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Friday, March 14, 2008


Been awhile since I've updated my blog, so a few days ago I was able to update my charity goal tracker on the right....this direction

Missed work, had whatever the virus is going around. Managed to finish the squares and scarf I was working on; so need to take those off the in the works list, pictures still in the camera so will load later. Joined a new group today, Homespun Helpers. Looking forward to getting acquainted over there.

Sent a pillow to my daughter (forgot to take picture of it finished........errrrrrrr), but have a picture of it when it was on the needles. Turned out cute, fuzzy, funky and very soft.

The green shawl is knitted and it's keeping my daugher warm. Took the picture of it in a hotel room in Baltimore, thus the green on a green chair doesn't show up great. Sorry. I was finishing it in the car while we were traveling there. You know how the last minute stuff is. If you're a crafter you do.

Can someone take a look at the 2 questions I posted over on the right and see if they know the answers. Thanks
Peace all enjoy your weekend


  1. Your work is amazing!!!

    I'm so glad you joined Homespun Helpers. I can't wait to see what else you come up with :):)

  2. Hey there,

    All you have to do to participate in Homespun Helpers is post your pictures at the blog and tell us what charity they are going to. I keep count for the group (I hope) :)

    The square contest is still going! Scroll down through blogspot to find the address :)

  3. I'm sorry I didn't comment when I visited the other day. I'm not always good about leaving comments, especially when the germs have been eating my brain this week.:) However, I think I have answers to the questions you left on my blog.

    As far as knowing if someone has left a comment on an older post, Blogger gives you several ways of monitoring comments (mostly to avoid spam). I don't know how everyone does it, but I have my blog set up to email me if someone leaves a comment on any post. I can choose to publish the comment or not, which has cut way back on the spam comments I was receiving. The catch is that Blogger doesn't include the commenter's email address, so often I don't have a way of responding directly to the commenter (unless I know his/her email address or Ravelry account name). This is frustrating for me, because I really value and appreciate every legitimate (as in nonspam) comment I get. Anyway, if you want to set your blog up this way, go to Settings and then Comments, and then scroll down to "Enable comment moderation". Check the yes box and fill in your email address in the box.

    As far as group links go, the list I have on my blog is my Bloglines subscription list, which is why it goes directly to those blogs. I actually had to add HTML code from Bloglines in my layout to get that list to appear.

    On a group blog like Homespun Helpers, if you have Blogger just list the contributors for you, then it takes you to profiles, not blogs. We would have to create a separate list with links to each person's blog to go directly there. My guess is that the moderators either haven't thought of doing that or haven't had the time. A lot of the members don't have Blogger blogs, either. They are LiveJournal users, and I'm not sure about linking to those accounts.

    I hope this helps. Please fee free to email me if you have any other questions. My email address is on my blog. And hang in there with your charity goal. It's early in the year yet. You'll get there!

  4. I jut love your green shawl. Any chance of sharing the pattern with us? Oh shoot I think you mentioned it was knit. I can not knit but I can still drool over your work. it's beautiful.


  5. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. Give it a go with the socks. Even if you do have to frog a bit ... handmade socks are SO worth it!

  6. I bet your daughter loved the pillow you made for her... looks so soft and squishy and fun :)

    happy knitting :)

  7. Sandy, that shawl is just gorgeous! I love the shape and color!!

  8. Thanks for the comments. Mom is doing so much better.
    You can do socks...if I can...anyone can. Just get some yarn, needles and a simple pattern and just knit. Don't think about it, just do what the pattern says...one row at a time. You will be so shocked at how not complicated it is.


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