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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Yarn, Flowers, and Books oh My


Took this picture about a week ago so have made more progress since; but wanted to show you this picture because you can see both sides of this shawl.  The flat portion is the back side, and the triangle section is the right side.  In my previous post most people indicated they liked the wrong side the most.  I like both and think wrapped up in this will show both sides and it will work out just fine.  

My Mothers Day Flowers.  Not a good picture though.  Tried several times, the color is so vivid but was having a problem with the light.
This at least shows you the colors.  There are so many interesting flowers.  I don't know what the green feathery flowers, or the orange one to the right of the green flowers, or the larger deep reddish one next to it.  I know the Carnations but, that's about it.  If you know what any of these flowers are, please share.  These were a gift from my darling daughter.

I love fun cocktail napkins.
I like to have a mix on hand, and so does my hubby.

My first blooming Iris.  I get very excited each spring when this pop up.  I got the starts for these purple Iris from my parents yard.  I've given starts to both my brothers from my yard as well.  Flower beds are badly in need of weeding; but it will be a long process before I'll be able to mulch.

I finished the Stacey Abrams book I mentioned in the previous post.  And again tried to get into the RGB book also mentioned in the previous post; but just couldn't.  I think so highly of her, I must try it again another time.  I returned it to the library so others on the list could have a go at it.

I started something much lighter.  Have read so many heady books of late.  This series of 3 books was just what I needed.  The historical story of the gangs of New York, the large number of orphans or children given up by their parents when they couldn't care for them went west on trains to try and get a new life.  This is book #1

This is book 2, and this is book #3

I really enjoyed these 3 books.  I loved the voices of those doing the reading.  I enjoyed how they took on the many voices of the various characters in the books.  And I enjoyed the love stories.