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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free Rewards

WOW, it's been forever since I've posted here.  Think I've broken a record of how long I've gone between blog posts.  Life has been busy, busier then normal.  Working more hours then normal, spending more time working outside in the yard (or did during the summer), and spending alot more time outside Walking, and WALKING and Walking!

If you read my last post you know I'm trying to walk daily to reduce my too high cholesterol count, to build supportive muscles due to arthritis in my knees, and to maintain a more even keel of activity.  The cycle of being on my feet for wayyyyyyy to long one day, and not wanting to do anything the next day at home has made the situation worse.  Back in the spring I changed that; but it requires several hours a day of me stretching, walking, and stretching again.  However, it's worked!

Have lost weight, thus reducing pressure to both knees, have reduced cholesterol (more needed though), and have built supportive muscles which has reduced pain and swelling in my knees.

AND I've earned this dandy bright pumpkin orange headband...........FREE!

Free is always good.  Think, I'll probably use it more as a headband to cover the ears as the weather turns cooler.  If you can read it it says #FittStreak.  I earned it on Fi.tt.  (my profile link is HERE
You can join free (it's quick and easy), you can link you fitbit or other electronic devices that count steps etc to Fi.tt and earn points.  You earn points based on challenges.  I earn on some, and some I don't; but they do add up, and after I had earned 200 points I got this headband as my reward.  Who doesn't like rewards?

You can join as many or as few challenges as you like.  Some are for fun only, some reward with points, but both encourage you to have fun while you're exercising.  You can have friends, be as social or non social as you like; but most research indicates the folks that have friends (even virtually) do tend to meet their goals more.

So yes, I am still around in the blogsphere, after all, one needs a break from walking sometimes.  Too bad I can't figure out how to do other things while I'm walking.......hum!