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Friday, June 24, 2022

Knitted Snail Hallow Shawl, The Hearings, TV Watching, Simon Kenton, Davy Crocket and ...


Moving on into section 2 with the colorworks area. of Snail Hallow Shawl.  No clue why that's the name of the pattern.  You continue to work increases, every few rows.  The blues and purples are so close I'm finding the color work hard on the eyes, and a bit difficult.  I've done color work before, but with heavier yarn and brighter colors.  So, I'm using one of those lights you were around your neck; (Thank you Sandie P) which seems to be helping.  Still though, can't work on this for very long at a time.

A close up of the color works area..  The shawl my daughter is working on from our gifted kits from Craftys has more contrast in her colors; though we both think it's odd that the kit chose variegated yarn which makes it look like your color blocks are a bit off, rather rather than 2 distinctive colors.

A bit of an example.  This is the start of an afghan I made 4-5 ish years ago using lots of color work.  Some sections are 2 colors, some are 3.  Some areas are lots of texture.   Was using up left overs here, thus the huge variety of color; but...see what I mean about how much more the color work shows up with solid colors that aren't close in color?  Yes, that's my broken foot in the picture.  Couldn't get it out of the way I guess when I snapped the photo.  Was non wearing bearing for awhile and used a walker, then was able to walk around in my boot.  No clue where this was in the long multiple month process.

Yes the exercise continues...some days, lol.  We'll see how things are when I count up my month end jazz.  I feel like it's been lighter, due to weather and travel and yard work; but we'll see.

I watch different TV shows when hubby's not around.  I think he would call this a "chick flick".  This movie is from 2004, though I don't ever remember seeing it advertised nor hearing anyone talking about it.  It's on Amazon Prime, and might be on Netflix as well.  I enjoyed it while sipping wine.  I've always liked Christine Lahti, though she's not in that many movies/shows.  Bryan Brown (who you might remember from Cocktail with Tom Cruise) is always a favorite and adds to anything he's in.  Abby Brammell (who I only knew from years later when she was in The Unit), is also in the movie.  The title is a bit misleading.....until it isn't.  

Shocked?  A book that's not about World War II, but it is historical.  Very historical!! The Frontiersmen by Allan W. Eckert is absolutely fascinating, all 31 hours of the audio book.  Living in Ohio, who's family hailed from Chillicothe, the stronghold of once impressive Shawnee Village it took on special meaning for me.  There are many places in Ohio and Kentucky where this book travels that I've been to.  As a child Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket were my hero's.  I had a coon skin cap, though as an adult learned that my hero Davy Crocket did not wear one in real life, only in the movies and on tv.  Davy is in the book as well as Simon Kenton.  Simon is the main character and while I knew he was the famous Indian Fighter and from Ohio, which I learned in 7th grade Ohio History ( a favorite class and teacher); I learned much more from this book.  I've been to the outdoor theater Tecumseh and Blue Jacket.  They both loom large in this book as well.  Put this on your list folks.

I've not worked on either of the asymmetrical scarves, as I'm currently focused on The Snail Hallow Shawl, and watching and listening to The Hearings.  January 6th and all that lead up to that.. is .such a dark period in the history of our country and it's democracy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Knitting Galore and So Much More, 50 Years Ago!!


A  new project!  I've mentioned before that I sometimes have start itis, as I know many knitters and crocheters do.  This is very light sock yarn.  The blue is variegated slightly with shades of blue and purple.  Using a size 3 needle, this will take some time.  Currently there are 66 stitches on the needles.  When I reach 74 stitches I move into phase 2 of the pattern for this shawl which will be color work using the purple and the blue.  The Shawl pattern and yarn were a kit from Crafsty using Superwash Merino Sock Cloudborn fibers.  The pattern is called Snail Hollow Shawl.  My daughter and I are each doing this gifted shawl in different colors.  Linking up with GIFTED GORGEOUSNESS

Work Continues on both the asymmetrical scarves.  The 3 colored scarf currently has 94 stitches on it, and the variegated scarf has 98 stitches.  I'm using worsted weight and size 8 needle for the 3 colored scarf; and size 4 for the variegated scarf.  A fun comparison of the same pattern with different weight yarn, I think.

