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Friday, May 30, 2008

SQUARE it...............

SQUARES....are not sooooooooooo square. Working my way through more odds and ends. The yellow hat is made from 3 yellow granny squares, I actually had yellow yarn that match and now Stella....my model in need of a face lift, is lovin her new hat (hope when the time comes she willingly gives it back to me. lol).

The multi-colored hat, I call Crayon Hat, looks like a box of crayons, you know the old fashion box when we had and were happy with just 8 crayons! I've stitched it together with dark green, added band, and ball/tassel.

I think both of this hats should fit a child/teenager. I can almost wear them...I have a punny little head, not an adult size at all.

The vest........yep, more granny squares 2. Really didn't feel I'll could blend these squares, the 2 in the vest, the 3 yellows and the 3 crayon colored squares to make anything collectively. I had tan that matched the tan in the inside of the rust granny, so edge the squares, stitched them together, more trim for arm holes--neck hold, and a few rows for the shoulders. Vest! This should fit newborn to 3 months, or even a preemie for a longer period of time. The onsey I'm using beneath it to help me determine size.

These items along with slippers, the wormie hat pictured in previous post, couple of pair of baby botties, and a poncho (the one you see in it's beginning stages in previous post), are all going to Michigan, to Caring House; for Battered Women. Started loaded the box. Still have a little space so will try to get a few other items added in before mailing it off on Monday.

WIP??? Bright blocks afghan (hoping to finish in the next day or so), multi-colored ghan (slow start), Drk Green and Icy Blue shawl (1/10th).

QUESTION?? How do people post WIP here on blogger with the slide rule thingy from Ravelry showing how far along they are on the project?

**Started this post yesterday, and have made 2 additional pair of slippers (not yet photographed), and hope to make maybe another pair or hat today to add to above box.


  1. How cool! You are soooo talented! I love your creations!
    And thanks for your wonderful comments I really enjoy and appreciate them!
    I think I forgot to answer the question you had a couple of weeks ago - yes, my husband is Ojibwe.

  2. I hope this isn't a duplicate post, as I hit a glitch when I submitted before.

    I think you have a great blog, full of beautifully made handmade items. :-)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! :-)

  3. You are so clever finding ways to use granny squares other than blankets :)

    To answer your question about my sons plans now that graduation is over: He is so happy for a break. He's been working so hard. For the summer he's still at school working as a research assistant. He'll continue with this work (will tie into his master's thesis) through next year and should have his master's degree in a years time.

    Hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend :)

  4. I am loving the crayon hat! That is cool. I also have little head... Maybe we should share hats!!! Loving the crayon hat, keep up the good job girl!

  5. Hey Sandy! I love anything in granny squares! The stuff you are making is really nice.

    I did hear about Kim and Sean, that is wonderful news indeed. I'm sad that Kim and I don't communicate as much as we used to, but I know she is very busy and has a lot of responsibilities. I'm glad I get all the really big news still! Though I do still crave details.

    Oh there is so much going on here that I'd have to write a book to really give you all the information but here's just a couple of things that are going on in my little world: Pearl is now 5 months old, she is my little ray of light, and so lovely. Tony and I are planning to finally preparing to move into a really nice storefront property so we can have a better space for our school. We're excited about that and we have a total of 8 students now, and some new students coming next semester. The school year is almost up here (July 12) and then my mom and dad will be here and it will be party time! I'm so excited about them coming.

    How's your family doing these days? Anything to report about your little trip? Talk to you soon. Love, Leandra

  6. I really love what you are doing with all those squares. You are really giving me ideas!


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