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Saturday, April 23, 2022

TA DAH, Another Finished Project


Corner to Corner colorful blanket done.  I  laid it out and debated about an edge.  To edge or not.  Changed my mind several times, but ended up deciding to add an edge.

Decided on the bright blue and did 3 rows of single crochet.  Here it is after being laundered, as it's laid out to dry/blocked.  I think adding the edge gives it a bit more of a finished look, as does laundering it.  This will be gifted to my great niece, as she's recently had a baby.  A boy, I think the bold stripes will work well for that vs traditional light blue.

This is Pam Jenoff, author of many award winning books, and best sellers.  She's had eleven best sellers.  As I was adding my most recent finished book, "The Lost Girls of Paris" to my Goodreads Bookshelf, I noticed how many of her books I had read/listened to.  I knew I had read a couple but was surprised to see how many.  Which prompted me to look her up.  She writes Historical Fiction and Love Stories.  I've not read any of her Love Stories.  I found her background interesting.  She has a degree in International Affairs from George Washington Unv. and a History degree from Cambridge, and her JD from UPenn.  She worked as a diplomat for the state department handling Holocaust issues in Poland.  She currently teaches law at Rutgers.  All the books of hers I've read to date are about WWII and the struggles of families in the ghetto's, as well as those arrested and sent to camps and more.  It certainly makes since given her background.  And, now that I've read about her, it gives her books more credibility.  

I highly recommend yet another WWII book.  This one has a bit of a twist to it.  A mystery unfolds as you connect the war years and what follows.  Questions arise about how governments use people.  Another story about how much Women gave to the War effort and how little their stories were known until recent years.  It's past time for Women to be given the credit and notoriety they deserve.
Me hiking in Colorado a few years ago.  I've added my March exercise stats to the exercise tab.  Sadly my mileage for the month is down a bit to 104.61 miles.  But, I'm happy to say I did better with my planks and my yoga. in terms of how many days I did them.  My best day mileage wise  was 5 miles and I averaged 3.37 per day in March.  Hopefully I'll do better with planks, yoga, and miles in April.  Though the end of the month is fast approaching and while I was out of town on a Girls Trip, I didn't do as well as I should have, so we'll see how the stats turn out.

WIP (work in progress), the light blue corner to corner blanket, the yummy asymmetrical scarf pictured in the last post, and a brown afghan that's been tucked away for a LONG time.
Seriously, I last worked on this brown afghan in February of 2021.  I tucked it aside to work on projects that were date sensitive and totally forgot about it.  I'm very close to finishing it.  So, trying to push myself to work on it.  I rarely make something in one color, but this does have some texture to it for interest.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Knitting, Chocolate Martini's, Easter and What Are You Reading?


My newest project, scarf/shawl was casted on in the car on the way home from Hilton Head 2 days ago, on Friday.  The first 3 ish hours of knitting was all frogged.  I had planned to do a basic rectangle scarf/shawl; but the pretty colors weren't showing up with the longer rows.  So, on day 2 in the car on the return trip after frogging, I started anew.  This will be another asymmetrical scarf/shawl.  You see the colors so much better.  I have 51 stitches on the needles.  This yarn is soooooooooo soft, 460 yards of superwash Merino, hand dyed.  It's called Ode to Crescendo Copper Corgi from a Savannah, Georgia studio.  A bit pricey at $45.00 (a little more than I often pay).

Before it was rolled.  Thought you could see the beautiful colors here a bit better than the ball.

Buckeye scarf is completed and already gifted along with it's beautiful hand made scarf pin.......but, I forgot to take a picture before I gifted both the scarf and pin.  This picture was taken long before it was completed.

OMG!  Where to begin.  This book is frightening, maddening, and then some.  It is a true story of corporate greed, and corporate lies; as well as the age old workplace horror of women simply not counting.  Women worked in a watch factory, painting clock dials and watches with radium.  They were called "Ghost Girls", because they literally glowed from the exposure.  They got sick and they died, one after another and the company continued to lie about the danger.  Meanwhile the men who worked in the same factory wore protective lead aprons and none of them had been instructed to put it in the mouths and actually consume the dangerous poisons.  I first read (listened) to the book, then watched the movie that was came out in 2018.  The book is far more detailed than the film, and you learn far more about their lives and deaths and the cover ups than you do with the movie.  A MUST READ/LISTEN.  

Did a fair amount of walking during my two weeks in Hilton Head, but only managed a wee bit of yoga, so am behind again with yoga and planks.  Just got back in town last night, and restarted today...by doing my planks.  The process is on going.

While in Hilton Head with girl friends (for our annual girls trip), we perfected making Chocolate Martini's.  This became our desert. 

**Need to get back to the colorful corner to corner now that I'm back in town.  It didn't travel to Hilton Head with me, so has been resting on it's on here at home.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Knitting, Wine, and Yoga

 Making good headway with adding the turquoise, then tangerine, then royal blue, and now the lime green.  This was the progress as of a week ago.  This afghan is now at a standstill, as it's at home and I'm not.

Currently working on The Buckeye Scarf because its smaller and easier to work on in the car.  No new pictures.

Sharing this because I thought it was cool.  Hope my fellow knitters enjoy it; as well as my non knitters as an interesting piece of art work.

Two friends and I toasting 25 years cancer free.  One of my besties, Congrats!

A novel, a story of courage, betrayal and more.  Jewish families trying to maintain, to survive, to feed their families and never knowing whom to trust creates many layers of intrigue and suspense as well as heartbreak and warm moments.  Another book to add to your reading list folks.  I love audio books.  You can walk, knit, do household chores and listen to your books.

It's a balancing act folks.  Still trying to maintain activity with planks, walking, and yoga....but sometimes you need a glass of wine.