WOW!  So much to say about this book by Iris  Chang.  Yes this is another World War II book, but about a subject rarely known or discussed.  The horrible Holocaust by The Japanese Imperial Army against The Chinese people, male, female...adult and children alike.  The cruelty, in my opinion is worse than that of the Nazi's that is so much more widely known.  Most people today would say Japanese are quiet, polite people steeped in tradition...but, it's hard for me going forward to consider them that way.  They massacred Prisoners of War (150,000 males), and an additional 50,000 Civilians (males), and raped at least 20,000 women of all ages including children.  They mutilated and killed many of the females they raped.   Though many Nazi's were imprisoned and held accountable for their heinous acts; The Japanese have never been accountable or admitted wrong doing.  This book was a real eye opener for me, as this just wasn't something I knew.

And because we need to smile after reading and discussing the above book, I'm sharing a few more of my fun cocktail napkins.

Hope you're all doing well with this massive heat wave.  Exercise continues, with a week off for a Mother Daughter Trip.

Sharing a picture from 50 years ago, tomorrow.  I was so young then.  My Mother made my dress and we got married outside in the Park of Roses.

And here's hubby, back in the dayWe had a small wedding and he wore a suit.  

Here we are celebrating our anniversary at the same park, many years later.  41 years later to be exact.

Friday, June 03, 2022

Work in Progress, Month End Exercise Up and Down


Two asymmetrical scarves on the needles.  The smallest one is sock yarn and small needles so it goes much slower, and remains smaller despite it being started first.  The 2nd scarf is worsted weight yarn and larger needles and as you can see is much larger even though I've not worked as much on it.  The two have almost the same number of stitches on the needle, only about 15 more stitches on the larger one (the tri-color) scarf.  This is the same pattern, so it's fun to see how different they look.  Not the best background to see the colors, will photograph on a plain background next time.


Well another month has come and gone.  I have some improvements and some backslides:

PLANKS, backslide, went from 9 x in April to only 6 x in May (was surprised to see that when I checked my calendar)  Boo me

YOGA  Improved from 8 x to 11 (yeah me)

WALKS Status quo sorta?  I walked 12 x in May which is the same number as April....but, my miles are down booo.  Dropped from 128.34 miles to 119.62 miles.

I did do some circuit work outs, only twice which was new.  I'm doing lots of yard work, which is probably why my miles are lower.  When working in the yard, I'm not going for walks.  But, the yard work is hard work.

I was out of town a week during the month, and will be out of town a week in June as well, so not sure if that helps or hurts with regard to exercise.

Loved this book by Janet Skeslien Charles.  This book is based on a true story about The American Library in Paris, and how it was a beacon of Hope during the dark days of The War.  What do Odile Souchet in Paris in 1939 and Lily in Montana in  1983 have in common?  Quite an interesting mystery.  Consequences of ones personal choices can alter whom you become.    Add this to your list of books to read folks.  You learn about World War II, and how even a library can join the resistance.  

I have tried to identify this bush growing in my back yard.  Using Google search it seems to be Ligustrum obtusifolium (Border Privet), which originally comes from Japan, China, and or Korea.  It's also called Amur Privet, but....this bush smells heavenly, which doesn't match the description.  The description says it smells bad, and has berries.  This bush doesn't get berries and smells wonderful.  Additionally it says it's quite invasive.  This bush was here when we moved into the house close to 40 years ago and has NOT spread, therefore not invasive.  Several friends have indicated this is indeed a Border Privet, while others have said it's a Honeysuckle.  It doesn't look like pictures of a Honeysuckle.  Someone suggested it could be a White Potted Jasmine.  Well Jasmine smell nice, but all the info I found related to those plants aren't bushes.  Perhaps it's a Star Jasmine- Trachelospermum?  But, it seems they are often vines?  I'm at a loss.  Anyone out there know what this is.  I would love to plant another one.  Easy care and I love the aroma.  It fills the yard for several weeks; but is about done now.