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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It may not look like it, but I have in fact made headway on my Red Scarf Project Scarf. Think maybe it's doubled from when I previously showed you.

The blue worm, geessssssssssss. I've now started this project for the 3rd time. Yeah you got that right, that means I've frogged it twice. The first time I decided I didn't like the pattern. The 2nd time, I decided I couldn't count. I really frogged a whole week's worth that time. I had a mess. With 300 stitches on the cast on, I apparently couldn't count. And...yeah you see me now cheating with the plastic ring thingy's every 10 inches. Good grief. I'm really only making a scarf, but, x number of knit, and x number of pearls with each row being different has caused me to have a headache. Now on the positive side. I LOVE this yarn. I LOVE the color, which I bought with someone else in mind....might keep for myself...hum, just don't know. I wanted to do the scarf lenthwise instead of the more traditionally widthwise as I think it stretches less and a larger pattern would show up better. The yarn is Ultra Alpaca, 50% Alpaca and 50% Wool (Laine), a Berroco hand wash made in Peru. Yeah....I think I'm gonna keep it. The person in mind is not a hand wash person I'm thinking. So with my cheater markers I've now started over the 3rd time; but have chosen a less involved pattern. The stitch repeat is 5 stitches vs 9 in the previous attempt, and a 6 row repeat vs 14. I guess it's "Baby Steps". Still amazes me how long it takes to complete 1 row.

The pink-blackish gray triangle blanket is coming along with quite a bit of headway since last you saw it. No worries with counting with the traditional dishcloth pattern. This yarn Jazzes up the the basic garter a bit too.

What are you working on. I can't imagine I'm gonna have anything to show you for Finished Object Friday. Just saying..........

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Mr. Linky below.
Add your name, blog about a book you've read about knitting or crocheting or any book you've recently read for that matter, and remember to add a link to this post.
The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I recently read this while lounging about the pool in Aruba. You can read about Aruba on my travel blog by clicking on the word Aruba.

One really can't knit or crochet by pool side, you don't want the yarn to get wet; nor can you do either well when you're hot and the yarn sticks to your hands and or to the needles and hooks. Sooooooooo, why not read about your craft instead. I had started The Friday Night Knitting Club previously on another vacation, and while I enjoyed it, I did not feel compelled to finish it when I return home. I tossed it on my shelf to have it ready for the next vacation. So, I guess that means I didn't think it was all that good. If so, surely I would have wanted to finish it, instead of waiting several months for the next vacation. It was a NY Times Best Seller. There are 2 additional books now in this series I understand, "Knit Two", and "Knit the Season". I probably will get them eventually....to take on vacation and read at poolside again; but don't feel the need to rush out and get them and stay up all night reading them. I had some issues with the book. Firstly, one of it's selling points is that it's about strong women; but I'm not sure I thought the main character Georgia was all that strong. On one hand, yes she was. She raised a bi-racial daughter on her own, and had her own business. On the other hand, she took back the no count father who'd not been around in years! I have a problem with that. She came from what apparently was a pretty dysfunctional family, not getting along with her family; choosing almost strangers over family. I like knitting, but I don't think it takes the place of relationships, replacing family the way they seem to infer in the book. It's a hobby and everyone should have one. I thought they made knitting far more important in the book then it is in real life. Recommend it, yea I guess so. Just don't expect to be transformed. My daughter read this and gave it to me, so that made it worth the $16.00. Save yourself money and don't buy it, it's not a keeper. Go to the library.

Have you read it? What did you think? Are there other knitting or crochet books you've read? Love to hear your take.

