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Friday, July 04, 2008


I can think of no better way to say Happy Birthday America, then to honor it's Veterans. A well cared for National Cemetery does just that. The Presidio, a Spanish Fort, a military base, renouned medical facility, National Cemetery, and now a National Park.

This was one of the places hubby and I visited last week while on vacation in California. Definately one of the highlights for me. Many of you know I spend a good deal of time in cemeteries, photographing and documenting military stones; as well as others. This was quite impressive, one of the better cared for cemeteries I've been in, stones washed, perfectly aligned, grass mowed and water. A fitting tribute to our service men and women. I am a lover of peace, but do honor and respect those that have and are serving.

Take notice of the fog, it was, while cold and windy there a very moving experience. We could hear fog horns in the distance from the bay.

A special ceremony and program kept us from being able to see the whole base, the horses with Spanish Riders were a part of that.

Some construction is several areas also weren't open for touring; but we still were able to enjoy the base. Historic barracks, some being rehabbed, while others very much in a state of decay. Pilots row, vintage homes restored and lived in today bring life back to this Military Post.



  1. Happy July 4th! Hope you're all safe and have a great day.
    Those are really nice photos...thanks for sharing.

    I can help you out with that button...email me at
    knithappens at bellsouth dot net

  2. Happy 4th to you too :)
    Thanks for honoring our veterans :)

  3. Happy 4th!
    What beautiful pictures!!


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