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Friday, March 14, 2008


Been awhile since I've updated my blog, so a few days ago I was able to update my charity goal tracker on the right....this direction

Missed work, had whatever the virus is going around. Managed to finish the squares and scarf I was working on; so need to take those off the in the works list, pictures still in the camera so will load later. Joined a new group today, Homespun Helpers. Looking forward to getting acquainted over there.

Sent a pillow to my daughter (forgot to take picture of it finished........errrrrrrr), but have a picture of it when it was on the needles. Turned out cute, fuzzy, funky and very soft.

The green shawl is knitted and it's keeping my daugher warm. Took the picture of it in a hotel room in Baltimore, thus the green on a green chair doesn't show up great. Sorry. I was finishing it in the car while we were traveling there. You know how the last minute stuff is. If you're a crafter you do.

Can someone take a look at the 2 questions I posted over on the right and see if they know the answers. Thanks
Peace all enjoy your weekend