Let's share some linky love, and maybe work up a reading list in the process. Don't forget to visit each other too.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Red Pearls, not just any Cotton

Finsihed Object Friday Blog Badge
 texture of Cascade Pearls YarnI'm trying to show you the texture of this yarn in this picture. Fat, and skinny, flat and shimmery.

shimmery PearlsThis picture, though a bit blurry shows some of the shimmer this yarn has. I held this up with the light of the computer behind it with one hand while taking the picture with the other hand. But, I think you still see the texture and difference in the shimmer and the not shimmery portions of this yarn. I've never used it before, but will be using it again.
lacy scarfAgain holding it up with the light from the computer screen behind it. You can see it's sorta lacy. Nothing fancy, straight garter stitch on size 8 knitting needles. I used Cascade Yarn Pearls. I'm NOT a fan of using cotton yarn. It's hard on the hands, rough and tough and often blah...flat in color. This however, is 55.7% cotton and 44.3% Viscose. This Cascade Yarn is made in Brazil and I loved working with it. Felt nice in the hand, moved nicely on the needles and I love the shimmer and non shimmer contrast, as well as the thick and skinner portions of the yarn.
Finsihed scarfThis terrible picture makes it look orange, it's not. It's red. I like light weight summer scarves for accessorizing and to keep the neck warm in air conditioning when we go out. Though I am rarely cold, the arthritis in the neck really aches and so often a light weight scarf is just the ticket. The edges look awful also in the picture...I must have laid it down badly because they don't look so lumpy. My indecision now is whether or not to keep this for myself or to donate to the battered women's charity, Scarves from the Heart that like soft, frilly, feminine scarves. I generally make my summer scarves a bit more narrow, sooooooooo...hum, just not sure. Will think on it.

Have you used this yarn before? If not, I highly recommend it.

I might also add this fun scarf traveled with me to ARUBA. Was a good plane project.
red pearls in progress on SouthwestClick on Aruba to go to my Travel Blog and read about/see pictures of Aruba. Here you see where I laid it on my tray table to take a coffee break. We had a really early morning flight. Yikes! I really needed the coffee.

**Catching up after being gone takes time, but am working on it. Got all 300 drops done for my friends on EC, and visited and commented on all 20 on FO. Made some visits and comments on The Hive. And now need to throw another load of laundry in. Whew**

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Working Ahead for The Red Scarf Project

Red Scarf StartA beginning, not the best picture, but you can sorta see the pattern. Actually guess it's more of a texture. This is a nice reversible stitch called checks and ridges. Using Plymouth Encore knitted worsted weight yarn which I love. It's 25% wool and 75% acrylic. It washes and wears very well and has a nice soft feel to it. It will be nice and warm because of the wool, and because this is a nice solid stitch. Using size 9 knitting needles. The red looks a bit more orange here in the picture than it really is. Had this yarn at finger tips and decided I needed a knitting project to give some relief after so much crocheting which is more bothersome on the arthritis etc.

This is working ahead for me as it will go to The Red Scarf Project which isn't due to be mailed until this coming fall. This is a charity I used to do a lot for, but in recent years my list became too large, so it's nice to have worked my way back to this part of my list. The pattern is a 4 row repeat and shows up best on a solid color in my opinion. I also like it because there's 2 rows of good old garter stitch.

I should also add this will be traveling with me to Aruba (be sure and check out my travel blog, will have lots of pictures and info there in the future).

What are you working on?

This was last weeks WIP, but I never got things officially posted, so am using it this week, now that I'm back in town and trying to play catch up. In my effort to play catch up this am before heading to work, I did manage to drop 209 for my EC friends (think I got all of you who dropped in my absence), and a few more. I also managed to visit and comment on 21 of you in the WIP--all that had signed in before my time was up. And now, to work. Keep stitching.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hanging Art

MonetA while back I mentioned I needed some art for the wall in this post. I couln't get the angle on the picture to include the bed, window, etc for you to see this, so please click above link to see. Took this picture several times trying not to get the flash reflection on the glass in the above picture. Seemed the only way to do that, was to take the photo at an angle. I put one of the bed pillows there with the picture so you could see the colors. The mat is grayish, and there's lots of that in various shades in the Monet Print. The frame is brassy looking to me, as is the bed post. The tan border on the print and mat seem to pick up the tan in the window treatments, the carpet and the tan in the print on the bed. Still need something behind the bed; but it's a start. We had these print with a really cheap frame previously hanging in this same spot. Hum, wonder if I have a picture of it anywhere. Anyway, having it re-framed wasn't cheap and hubby thought I spent too much. But, nice mats, and frames aren't cheap. And, I think it turned out really nice. He thought since the print was cheap to begin with I shouldn't have spent much on it. However, I think I added to it's quality.

