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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Knitting a Shawl for Me, Myself, and I

Northern Lights Spiral Shawl.  Are you all shocked!!!  I’m working on something that’s not an afghan for a change...and it’s actually something for myself, not my charity, Bridge and Beyond.  I’m having fun with the colors changing on a whim.  Size 8 needles, and simply garter stitches with increases each row alternating between increasing at the front of the row vs the end of the row, a 10 row repeat and at the end of the 10th row you bind off 4.  Found it odd the pattern didn’t suggest what length to use.  I’ve purchased a long set while here, 47 inches and hope it’s going to be be long enough.

Been away from blogging a bit with working on things for my Dad and or his house, as we prepare it for sell.

Short. Post today, hope you’re all doing well.
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