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Friday, May 30, 2008

SQUARE it...............

SQUARES....are not sooooooooooo square. Working my way through more odds and ends. The yellow hat is made from 3 yellow granny squares, I actually had yellow yarn that match and now Stella....my model in need of a face lift, is lovin her new hat (hope when the time comes she willingly gives it back to me. lol).

The multi-colored hat, I call Crayon Hat, looks like a box of crayons, you know the old fashion box when we had and were happy with just 8 crayons! I've stitched it together with dark green, added band, and ball/tassel.

I think both of this hats should fit a child/teenager. I can almost wear them...I have a punny little head, not an adult size at all.

The vest........yep, more granny squares 2. Really didn't feel I'll could blend these squares, the 2 in the vest, the 3 yellows and the 3 crayon colored squares to make anything collectively. I had tan that matched the tan in the inside of the rust granny, so edge the squares, stitched them together, more trim for arm holes--neck hold, and a few rows for the shoulders. Vest! This should fit newborn to 3 months, or even a preemie for a longer period of time. The onsey I'm using beneath it to help me determine size.
These items along with slippers, the wormie hat pictured in previous post, couple of pair of baby botties, and a poncho (the one you see in it's beginning stages in previous post), are all going to Michigan, to Caring House; for Battered Women. Started loaded the box. Still have a little space so will try to get a few other items added in before mailing it off on Monday.
WIP??? Bright blocks afghan (hoping to finish in the next day or so), multi-colored ghan (slow start), Drk Green and Icy Blue shawl (1/10th).
QUESTION?? How do people post WIP here on blogger with the slide rule thingy from Ravelry showing how far along they are on the project?
**Started this post yesterday, and have made 2 additional pair of slippers (not yet photographed), and hope to make maybe another pair or hat today to add to above box.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Scraps to Hats and other things

Scarpes.........with the exception of the blue crocheted babies hat with ties, these other items were made from scrapes. I had some miss-sized rectangles people had given me in a bag of donated yarn. Apparently from things they "tried" to make, or things they started and never finished. After laying them on the floor and staring with them awhile I came up with the following:
The Purple Wormie Hat...made from 2 knitted purple rectangles (close to the same size), crocheted edges in white and crocheted together, added white bad gathered top of the hat together corner to corner (too bulky to gather in a more traditional way), The 4 corners made me think of jester style hat, so continue the funky look added 4 wormie things coming out of the middle of the hat that swing about in a fun manner when you move you head.
Slipper, the white and purple slipper..again 2 rectangles close to the same size. Not quite the right measurements though to donate to Warm Up America, which perhaps they were originally intended? Added white, gathered the toe area, stitched closed, stitched hem and added white tassel/ball. Rectangles were folder long way to accomplish this and fit me very slinder size 6 foot.
Second pair of slippers/booties...again 2 rectangles (close to the same size). These were folder width wise with more trim of blue added, but otherwise the same process as the white and purple. Both of these pairs of slippers were adapted from Bev. Fast and Easy Slipper Pattern on Country Cottage. This pair also fits my foot, slender size 6. I believe both pairs would easily fit a childs foot shorter and wider than my own.
The poncho is in the works and it too is rectangles...again not the right size to donate to Warm Up America. I think these rectangles in my donated box of yarn were practice squares for someone learning. But, with a bit of creativity and added a bit here and there....they will still be useful and will be donated to charity. These rectangles are crocheted where the purples were knitted. Poncho is going to be about 12.5, my question is what age child is that the right size for??????
Though the pics make the purples look like they were all the same shade, they aren't, nor were they made using the stame stitch.
The blue baby hat, and the white and purple slippers were added to my donation to a womens shelter in Michigan, Caring House and donated through the group Crafters in The Attic.
The purple wormie hat, and 2nd pair of purple booties were just finished last night. Unsure which group those will go to. Likewise the poncho when it's complete.
**Worked a bit on my shawl or dark green and ice blue last night as well. It's a chipping away.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What goes where, and next??

The two tone pink scarf is knitted, warm and fuzzy.
The purple basket weave scarf is also knitted, has a bit of a scalloped edge to it.
The Blue Bunting is knitted corner to corner with crocheted ties.
The blue, white and varigated blue baby ghan is crocheted using dc and v stitches.

I had planned to send the bunting to one of my charities, but a co-worker saw it and really liked it for a shower gift. I sorta wish I had said no; but you know sometimes you don't think quickly. I made it with left over yarn so only charged her a few dollars, probably didn't even cover the cost of the yarn now that I think about it. Silly of me really.

The other items....need to review my list and see where things are most suited. But, think the ghan is probably going to a Marine or Navy Base for a newborn who's daddy is deployed.

Been making lots of newborn hats, not yet photographed; and lots of squares (the group they were suppose to be for seems to have disappeared...hum).

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day

**Found where to send the blue and white ghan, it's heading for Marine Kids along with these 4 hats that I now have a picture of

and the 10 squares on their way to PatrioticAfghans