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Friday, August 29, 2008

Keeping People Warm, sooooooooo many ways!

If you glance back through the last couple of posts, you'll see a bit of a Military Theme. Adding to that, another box going out today. Though this one is heading to Lil Troopers for the wee ones of our men and women in The Army (Previous one was Marine Corp Kids).

Items to warm seniors in the post before this one, as well as those with Cancer; and now...adding Pine Ridge. So many needs, to much yarn; but never enough time

Next up...hum
Still in the works is the Candy Corn Ghan
The Pink and Purple stripped ghan (maybe a baby blanket, or perhaps a ladies lapghan)
Though those items are started, believe I need to switch gears...it's time to reav up for The Red Scarf Project. Remember Sept 1 is when we can start sending in those scarfs to benefit foster care kids in college who need some encouragement. And rectangles for HAP...few other places in need of squares as well.
Can someone clue me into a hat project? Also, can someone tell me how to place the little graph thing here on blogger showing the percentage on a WIP?
Also, question...who's made the Guidepost sweater? Knitted or crocheted version? Do all those sweaters go abroad? I was unclear reading their website whether any of our own kids here in the US get the benefit of them?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mr. Mailman.......PLEASE

Things are piling up.....where's my mail carrier? Donde'? Silly me, I need to get up away from the computer and go to the post office. What's in need of being mailed, you might be wondering.
6 red 8 inchers to be used in a joint effort to make lapghans. Goal 100 lapghans for senior citizens at a nursing home through Stitches of Love, check in with Sissie, if you'd like to lend her a hand.
Scarfs, 3 of them (all knitted), for ladies with cancer through Scarfs from the Heart

And to more pair of baby booties I got done before sealing the box for Marine Corp Kids (see previous post).
Once these were all addressed, I turned my attentions to the pink and blue baby blanket (picture in previous post), and while watching the closing ceremonies last night got it done. Picture later....gotta get to the post office remember. Then once I photograph I need to decide where to send it. Got another pair of booties started last night, but just barely.

Weather is much nicer here today than it's been for several days, not nearly so hot AND we got rain last night!!! YIPPEE. We really needed it.

**updated my mileage knitted and crocheted
****updated my counter towards my charity goal
*****Since my last post, I've only managed to get above 10,000 steps once while wearing my pedometer....wish I could figure out how to walk and knit or crochet at the same time?

Projects I'm focusing on:
Some baby items to mail with the pink and blue blanket
Some Squares for Pine Ridge
Finishing Candy Corn Ghan....started long ago
Finishing the pink and purple ghan picture in previous post
Rectangles for HAP

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

M = Military

Been busy knitting and crocheting and thus far here's what I have ready for Marine Corp Kids:
This blue, green and yellow baby ghan is just under 40 inches square, crocheted with V-stitch and sc from knitted worsted weight yarn. The yarn is called The REal Worsted Yarn. I've never used it before; but really like the feel of it. Softer than Red Heart, but much more durable to work with than Caron Super Soft which I find splits very easily.


Booties, slippers, and a little hat. Most of the booties and slippers are knitted, the mutli colored booties are crocheted. A little size variation; but basically newborn size.

In the works, this blue and pink knitted baby blanket which will be a bit larger than the blue and green one. This is about 8/10th complete. My hope is to finish it in the next day or so and then be able to ship out this donation.

Candy Corn Ghan 1/5th done for Victory Gang?
Squares and slippers for Pine Ridge Reservation
Pink and Purple Baby for...whom, not sure which charity yet.

**updated my mileage
***updated my numbers and items for donation
****managed to wear my pedometer 4 days last wk and walked the following:
Monday 12,023 steps
Tues 11,943
Wed 11,418
Thurs 10,736

today forgot to put it on, probably would be less though am heading outside to do some yard work. So that counts as exercise...right? My new pedometer doesn't convert steps to miles but some where here on line I found a scale...basically 10,000 steps equals 5 miles.

Anyone know what happened to Joansie, Knitting by thje Ocean?? Her link no longer takes you to her blog. You get a message you must be invited. It says to email her for an invite...however, there is no email ady to so. I do hope she's ok.