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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Octogenarian--My Mom

Webster's list the word octogenarian as a noun, a word from the latin word octogenarius which means containing eighty. My mother, is far more than that simple definition.

I finished the yellow shawl. Knitted with double strand Caron Wintuk. Using double strand made a nice cushy feel to it, plus I think it will help to hold it's shape better than many lighter weight yarns. A silver claps holds it on her shoulders. The picture of her unwraping it is from her special 80th birthday surprise luncheon.

My 2 brothers, their spouses, and my oldest nephew went together and got her a ruby ring. She was quite surprised. It matches the ruby bracelet we got her for her 70th quite nicely.

My younger nephews and their wives blew up and framed a picture of Mom and Dad taken at last years 60th Wedding Anniversary Party, everyone signed the matted area. This made a nice gift.

Everyone had a good time and mom was truly touched by the families love.

Been super busy with work, and working in the yard (man things have gotten overgrown). Even the muscles in my hands are sore.

80% done on blue and green crocheted baby blanket
60% done on knitted blue and ? maybe pink baby blanket
301% done on crocheted candy corn ghan

Heading out of town again tomorrow. This trip will be the family vacation with both hubby and daughter! We're going to Williamsburg. Driving, so there will be no flight troubles this time. Taking yarn to work on squares for several groups, yarn for scarfs for people with cancer, maybe some odd squares to stitch together for hats or ???

Adding one final picture of our traditional cake my sister-in-law always makes when we're all together for the family 4th of July cook out.


  1. What lovely gifts for your mother's birthday--all so full of thought and love.

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time. Your mom is sure blessed with all that lovin'

  3. Your Mom's shawl is beautiful. The clasp really makes it special. Glad she had such a wonderful birthday. Have a wonderful time in Williamsburg :)

  4. Wow, your mom sure looks like she is having a great time and all her presents sound perfect! Isn't it fun to get all the family together to celebrate .... I had a really good time at our family reunion a month ago!
    Enjoy your vacation! Hoping for good weather for you :)

  5. Love, love, love the shawl!

  6. Hi Sandy!
    Your mother is holding her own quite well I should say. Glad she had such a wonderful day. The shawl is gorgeous.
    I love your blog! I've bookmarked you & will surely be back to visit again. :)

    Williamsburg, Virginia?
    I love that place!

  7. Love that cake! And the yellow shawl is absolutely beautiful! :) Looks like everyone had lots of fun!

    We did move back into the same house, we had bought our house in Wisconsin, and kept it in case things didn't work out in Iowa... good thing we kept it!

    Funny, I met my mom and sisters and their kids in Williamsburg (IA) the week before we moved.

  8. That shawl is gorgeous, and what a lovely post!!

    BTW those socks come from Bev's Country Cottage -- preemie socks :) I knitted them flat but you can also do double-pointed needles.

  9. How beautiful and how special. I love what you done and the ruby ring is "sweet". Family means so much and I think so many take having a family for granted. I tried to reply to a post you made on my page but I am obviously dyslexic... I commented on my own page instead. When you are visiting check it out. In the meantime, once again excellent work you do and I'm proud your mother had such a special birthday. Cheers, tammy

  10. another susan here saying my mom is 80 in october! I love the yellow shawl !


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