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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Yarn Bowl, Celebrate the Small Things

 My attempt at being artsy, lol  I know, I'm really no good at it with regard to photo's, but just the same you can see my pretty red purple Petunia's.  In the evenings they smell so nice.  Beside it is a yarn bowl, my first ever.  Hard to see perhaps, but there's a project inside it, click to see
Or scroll here.  Love this yarn, It's Mochi Plus Crystal Palace and makes such nice soft scarves.
You can see holes in the yarn bowl for the needles, and here's the slot for your yarn to come out.  The bowl is hand made, nice heavy pottery that will stay put and your yarn rolls around neatly inside, helps you not get tangled and helps with your tension.

Purchased this recent in Yellow Springs, Ohio a cool funky artsy town I highly recommend.  It was a girls outing.  weblink here
Artist Dave & Keiko Hergesheimer email is davidhclay@gmail.com

So, as part of my Friday, Celebrate the small Things.  I'm celebrating obtaining my bowl, and celebrating out fun girls outing!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things!

  • Celebrating fun yarn delivery...the purple,black and green are lightweight bamboo (meant to be a shawl, though reading the pattern has me scratching my head)
  • Celebrating the fact I FINALLY got started with stitching this together (been on my to do list too long).  I blogged about how this came to be ...HERE

  • I'm celebrating that I've got my step goal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week.  So far everyday this week except Wednesday where I got a little over 6,000 steps of my 10K goal.  Looks like rain again today, so getting them today could be a challenge.  Might be inside walking in between knitting and blogging
What are you celebrating today for Celebrate the Small Things?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Let's Celebrate

Oh dear, meant to write and schedule the post ahead and only managed to get the linky and the badge posted ahead and it posted anyway.  Sipping my first cup...so let the celebrating begin.

  • I'm celebrating because it's Friday and I don't have work next week, so am planning on getting lots of steps in (anyone reader use fitbit?)  Hoping to finish an afghan I've been working on and donate it to Bridge and Beyond.
  • I'm celebrating because this is my first Friday joining this linky/meme Celebrate the small things, and am looking forward to it.  I think we hear and read so many negative things it will be good to read positive nice things.
  • I'm celebrating that it's a long week-end and hubby will have some extra time off work, even though I know that's not purpose of the week-end, it's real purpose is to honor those who've served and paid the full price for our country.
  • I'm celebrating because I opened 2 nice boxes of donations yesterday for Bridge and Beyond, and it always makes me feel good to know people care.   It re-affirms my belief that there is more good in the world than our nightly news conveys.
  • I had a nice phone conversation a few days ago with my DD, since we don't get to see each other often, living close to 500 miles apart, having a nice phone call from her is worth celebrating.

Here's the afghan I'm hoping to celebrate being done soon due to extra time.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Frogging a Work in Progress or Not?

Started this project a month or so ago as part of another class on Crafty's on Colorworks.  A scarf, each section a different technique.  All the yarns I selected blend..or at least they looked like they did lining up the skeins.  But, I'm not sure now.  The idea was to have the orange throughout and pair it with a different color (primarily blues) in each section.  I'm also not sure I've selected the same weight of yarns...as some in my stash are without labels.  They looked and felt the same in the skeins and balls, but working with them, I'm really not sure.  I can feel WW ...these aren't.  They might be DK, but different brands sometimes vary.

To frog or to continue, that is the question.  I've laid it aside, for several weeks trying to decide.  The first section is blue, not gray, but it looks gray in the picture.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?  What do you think?  I am learning new stitches and techniques, might consider not making the full scarf, make it a cowl?


Meanwhile, it's time to put on my walking shoes and get some steps in, have fallen behind a bit there.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Fitbit

 Still trying to walk most days, though am not always successful.  The goal is hit 10,000 steps (5miles) a day.  Recently I switched from The One (fitbit) to The Flex (fitbit).  The One clips on a pocket (I often don't have a pocket so clipped it on my bra), but he clip broke.  The sleep band for it also was ripping and not staying sealed well at night, making it not very reliable to monitor my sleep and or to wake me up.  Rather than buy 2 new pieces for the old unit, I opted for the bracelet thing you see everyone wearing.....The Flex.  I had a plain black band but decided I needed to jazz it up a bit and order the pack of 3 above.  Stripes, polka dots, and checkered...all a bit dressier.
 I also ordered this fun pack of 10 solid colors.........will be nice to have things sorta go with my outfit, makes it look more like a bracelet?
 Happy Belated Mothers Day to all.  Took some time and looked through some pictures of my Mom the other day, since she's no longer with us, Mothers Day is a bit different.  Though I really enjoyed hearing from my DD.  We chatted about an up coming trip where we'll get to spend some quality time together.    Lots of balls of yarn.  I had a bit of a mess, partially used skeins, some twisted and tangled and decided I really needed to do something about it.  Sooooooooooo
thank you Hubby...purchased a ball winder.  Soooooooo much nicer then rolling balls all by hand.  AND with the cakes (believe that's the correct term), you have the option of an inside pull and or outside edge with each cake.  The ball winder also doesn't wind too tightly (which I tend to do), far nicer for good yarn.  So I untangled and wound and now have manageable sized cakes/balls to work with.  These are some of the colors I'm using with this project.
Calling this ghan, Learning Logs.  With using multiple pieces of yarn at a time, the tangling was really getting to be a problem.  Having the smaller, nicely wound cakes/balls should improve the process.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Springtime Changes

