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Exercise(Yoga, Planks, Walking, Biking)

 LOL.  Got a kick out of this several years ago and saved the picture.  However, one really does need to move

No, this isn't me.  I wear a sloppy big t-shirt with my leggings...it's cold here.
JANUARY  13 planks (40 seconds each, 12 seconds rest, 4 repeats)
FEB.              5 planks (same)
MARCH        9 planks (same) plus side planks 1 time
APRIL           9 planks (4 x 45 seconds with 13 seconds rest)
MAY             6 planks (4 x 45 seconds with 13 seconds rest)
JUNE           12 planks (4 x 45 seconds with 13 seconds rest)

Again, this is not me.  When I do this move, I can not put by back foot flat.  I use my gym's (Life Time) on demand video's and Silver Sneakers to do yoga on my own in the living room.
JAN....3 times (typically between 16-40 minutes)
FEB    1 time (same duration)
MARCH  2 times (30-35 minutes)
APRIL  8 x (30-45 minutes each session), Total of 367 minutes which is 6.11 hours
MAY     11 x (30-45 minutes) didn't add minutes
JUNE      6 (didn't keep track of minutes

A picture taken way back in 2013 of my rental bike while in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  I do sometimes ride on the beach there, but more often I ride the bike paths, there are 200 miles of paved areas.  I don't tend to ride at home, due to traffic...but am thinking about getting a bike a finding areas that are safe to do some biking.
JAN 6 rides (varying in miles, but a favorite loop is 3.5 miles)
FEB  5 rides (same
MARCH  Zero (don't have a bike at home)
APRIL Zero (no biking at home)
MAY Zero (no biking at home)
JUNE Zero (No bike at home)

This is actually me, on a hike in Park City, Utah about 10 years ago.
JAN 5 walks (varying distances)....119.9 miles per Fitbit (not just purposeful walks)
FEB 8 walks (same)                    ....115.9 miles per Fitbit (same)
MARCH  8 walks (varying distances)  104.61 miles per Fitbit (same)
APRIL 12 walks (varying distances )  128.34 miles (same)
MAY 12 walks (varying distances)  119.62 (same, miles include not just purposeful walks)
JUNE   7 walks (varying distances)  103.07 miles (same, miles include not just purposeful walks)

**I mow and do yard work so those steps get lumped together with "walking"


  1. To stay active is very important. I don't ride in my hometown due to the traffic too. Too many incidents happened to the riders lately.

  2. You are a person after my own heart, I like to do those things too. I do take my bike to a trail about 20 minutes away. I am not comfortable trying to avoid tractors, and crazy country drivers on our twisted county roads.

    Mostly right now, I hike hike hike up and down hills with the dog. Maybe I should say we amble a lot too.

    I did CrossFit for a few years and may go back to it with some modifications for my severe osteoporosis. I need to keep up my strength and mobility!

  3. Thanks for the visits and comments Black Knight and Val. Appreciate the feedback and encouragement. I need to look for trails around here that I can enjoy without the traffic concerns.


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