Someone suggest a plant/tree behind the bed. Well we had that in the previous arrangement, but after fighting trying to keep it dust free, I don't want to go that route again. A collection of pictures is what I have in mind currently. Small prints probably, but will I make the corner interesting by doing this, or will I highlight further how offset the bed is to the corner? Thoughts? Ideas? Anxious for some input folks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Too Pretty to Eat

pretty desertThe pretty orange on the left is carrot cake, and desert on the right is a cheesecake something. Bought these 2 pretty deserts the other day at the grocery in the specialty area because I thought they were pretty. Pricey, sorta too. Wouldn't want to get more then 2. Buying these is like buying a desert out. This is not something I would do often; but thought what the heck...we're having a nice meal, a good bottle of wine and we should top it off with a really special desert too. Sadly, they were prettier than they tasted. I won't be doing this again, or at least won't get these again.

While I agree presentation matters, it doesn't matter more than taste in my opinion. Hubby had the cheese cake and I had the carrot cake. Or rather we both ate about half with a bite of the other. You'll note these aren't big, so eating only half, well....that pretty well tells the story. I do think they're art, and they did look to pretty to eat. Is that the idea. You have them on the table, but no one eats them?

Live and learn I say, sometimes you try new things and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

How bout you? Anything similar happen to you? Tell us about it. Share your story.

**Don't forget to check in tomorrow to see about Monday Meme (provided I get it to work right, lol)**

Friday, April 08, 2011

Little Princess moves to the FO List

Here's Little Princess after being joined, still needs tails woven in, and needs a nice border.
I had a hard time deciding on a border for this ghan, but am really pleased with the one I selected. The pattern called for one more row of the open weave, but I nixed it and went with just the 2 rows instead of 3. Here's a close up of the border so you can it better.
Debating a lot about what color to edge, join, and border with; as I'm not one to use much white or off white....but the off white here seemed like a good choice to me. I try to stay away from light colors like that because of the dirt factor, but....

This is another ghan made from squares donated through my Give a Square Program that was active for 3 months. The finished ghan will be donated to Faith Mission where I hope it will give warmth and hope to a little girl in need.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Little bit of knitting corner to corner

After finishing the 2nd longest WIP ever ghan, and Rose Garden Ghan, I needed something sorta mindless. Also, needed a project that could go with me to work and other misc places. Also, needed something knitted to give my hands and fingers a little break from crocheting which seems to be harder on the arthritis, carpal tunnel etc. Though, am still working on ghans that require crocheting for Bridge and Beyond, I do now have a knitted project I can work on in between which is helpful. This corner to corner is simple straight garter stitch. With this yarn's texture, there's really no reason to use a fancy stitch; it would be lost and not seen anyway. Had a hard time trying to lay this out so you could see it, as the circular needles curl so badly. The yarn is JoAnne Sensations Rainbow Boucle with 873 yards a skein. It's nice to work with. I believe I prefer knitting with this over crochet though. I've seen this yarn used for almost everything from a really lacy knitted shawl, to baby sweaters, hats, scarves, doubled up for slippers as well. Lots of different colors to choose from and fun to see how it changes from light to dark. Thus far, you're not seeing that in my start. I'm using 2 color ways, a pink and white, and a pink-gray-black. It reminds me of Poodle skirts.

Not totally sure what this will end up being. Well, actually not true. It's going to be a blanket/ghan. I'm not sure how big I'll make it or whether or not it will be for a little girl or an adult female. I'm just knitting and we'll cross that decision bridge when the yarn runs out or I get tired of working on it. lol Most likely it will be another Faith Mission Blanket though.

**PLEASE make a point to pop back in Monday, a fun Monday Meme and linky love for all**

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

10 Thought Tuesday

The Daffodil wanted to bloom, but then it got cold, and there was no sun.
daffodils before bloomAfter some encouragement and a wee bit of sun, it's trying. Come on...you can do it!
daffodils mid bloomTaDAH!
daffodils blooming**I had to lean over to get these photo's and thus they are blurry. Couldn't step close to them, as the ground was sooooooooooo soft and wet I might have been sucked up in the muck.**

1. Would love to know what you all think of my new blog template. Just loaded it yesterday.

2. With the downpour yesterday, we had this again!(which explains why I couldn't stand by the daffodils...leaned over from the little porch)

3. Please tell me no one is taking Donald Trump seriously. Besides a bad hair cut and a bad TV show, what's he got going for him?