 I've never gotten the hang of doing selfies, but this is best try so far.  My new shorter ...by alot hair and maybe you can see it's streaked........theory is that will make the gray show up less?
I've never had anything but corals and reds/burgundy's on my nails.  AND I only get nails done is spring and summer, part way into fall...sometimes; this is to show not only is it FINALLY Spring, but I'm stepping out of my box.  Found the darker purple first, but then when they asked me to pick the gel color I spotted the lighter one and decided...what the heck.......also something I've never done.  I always match.  You might think I'm going through a midlife crisis, but I'm well beyond midlife, lol.

**Question?  I went to a different shop, when they removed the gel polish from my nails (which I got recently out of town), they did not soak cotton with acetate apply to my nails and cover with foil...the had me soak my fingers in a bowl of acetate.  It didn't seem as effective, smelled alot more, and after awhile my fingers were burning a bit, so I removed them while waiting on someone to come finish the job.  Have you ever had it done that way?  I thought acetate was hard on your skin?  Which is why I thought they did the foil and cotton.........or is it just more effective the other way, covered and all?

This represents part of the reason I've not been here much lately.
A=Afghans, Family Heirlooms
B= Bridge and Beyond, Behind the Scenes
C=What is Crochet
E=Exposure Kills Homeless Vet
F= Crying and Homeless and Freezing Temperature
G= Gubbio, A Homeless Project, St. Boniface Church
H=Hobo and Homelessness
I= Inspiration
J= What is Joy
L=Knitting Looms
M=Mittens, Knitted, Crocheted or Loomed
N=Caring for the Needy
O=Jack Otis, Classmate, Homeless
P=Policing the Homeless
Q=Quilting Can Warm Those in Need
R=Helping Homeless with Rain Poncho's and Recycling
S=Shelter Living and the Homeless
T=Tent Cities for Homeless
U=Living Under the Underpasses
V=Homeless Veterans, Rest in Peace
W=Water in Doorways, Sprays Homeless
Y=Yarn Helps Homeless
Z=Find Zen

These are the A-Z challenge (always held in April) posts I wrote for Bridge and Beyond.  Love to have you check them out.  I learned more myself about homelessness, and I thought I knew more then the average bear.

Hope to catch up with you all, see what you've been doing.  I have continued to knit, crochet and walk...updates on that next post.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bangers and Mash

Sorry for the strange angle here in this picture, was in a hurry to eat!  Actually this is hubby's picture, as I don't drink beer anymore...allergic to it I guess.  It makes me sneeze.  My plate had a glass of wine beside it.  Apple sauce, fresh green beans, and bangers and mash.  I didn't really know what Bangers and Mash were, or how to fix them.  He purchased the Bangers at Cosco.  I asked a few Irish and English friends on facebook how to cook them, and did some google searches before finding the recipe on their website.  I didn't use their recipe, but will probably try it next time with the current jelly...sounds good.

The recipe I used:
Browned the Bangers in a skillet in olive oil somewhere around 5 minutes a side (hard to get all sides brown, mostly it's just 2 sides because the curl of a sausage).  Placed them in the oven on warm.
Made Mash Potatoes (something I NEVER make) it said to add dry mustard which I didn't have so added some ground ginger instead for a little kick.  I'm not one to measure when cooking, just added what seemed right in terms of milk, and butter.  The recipe said 1/4 cup of butter and milk and 2 TBLS of the mustard, 1 tsp of salt and pepper.
Brown 2 large red onions in 1 TBLS butter, I used 1 huge red onion, and sprinkled in olive oil instead of butter.  Says to cook them about 8 minutes...I didn't time them, just cooked them until they looked right to me then added a can of beef broth (recipe called for 6 cups, I didn't have that much...but I was also cooking for 2 instead of 4 so it was fine.  2 cups of red wine.......I added more to offset the shortage of beef broth a bit, and I tossed in a little chicken stock I had in the fridge (maybe 1/4 cup).  Let it cook to half the volume it said.  I cooked it down a bit more, as I wanted it a little thicker.

When my potatoes where done, I added them to the oven as well, though that's not what the recipe said to do.  They assume you fix the potatoes and sit down to eat.  I had everthing at ready, had turned off the onion gravy and then when hubby came home, turned the gravy back on very low while we had cocktails.........then served it.

