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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In The Air, On The Road........AND

This is the yellow shawl I started on the plane on my way to California. I'm using a very pretty yellow, double strand..good ole Caron Wintuk, such nice yarn. The basic dishcloth pattern with a slight variation to have a widder edge (using 3 stitches before I do my yarn over). Using size 11 circular needles. Worked on it coming home on the plane also, and managed a few rows after work last night, so think I'm about half done. This will be for my mom's 80th birthday this month.

This is the baby blanket I started while on vacation, as we were traveling in the car. Using both blue and pink so it will work for either a little boy or a little girl and will go to one of my charities. Not sure yet which one, need to check my list once I get it done. Probably about 1/4th done with this. Bulky Modea yarn, 13 circular needles...again variation of the dishcloth pattern.

Haven't done any work on my multi colored ghan, or my Candy Corn ghan since returning from vacation. Candy Corn maybe 1/4th done, and multi-colored ghan probably 10% done. Both of these are crocheted projects.

Here are a few more pictures from vacation. We left Desert Springs and traveled up the beach road, hubby loves to drive and some of the scenery was quite pretty. Some hard to see due to the haze. I thought the wind farms were facinating. They went on for miles and miles! We stopped at a state park on the beach to dip our toes. But, in the process I burned the bottom of my feet -----------the sand was really really hot. You can see not that many people were on the beach, very windy and a bit cool I think. This was day 2 of our vacation. Takes time to drive up the beach road, it's much slower!!


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  2. Sorry, I messed up the other one. Here it is again.

    Never been to California so I'm enjoying the pics very much.

    Thanks for the comments of my blog and for the suggestions. I appreciate them!

    Nice shawl - I think your mom will love it. Please give her a hug and wish her a very Happy Birthday for me.

  3. Your shawl and baby blanket looks great. I love using grandmother's favorite for making blankets, but I've never tried it for a shawl. Very nice :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and here's my response:

    It's my own fault that my husband didn't get me a birthday present. When asked what I wanted I said a spinning wheel or a digital camera with a better zoom...both too expensive. I should have asked for something smaller ;) Live and learn!

    I have no idea what to put into the beaded pouch, but it sure is a beautiful necklace.

    The crocheted bags are not felted. You are right...acrylic doesn't felt. I would have made felted ones with wool but there would be too much guess work in figuring out the finished size. He's happy with the ones I made, so I'm happy :)

  4. What awesome vacation pictures! Looks like you had a great vacation!
    And what cute baby blankets! :)

  5. Nice pictures, we don't get to the coast often so it's always nice to see our state through someone else's eyes. Love the color of the shawl.

    Hope your Mom has a wonderful birthday.

  6. Love your baby knits...very nice.
    Also love those beach photos...I wanna go!!! :(

  7. I really like the baby blanket you are working on --- great idea to do it in blue and pink! The shawl looks great too, and by the pictures, you had a great time in CA.


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