discounted it as too tedious, good stitch for hats and sweaters, which is the only time I've used it previously. Then I watched a video of it to refresh myself. She talked about how easy it was, how fast etc. Sooooooooo, I thought...ridge on the front from whip stitch and seeing it differnt color yarn, vs ridge on the back using mattress stitch join, and not seeing, or barely seeing different color yarn?
Soooo, decided to give it go. Three rows joined. Two more to knit. Plenty of tails to tuck which I find you can't really do at the same time as doing the mattress stitch. I do like how smooth the top is, but...it seems far more tedious to me and not quick like the lady in the video. Naturally the ghan will need to be blocked, but the monochromatic colors in the traditional diagonal blocks are coming together.
This in Mardi Gras Oddball Baby Blanket. I'm tasked with being the border patrol for this. I'm currently in staring mode. lol I always stare awhile to decide what I want to do with the edge. What color, what type of crocheted border. I have some purple variegated that might work?

All WIPW badges on side bar with links if you care to join in.

If you missed reading yesterday's post, or if you like flowers just CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story Telling with Nature

Lillies in rainStories in Nature, that's what I think of when I look at this scene. A work in progress, a work of art, a story being told. The story here seems to be Life and it's cycles. Front to back, you have the brilliantly colored orange Lilly fresh and perky after quenching it's thirst with the recent rain. You have a rather spent Daisie, beaten down from the rain, and perhaps at the end of it's time. Looking further back you have a Daisie about to burst forth with life, while off to the right one Daisie not sure it wants to make it's way into the world just yet. The rain so necessary to bring forth and sustain life, gives freshness to some flowers; but beats down others...much like life itself it seems. Nature gives, and nature takes away. My picture didn't come out as well as I hoped when I looked at and thought a picture after the rain would be so cool; but hopefully it tells you something too about the beauty of nature and it's seasons.
close up LillyLook how this Lilly is holding onto the water it needs. Clustered beneath and to the left promise of more blossoms to come.

I've enjoyed meeting new bloggers through The Year of Projects, if you're looking for the Sunday post scroll to the previous post. For all bloggers involved with the various WIPW, FOFriday, and The Year of Projects Challenge, please remove your word verification (captchas). It slows down visiting terribly. I always wonder how many more people/blogs I could visit, read, and comment on with the extra time they take. Please be willing to do a trial period. The newer blogger filters are very good and they do catch the spam. The captchas truly are not needed. I have 3 blogs and honestly have very little problems with spam, or unwanted comments. Set your settings to be notified by email when someone makes a comment and you can quickly delete something, if there's a problem. It's also helpful when people comment on older posts, which I find I often do when I see something of interest or something I missed earlier. Give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Year Long Challenge

Just saw this blog badge while I was making my blog rounds, followed it's link to a group on RAV, so I could see what it was all about. It's purpose, as I understand it is to challenge yourself with a list of things you want to make throughout the year. It officially started on July 1st, so I'm already behind and runs through the end of June of next year 2012. The list can be things you want to make, specific patterns etc. It's a way to encourage each other, and meet new blogging friends. I love blogging, visiting reading and commenting and this is a way to encourage that.

I tend not to have a list of things I want to make, apparently lots of folks do. I find yarn I like and that prompts me. If you've been to my blog before you probably know most of my knitting and or crocheting is for charity. I have a personal blog, Bridge and Beyond dedicated to that purpose, helping the homeless. However, I do still think I can put together a working list. I suspect though my list may change as time goes on; while the others may not?

Cotton Challenge, this cotton stash needs to be turned into Cotton Wash Cloths. My DD asked for lots (in my mind I thought about a cloth a month, seasonal, but in my stash I don't think I have every month well represented, so probably need more), AND wash cloths for my charity Bridge and Beyond. I need some more male colors also, which I didn't find in my last shopping venture.

Wedding Ghan, I've been working on this for a while certainly getting it finished (my first multi-stitch knitted ghan) is a big challenge for me. Getting it done on time is an additional knitting challenge for me. I don't knit nearly as fast as I crochet.

Longest ever work in progress. I need and want to finish this Candy Corn Ghan. I'm not sure how long ago I started it...but well before the post (it was sometime in 2008) Here. It was initially started for Victory Camp Junction, and when finished might still go there; then again I didn't have own charity when I started it; so it might go to Bridge and Beyond. Depends how many have been donated by the time I get it finished.

This Buckeye Scarf was started last Christmas, never finished and I lost my spot in the pattern. Someone told me how to figure out where I was, (hope I can find her helpful advice). So this needs to be finished. Christmas will be here again, maybe it will be a gift this year round?

I want to learn how to knit socks, so am adding a pair of socks for myself to the challenge list.

I want to learn how to knit a cable, so adding that too my list also. Whether it will end up in a hat, or a scarf I've not decided. The challenge is to learn how to do it.

