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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What I'm Doing on my Summer Vacation

No, I haven't mastered this.  I can almost do this on one side, but not with the heel down.  The other side fell right on my keister.  Now I've tried to do it when not moving from another position to this for practice....um no, I still can't do it.  I am though enjoying learning some yoga.  My primary problem is I need things to go slow so I can see what they're doing and some move pretty quickly from one move to another.  This is a video from my gym.  I'm going to try it a few more times to see if I can improve.  I'm also doing something called Boom Mind from Silver Sneakers which is a combination of yoga and pilates.  That particular one is standing only, which I like and focuses a lot on balance..........boy do I need that.  So if someone asked me what positive thing did I do during the Covid times, working on yoga would be the answer.

Politically, I found this hopeful and hope lots of other folks did as well.  The police violence is something I find very very troubling.  I hope this time will be different.  I hope this time something beyond empty promises can take place.

This seems to explain how stupid a recent comment from the orange  one was.  In my opinion, getting rid of him in November is the single most important thing we can do  for our country.

I love fun cocktail napkins.  Recently ordered quite a few from Amazon, since I'm still not going to any stores.  I am still ordering my groceries on line and having them delivered, and or picking them up curbside.  I've not been knitting or crocheting, spending more time on yoga (see above), and walking.  Been averaging about 15K a day in steps.  Trying really hard to up my physical activity.  

Hope you're all staying safe, washing your hands, wearing your masks and continuing to social distance.  I've seen way too many pictures of people partying, acting like nothing is wrong...AND with states numbers rising, particularly in the South, that's a big concern.