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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Knitting, Watching, Exercising, and Audio Books!


A new project, a scarf.  I needed a project with thicker yarn easier to see and no pattern to follow for a recent plane ride to keep me occupied.  So, I started this.  This is 100% superwash 218 yards per skein/cake and I have 2 cakes/skeins.  This color combination will work I think for a male or female.  If I don't have enough yarn for a decent sized scarf, it will be a mobius or cowl.  The yarn is very soft and nice work with.  Remember you can always click on the pictures to see them better.  The colors look a bit washed out to me in this photo.  I miss my photo software that I had before I switched to windows 11 and now I just have an app.  Not sure if I have other options...does anyone know?

I've worked a couple of hours on this since the last picture, though it may not look much different.  I was on a zoom call and could work on this during the call without paying a ton of attention to the scarf/shawl.  It's currently 106 stitches on the needles.  You increase only 1 stitch every other row; so it takes awhile...but it's farther along than it was.

Lots of headway with Snail Hollow Shawl.  Section 1 is the large blue section on the right, section 2 is the large color works section that I thought was going to make me blind, section 3 is the blue section following the color works section, section 4 is the small colorworks section, and section 5 (where I'm currently working) is another blue section.  This will be followed by section 6 which will be purple, then there are large edging sections to do where you pick up stitches.

A close up of the last couple of sections.  I like the small colorworks section with blue on each side better than the large colorworks section.  I think the colorworks actually shows up better than the larger section.

LOVED this award winning book by Kristin Hannah.  The book is another WWII book, shocking I know, lol.  It's a historical fiction about 2 sisters who are as different as night and day, but both struggling to survive in German occupied France.  They take different paths to survive.  There are many stories within from resistence, to love, to abuse both physical and emotional, and the stories of two SS officers, Wolfgang Beck and Von Richter who were billeted in the home of one of sisters.  And it to your list folks.

The Greatest, a movie from 2009 with Pierce Bronson and Susan Sarandon available on Prime is another one of the movies I watched while hubby was recently awat on a business trip.  A very different type of roll for both these leading actors and actresses.  Sad in parts, frustrating is parts, and uplifting too.  Not a favorite of the movies I watched, but still good.

Believe I've done well with walking and planks, but not yoga to date during this month of July.  I wasn't able to pack my yoga mat for my lastest travels.  Soooo, we'll see how the month shapes out. 

Saturday, July 09, 2022

Day by Day, Progress is Slow


Making headway with the Snail Hallow Shawl.  The colorworks section is 9 repeats and I'm part way through the 4th repeat.  Bad lightening when I took this picture, which is also why it's slow going.  We've had rain, making the house darker, which makes working on this harder, even with my special neck light.

Close up of the color works section that continues to get wider as there are several increase rows within the 12 row repeat.  

Another of the moves I watched on Amazon Prime while hubby was away on a business trip.  I've always liked Pierce Bronson and Emma Thompson and this movie is just plain fun.  They're divorced and get involved in a scheme to retrieve their hard earned retirement money.  The film was filmed on location in Versailles, Frances and came out in 2013.  I always thought he made a very good James Bond, so seeing him in a comedy was a bit different.

Yes here's another World War II book about incredible things women did that until lately no one knew about.  This is a true story that takes place in the Jewish Ghetto's of Poland.  A cadre of Jewish Women (some only in their teens), transform Jewish Youth Groups into resistance cells to fight The Nazis.  The book is a New York Times Best Seller, received The Natwional Jewish Book Award,, The NPR Best Book, and The Canadian Literary Book AWard.  All the awards were in 2021.

Still working on exercises.  Plan to double my efforts in July.  So, wish me luck.

No headway on either of the asymmetrical scarves, but hope to as time goes on.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Knitting, Audio Books, Movies, Exercising, and The Supreme Court


Making headway with the worsted weight asymmetrical scarf.  Trying to decide on size.  I'd like to start and end with the same color (purple), which is where I currently am; but it doesn't seem quite large enough...but I think doing 3 more sections of jade, gray, purple will be large.  Soooooo, do I make this purple section wide and call it?  Do I make the next round smaller sections than I have been doing?  Would love some input folks.  Worked on this while listening to the hearing the other day.  I've watched almost all of them, but this latest one with Cassidy Hutchinson.  WOW!!  I really couldn't work on something that required much attention.

Haven't  worked on the variegated sock yarn asymmetrical scarf using the same pattern as above, so no no headway there.  Have continued to work on the Snail Hallow Shawl, but it doesn't really look any different, so didn't bother with another picture.
Two stars that I really enjoy.  Had not heard of this movie from , but then as I have mentioned before, hubby and I don't go to the movies.  And rarely know what's out; but often I hear people talking about a movie they've seen.  This is directed by Rob Reiner, so you know it's funny.  In my previous post, I said I tend to watch different shows when hubby's not around; though I don't think he would have called this a "chick flick".  I stumbled onto it while he was out of town on business.  Care to watch the trailer....Click Here.

Facing The Mountain by Daniel James Brown is a true story of Rudy Tokiwa, Fred Shiosaki, Kats Miho, and Gordon Hirabayashi and their families.  The families were in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor, while 3 of their sons fought bravely in The War.  The 4th gentlemen fought in the courts.  This is an award wining book.  A New York Times best seller, a NPR's "books we love in 2021, and Christopher AWard, among other awards.  Put it on your list folks.

Up's and downs.  I did better this month (June) with planks.  Doubled since May was 6 and June was 12.  Yeah!
Yoga...boo me, May was 11 x June only 6.
Walking...actually going for a walk was 7 x in June vs 12 in May, and mileage down from 119.62 to 103.07.  
**Still mowing and doing lots of yard work, so there's that.  Need still to get this recorded on my Exercise tab.
Expressing my disgust with the Supreme Court.  3 of those judges absolutely lied under oath with their hands on The Bible.  I feel like woman have been set back 50 years and fear more is to come.