I started an awesome wool scarf (barely), with a rather tedious pattern (it's been frogged 3 times), while vacationing several months ago. I want to get comfortable with the pattern and get the scarf finished in time for fall. This is a selfish goal...I want this scarf, the blue is WOW. And because it's been frogged so many times, you can see I now have markers every...I think 10 stitches. I kept loosing my count with the tedious pattern.

Need to finish this corner to corner knitted ghan, believe it will go to Missouri, Joplin for the Tornado victims. Titled Poodle Ghan

I'm in a group called Oddball Baby Blankets and am currently committed to two more. I've done many others, but haven't added anymore on, so...when it's my turn on these blankets, my challenge is to get my section and or Border done in the allotted amount of time, which is 2 wks. I currently have one needing a border, titled Mardi Gras. Haven't yet photographed it to link up here. Will add it.

With my charity, Bridge and Beyond I assemble afghans from donated squares and currently have a list of those I've designed (many others already donated), needing edges and joining. Challenging myself to get them done by Christmas. I don't know how many I have designed and bagged at the ready. Need to count and list them here.

Designing challenge. This month, July's focus for Bridge and Beyond is in fact squares, through the Give a Square Program. Whatever squares are donated (knitted and crocheted 7-10 inches), need to be put with others squares here and afghans designed. Challenging myself to design and bag 3 ghans from those.

Good luck to all participating in this challenge of self, have fun visiting and encouraging each other. I'm looking forward to meeting and blogging with you all.

Friday, July 08, 2011


cotton skeinsI'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dooooooooooonnnnnnnnnne! With shopping for cotton that is. I still didn't see any of the other cottons people have been telling me about (related to their cotton washcloths for the homeless), but I did find some pretty colors this time out. Far prettier then what I've seen in the past with just pink, blue, yellow, and green solids. Look at this variety.

Now, some might say, hey...this is FO Friday (FO=finished object), and where's yours? Well, if you knew me, and knew how much I hate to shop.......this really would count as a finished object. lol Given the number of skeins above, it should represents quite a few finished objects for Friday's to come. And since this is written and scheduled ahead, who knows...maybe I'll get one done in time to show you that. The cotton was on sale at JoAnne's, that was a nice bonus.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Storing Yarn Stash and Donations

Work in progress, Wednesday
yarn stashRight to left, you see large metal shelves with wheels. The shelves are awesome. They are sturdy and can be put together in a variety of ways. With the wheels they can easily be moved around. You see the first shelf unit with a variety of tote bags, large zip lock bags, and rubbermaid plastic boxes. They're filled with yarn/ and projects. Some for my personal use, but most of it related to my charity, Bridge and Beyond. The tote bags tend to have projects in them. Needed more storage, hubby bought and put together the 2nd unit where you see more of the same. The smaller white bags are squares separated for already designed ghans for our folks at Faith Mission/and other places in need.

Drum roll please. See the table beside the empty shelves? That has boxes and bags of yarn, mostly donated yarn, squares, and recent donations next up for delivery. AND on a work table not in the picture are several trash bags of other donated yarn. Hubby wants his work space back, and he needs the white table....thus he purchased and put together the 3rd shelf unit.
storage for donationsLook! Almost 4 full shelves already in use. He now has his white table and work table back.

Bridge and Beyond
provides hats, scarves, mittens, and slippers for men, women and children who are homeless, spend a night or two in a shelter, or who live in a variety of temporary housing. Donations are delivered to multiple locations with need. Additionally personal care items, knit/crocheted washcloths, and squares are collected. Each month a different item needed is highlighted. If you'd like to read more about what we do, and the fabulous crafters who make it all happen....Please check out the blog Bridge and Beyond. We'd love to have you join us.

A bit of a different post for WIPW, as this work is always in progress. Additionally, work continues on The Wedding Ghan and The Poddle Ghan.

Monday, July 04, 2011

America's Independence Day

Happy Birthday America

Group Shot of The Family

While many of us had family time, picnics and cook outs, let's not forget what the true meaning of this special day is. I was applaud when I viewed a u-tube video posted on facebook with a dozen or so beach lovers being interviewed who were pathetically clueless about the meaning of the day. Didn't know we fought a war, The Revolution, didn't know whom we gained our Independence from, England. It took blood and much sacrifice on the part of ancestors. Take time and tell you children the true meaning of the day.

We had the company of most of our family in our gathering, good food was served, games were played. We proudly wore our red, white and blue and flew our Flags. DD and nephew Jeff couldn't be with us, though we wish they could have. Special memory of Mom, who always loved the 4th of July and I know her spirit was with us all yesterday.

Italian marinated grilled chicken
Lemon pepper pork chops (HUGE hit)
Pork chops with salt and pepper (ordinary)
Grilled veggies (olive oil and seasonings)
baked beans
deviled eggs
potato salad
beer, wine, water, pop
Flag cake

Hubby did a fabulous job at the grill, he always does! PLEASE, see my special post regarding Veterans CLICK HERE