It was hit.  The sausage..Bangers is a much lighter texture then say Polish Sausage or Bratwurst.  When he brought the Bangers home, I thought they were an Irish meal, but turns out it's more of an English meal.

Thanks Kim, Heather, and Christine for the imput.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hummingbird Stain Glass

 Sharing a reminder of Spring, even as the snow is flying outside my window.  Took this picture the other day, when there was some light outside, though when and if we get a sunny day this cute little hummingbird's colors will be even prettier.
Hung it backwards in the first picture then realized it was the wrong side...dah!  This was gifted to me by a fellow Find A Grave Friend, Brian.  He does truly beautiful work.  Many thanks Brian, it brightens the gloom that is the normal winter day here in central Ohio.

Have continued to work on the ghans in the previous post (just scroll back for the pictures), and am itching to start a new project....some yarn is calling my name

Hope you're all safe and warm indoors, as the last several days have been brutally cold.  I think about those living out in the elements without a roof over their heads and hope they somehow are protected from the elements.  Am so grateful for all those who've sent donations in lately for Bridge and Beyond  and am working at catching up on writing and scheduling the blog posts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where has the time Gone?

Well it maybe a bit late for this New Years Follow up (see my last post), but I had this cute graphic and still wanted to share with you all.  How perfect is this yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks and a Martini Glass!  In my last post I talked about getting back on the wagon with walking more, recording my food again, and being a virtual walking buddy to anyone wanting or needing friendship and encouragement.  I have walked more (being out of town 2 different times in warmer weather helps), I only managed to record my food for a couple of days and fell back off the wagon, and no one contacted me here to connect on facebook and or fitbit.  I've added lots of new friends through friend requests on fitbit and will be following up with Karen and Barbara who left comments on my previous post.

This is most recently completed work in progress.  I love the color green and enjoyed working with this yarn, Uptown DK, but did have some issues with getting this finished, thanks to the hungry vacuum, posted story HERE   The shawl was for a friend of my Daughter's who's going through chemo.

Recently started this shawl/scarf.  I say either or, as it might not be large enough for a shawl?  We'll see when completed.  The pattern calls it a shawl.  I started this long ago and frogged it.  The handspun just wasn't showing up very well in the original pattern, and it's better here .......though still not great.  Plus the color is off a bit, it's really more gold then the picture shows.  Strange how that happens sometimes.

Started this knitted stripped ghan for Bridge and Beyond, but had to frog about half of what you see here in the picture.  Kept having issues........pathetic since it's just garter stitch, but somehow my fingers and brain weren't playing nice together....typically in the evening after a Martini....hum...So, haven't taken an updated photo, but it's currently about twice this large with the colors stripes slightly different.  I do like the color combination.

 Another case of colors not being right.  This ghan is called Pink Persuasion.  It's not this pink, nor is it as muted as the picture belong.  The real color is somewhere in between.  These pictures were taken 2 different times, no doubt lighting different, and I actually think it was 2 different cameras.  The picture below is when I first designed it from donated squares, named it and added it to my collection to work on later.  The current picture shows 2 rows edged and assembled, how much the edging and joining is increasing the size and is actually the back side of the ghan.  Apparently when viewing the picture to know the color design on my ipad...the picture got flipped several times, so now to get things correctly laid down and connected, I'm looking at the back side, lol

Both ghans, and the shawl/scarf were projects I took on the road during January and February when hubby and I traveled to Hilton Head, SC.  Love going there in the winter.  No worries about a sunburn, but you also don't have to shovel snow.

 This is a perpetual calendar, a gift from my Darling Daughter at Christmas.  I've set up the first quarter of the year with dates and cards and dividers.
I began using it on January 1.  The idea is to use it to record a short sentence or two each day, about what you doing, feeling, what you're grateful for, anything really.  A calendar with more of a diary twist.  Each card is a day and once you complete the year, you start over using the same cards.  I was really enjoying using this...this was going to be my 2nd post of the year, the day after my New Years Post.....well, as you can see that didn't happen.  I've been gone 3 wks and had intended to actually make notes while away to fill in on my return.........that didn't happen either, so now my debate is pick up anew, or try to go back and fill in?  It's hard to know what thoughts you were actually having on any given day, so think I'll record where I was to remember 2 or 3 years from now why I didn't have anything, and start anew.

That brings me sorta up to date.  While away I did yoga for the very first time and enjoyed it.  A beginners class at the resort where we stayed.  I don't remember it all, and wonder if doing just a few things still is good...or if doing things in a particular order is part of the benefit?  Anyone know?  I also used exercise equipment for the very first time.  A couple of days were  too windy and wet to walk outside so I did some walking on the treadmill, road the stationary bike, and used an elliptical.  I also enjoyed that and wished I had a reasonable or predictable schedule enough to perhaps get a gym membership..........or maybe buy some equipment for here at the house.

Hoping to get back into blogging more in 2015, and hope you all are doing well.  Tell me what you've been doing.