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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

M = Military

Been busy knitting and crocheting and thus far here's what I have ready for Marine Corp Kids:
This blue, green and yellow baby ghan is just under 40 inches square, crocheted with V-stitch and sc from knitted worsted weight yarn. The yarn is called The REal Worsted Yarn. I've never used it before; but really like the feel of it. Softer than Red Heart, but much more durable to work with than Caron Super Soft which I find splits very easily.


Booties, slippers, and a little hat. Most of the booties and slippers are knitted, the mutli colored booties are crocheted. A little size variation; but basically newborn size.

In the works, this blue and pink knitted baby blanket which will be a bit larger than the blue and green one. This is about 8/10th complete. My hope is to finish it in the next day or so and then be able to ship out this donation.

Candy Corn Ghan 1/5th done for Victory Gang?
Squares and slippers for Pine Ridge Reservation
Pink and Purple Baby for...whom, not sure which charity yet.

**updated my mileage
***updated my numbers and items for donation
****managed to wear my pedometer 4 days last wk and walked the following:
Monday 12,023 steps
Tues 11,943
Wed 11,418
Thurs 10,736

today forgot to put it on, probably would be less though am heading outside to do some yard work. So that counts as exercise...right? My new pedometer doesn't convert steps to miles but some where here on line I found a scale...basically 10,000 steps equals 5 miles.

Anyone know what happened to Joansie, Knitting by thje Ocean?? Her link no longer takes you to her blog. You get a message you must be invited. It says to email her for an invite...however, there is no email ady to so. I do hope she's ok.


  1. Love that first baby blanket in the V stitch! and all those booties now that is something I am not good at:)

    keep up the great work

  2. Wow, that's a whole lot of items you have finished! Everything looks great. I would really like to make a few things for Marine Corps Kids. Maybe in the fall.

    As far as the Japanese Waves scarf, there is a link to it in my post. If you follow the link and then scroll down, there is a place to download the pdf of the pattern. However, I will also try to send you a message on Ravelry with a more direct link. It really is a great pattern.

  3. Hi Sandy....I can't send you an e-mail when you leave a comment on my blog..not sure why or at least I don't think you are getting my messages. Please e-mail me at joanlovesknitting@gmail.com with contact info, ok? Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Love the booties. I can just visualize some sweet baby wearing them.

  4. Your work is always a pleasure to view. Great job on the booties and it is nice you found me again. Your travels also look like you had a great time. And I am sure you did!

  5. I love your crocheted blanket. The color combo is awesome :)

  6. Got your message on my blog. Sorry it took so long to respond. Love the pics on your blog. You've been very busy. Hope things are well.

  7. I love all the FOs you posted. You've been having fun!! We've been away on vacation for 2 weeks and I missed checking up on what you've been up to.
    Love how the pink and purple ghan is turning out ... is it crocheted like the top one? Those booties are all really cute too!
    Hugs to you!

  8. Awesome stuff!!! You have been very busy! I haven't had a chance to pick up my crochet stuff in too long! I'm very anxious to get back at it as one of our nieces is going to have a baby in october.
    That's cool that you send stuff to Pine Ridge. A community much in need.

  9. Sandy,
    This package arrived today and everything is gorgeous! The booties and hat are so cute, and the blanket is just fabulous! I know the babies and their mom's will be thrilled to receive them!
    Thank you so much!
    Marine Corps Kids


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