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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It may not look like it, but I have in fact made headway on my Red Scarf Project Scarf. Think maybe it's doubled from when I previously showed you.

The blue worm, geessssssssssss. I've now started this project for the 3rd time. Yeah you got that right, that means I've frogged it twice. The first time I decided I didn't like the pattern. The 2nd time, I decided I couldn't count. I really frogged a whole week's worth that time. I had a mess. With 300 stitches on the cast on, I apparently couldn't count. And...yeah you see me now cheating with the plastic ring thingy's every 10 inches. Good grief. I'm really only making a scarf, but, x number of knit, and x number of pearls with each row being different has caused me to have a headache. Now on the positive side. I LOVE this yarn. I LOVE the color, which I bought with someone else in mind....might keep for myself...hum, just don't know. I wanted to do the scarf lenthwise instead of the more traditionally widthwise as I think it stretches less and a larger pattern would show up better. The yarn is Ultra Alpaca, 50% Alpaca and 50% Wool (Laine), a Berroco hand wash made in Peru. Yeah....I think I'm gonna keep it. The person in mind is not a hand wash person I'm thinking. So with my cheater markers I've now started over the 3rd time; but have chosen a less involved pattern. The stitch repeat is 5 stitches vs 9 in the previous attempt, and a 6 row repeat vs 14. I guess it's "Baby Steps". Still amazes me how long it takes to complete 1 row.

The pink-blackish gray triangle blanket is coming along with quite a bit of headway since last you saw it. No worries with counting with the traditional dishcloth pattern. This yarn Jazzes up the the basic garter a bit too.

What are you working on. I can't imagine I'm gonna have anything to show you for Finished Object Friday. Just saying..........


  1. I can't count either! Everything is looking really good.

  2. Oh gosh, multiple-frogging projects can be so frustrating! I hope the third time is the charm for this one.

    And I love the look of those pink and black/grey stripes, so pretty.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Oh good luck with that scarf!! 300 stitsches is a lot to keep track of! It really is a nice shade of Blue!

  4. I use counter rings, too, when I have a project with lots of stitches and a pattern to follow. It's not cheating...it's an aide ;)

  5. Many projects on the go. I hope this time you don't have to frog so many stitches, yet again.

  6. Thanks hakucho...I feel better now about the rings, I thought....gees...count already; but if you're talking, get interrupted etc. This is where my crochet skills truly over shine my knitting skills. I can pick up a piece with crocheting...say oh yet...I did blah blah, and so now need to do blah blah..........knitting...not so!

  7. The rings are a good idea, I really should get some tomorrow! As for frogging it twice, it may make you feel better that I just frogged a hat I'd been working on for two weeks...

    Have a great day x

  8. Everything looks great! I can't count when I have to cast on that many stitches too! I've used markers to help.

  9. I think EVERYONE would need markers with that many stitches! WOWZERS! Don't feel bad about the frogging, I just started my first sock 6 times yesterday. Yes, SIX.

  10. When I have a lot of stitches, I use stitch markers all the time. I put them after every 20 stitches. It's easier to count to 20. Everything is looking good so far.

  11. Charlotte, sorry to hear about your hat and hopes things go smoothly here after.

    KAF, thanks. Glad to know I'm not alone.

    Tami, 6 times on your sock....I feel it. Good Luck here after.

    Bunny, right you are easier to count thereafter.

    Thanks ladies you've all made me feel better about frogging and my abundance of markers...I'll keep at it.


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