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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Muir Woods

Continuing to share my vacation pictures as I get a group edited. These are from Muir Woods. Most interesting thing to me is how a woods of these magnitude can be soooooooooo close to San Francisco, so close to civilization. These trees are awesome! How forward thinking to preserve them. You can see the size by how small hubby and I look when standing near them. It's not possible to look up enough to see the tops of tree without feeling like you're going to topple over backwards.

The picture with the rings shows the life span of this large tree. Cut down in 1930, thats the most recent date and going back prior to 1100. The date in the first ring is too blurry for me to make out. Wonder if I have a brosure that will tell me. hum....

We're looking sleepy, I think in the pictures; which we were. We got up early and wanted to get there before all the tour busses. Our plan worked well, as we were leaving the lots were filling up.

The black inside the tree is from fire, we saw a lot of that, and somehow these trees survived. We were told by another visitor that the fire causing that black was 200 years ago. We didn't read that anywhere ourselves so not sure if that's true. Again...wonder about the brosure, must check.

Long and tiring day at work yesterday and more of the same promised for today. Legs and feet sure felt it last night. Managed to make a few squares last night, but was too tired to work on Mom's yellow shawl. Perhaps I'll get more done today.

Hope you enjoy your peaceful walk in the woods!


  1. How breathtaking! I can imagine the feeling of toppling over backwards as you try to see the top of the trees. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    About the Bernat softee it is thin (#3 light) yarn. I made another with one strand and had to chain over 150 to get it to size. Gave myself a break this time by using double strand. It's beautiful yarn really. Quite soft.

  2. Wow...awesome photos! What a beautiful and peaceful looking place. I have never seen trees so tall in my life!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    So sorry for not responding to your comments sooner. I sent you a message on Ravelry with the progress bar information.

    Such beautiful pictures by the way! My parents were out there in April and said these woods were just breathtaking.

  4. Those are very cool pics!! Must even be more awesome in person :)


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