4. I can see Daffodils in my yard, which makes me really really really excited. I love yellow, I love flowers, and I love knowing Spring is trying super hard to make it to Central Ohio.

5. Tried to design an afghan yesterday for Faith Mission, but my creative juices failed me. Argh, that was a bummer. Must try again, hope time permits today.

6. Need to check on knitting needle regulations for an International flight....anyone happen to know if taking knitting needles in one's carry on is ok?

7. Was disappointing only 1 person joined yesterday's Monday Meme. Maybe next week will be better. Please check back next week and join the fun.

8. I found how to go back to the old editor here on blogger, and believe I like using it over the new one. How bout you all, what are you using?

9. The situation in Japan is so sad. One wonders how long before things will be "normal" there again?

10. I remember when flip flops were called, thongs. And they were really only shower shoes, or something to wear at the swimming pool or beach. They were never considered to be shoes. Why do people like wearing them, and consider them dress shoes? I hate the noise they make, and the thing between my toe. When I see people wearing them everywhere, I feel old.

?? Does anyone know how to get rid of boxes after the post that say interesting, boring etc? Firstly, it appears only part of them are visualizing. I'd like to get rid of them. Thanks!

Monday, April 04, 2011

My First Monday Memories, Mutterings, Musings Meme

For Fun, I thought I'd try my hand a meme. I do sometimes get involved in them, but haven't really started one. Monday's mean many things to people. The beginning of the work week, the end of the weekend. Positive and Negative feelings about Monday no doubt. So, let's have some fun with Monday and share those things with Monday Memories, Mutterings, Musing and More.

To join in, post a comment here, write your Monday Memory, Mutterings, Musing on your blog with a link here, and be sure and add yourself to the linky. This is a good way to have fun, to meet some new bloggers, to share some linky love...so please join in.

My Mutter:
I'd like to have a loud speaker on my car so I could shout out at people who do thoughtless, careless, and dangerous things while driving. The list would start with Mothers who want to protect their children, but don't seem to give a hoot about other children. Case in point. It's rare for me not to see a car with a bumper sticker, or window decal with one of those baby on board signs while out and about. Ok, they want people to know a baby is inside the car should something happen. That's a safety issue. Right? How then can they speed through school zones, change lanes without signals, while talking on the cell phone, turn on red in the school zone and literly pay no attention to the school children trying to cross the street!!!!!!!!!! If I got paid for everytime I've witness this, I would be a rich woman. Their time is NOT more important then the safety of those children. I've honked the horn, people on the sidewalks have yelled at them. I see it all the time.

And that's my rant/ my Monday Mutterings today, what's yours?

**Just loaded a new blog template today. Still messy with it a bit. Need to change the color of the font I think, seems a bit hard to read? What do you think? Took awhile to figure out the slide show, and now that it's there...don't know if I like it? Thoughts? Does it add?

Moved some widgets around, nixed a few too. When I did, noticed hakucho is my top talker. Thank you much, greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Rose Garden

FO Friday Badge
Rose Garden before borderRose Garden before border, before ends were tucked in, and before laundry and blocking. This was a recent WIP, so thought you'd like to see it getting moved to a FO!

Rose Garden finsihedRose Garden bordered, ends tucked, laundered, and blocked.

Rose Garden border close upClose up of border. The squares and rectangles were edged with dark forest green (not black as the picture looks), they were joined with dusty rose, and the blankets border was several base rows of the dark forest green and final scalloped edge in the dusty rose. This ghan and the 2nd longest WIP ghans were rather tedious, so need to do a few less tedious projects to regroup so to speak.

PLEASE pop back in.  Monday the 4th I'll be starting my first ever Linky Love Meme.  Look forward to seeing you all.

**This ghan is for Faith Mission Afghans, for Bridge and Beyond.