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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Knitting, and Yoga........both good for Stress!

Coffee latte continues to grow and grow.  Believe it was about 22-23 inches at this point.  I've now completed a good part of the tan section after the variegated you see in this photo.  Pleased this one is coming along so quickly.  

This really made me laugh.  Been awhile since I've done my yoga.  Was trying to do it several times a week using a video from Amazon Prime, but my time has been so filled with things revolving around Dad moving into an Assisted Living Center.
Just this past Tuesday, Dad turned 93.  The facility let us gather for his birthday cake in the private dining room they have.  Myself, older brother Chuck, and younger brother Mike.  Our spouses all joined us as well, just not in the picture.

I hadn't planned to continue to watch this show, McLeod's Daughters, but several people told me it was still good even after the star, Claire (pictured far left here in grayish hat), left the show.  So, I've started watching it again.  It's different, still enjoyable; but I do miss Claire and the relationship she and Alex had.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Knitting Afghans and Watching McCleod's Daughters

Chocolate Latte is growing quickly.  Believe it currently measures about 17 inches.  Need to take another look at how much yarn I have and decide if I need to introduce a 4th color or if I'll enough with the colors you see thus far.  That's always the problem with winging it, not using a pattern and trying to use what's available in your stash.  

Perhaps I should switch gears again and get back to working on Blue Ocean.  It was only at 10 inches when I laid it aside to start Chocolate Latte.

I also have a shawl started that I've not done anything with in months!

This is the last quilt I made.  No real quilt pattern, just fabric I liked.  It's hand quilted, outlining some of the designs and or zig zagging through smaller prints.  Made this years ago for my Mom who loved Poinsettia's.  Dad gave it back to me a few years ago and I always put it out as part of my Christmas Decorations.

Not a good picture, but for my x-stitch friends thought I'd share.  I made this for a friend's wedding present long ago.  I love the saying.  She did too at the time.  Sadly, there must not have been that oneness between them.  It was a short lived marriage.
Another quote I kept from Facebook sometime back that, that might make you smile.  Though I think sometimes the things that have happened under this administration leave little reason to smile, we must keep our since of humor or go nuts!

I've now watched through episode 39 of season 3 of McLeod's Daughters, this show is about  strong women; the relationships between the characters and the scenery of the "bush", and Love stories.  But, 2 of the characters are now gone from the show...actually 3, but 2 that were primary characters and because of that, I've not decided if I'll bother to continue watching.  Very disappointed.  People often come and go in a long series, but NOT the primary character.  

Seriously, this couple has been the focus, and she's gone.  Assumed while finishing up episode 39, that would be the end of the show with the primary character gone.  But, google tells me the show actually continued for 8 seasons....write ups all include unhappiness at the loss of main characters, the writing of the series going down hill and dislike of replacement characters.

It's like watching NCIS without Gibs in the show, what's the point!

PLEASE let me know if you watched, if you liked it, if you would recommend it.  Until episode 39 in season 3, I did recommend it......now........not so much.  As I said, not sure I'll bother to finish watching it.

Been watching and knitting, have been sick for a week, so not up to do much of anything else.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Chocolate Latte and Assisted Living Centers Oh My

Startitis hit me.  No, I'm not done with Blue Ocean, but felt the need to start another afghan.  Partially because I needed something I didn't have to count as I was toting it back and forth to my Dad's skilled nursing facility and then from there to Assisted Living Center.  This is good old garter stitch, no counting necessary.  As you can see I've knitted a brown variegated section and have switched to dark brown for the second section.  I've included a tan for the 3rd color in my project bag.  This one measures 2.5 inches right by 57 inches.  I cast on 200 stitches, which is just 1 stitch more than Blue Ocean, but since this one doesn't have decreases and increased will measure a bit wider.  

And now for a name.....I've thought of Milk Chocolate, Cocoa, Chocolate Latte, or Coffee.  I'm leaning towards Chocolate Latte I think.

Here's a glimpse of Dad's Assisted Living Room.  It's a small studio type.  The cabinet provides some storage space for him.  My cross stitch friends will note the pillow on the blue chair is cross stitched.  My Mother made it.  Haven't hung any pictures yet.
You can see the little kitchenette area beside his bed.  A second cross stitch pillow Mom made.
The brown recliner in the corner is a new chair we got for him that's electric.  Less strenuous to operate, but will take some getting used to by him.  This has been quite a process and we're still working on trying to get him VA benefits to help with the medical costs.  We met with an elder attorney the other day....more paper work and costs involved with that.  Getting old sure isn't easy!!
Horrified to learn this, lol!  My steps have been up and down of late with all the Dad related stuff vs my ability to actually walk and or exercise.  You'll note my Walking 4 Fun Badge in the right sidebar

Saturday, February 02, 2019

When Hell Freezes Over

Blue Ocean is coming along, but slowly.  It's about 10 inches wide by 50 inches long so far.  I'm currently in the 4th section which is the blue variegated, though it's a bit hard to see that as it's on the needles.  I'm getting the itch to cast on something else for variety, so may do that in the next day or so and then switch off and on between the afghans.  Like all, or almost all afghans I knit or crochet this will be donated through my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond to benefit the homeless.

I'm currently watch Mcleod's Daughters.  It started a bit slow, but I'm enjoying it.  It's about strong women, heartbreak, and an outdoor life on a working farm in the bush.  I'm watching this through my Amazon Prime Membership.
Spotted this on Facebook the other day and just couldn't resist saving a picture of it.  It seems to be so very appropriate for the weather right now in Central Ohio.  We've had 3 snow storm is the last 2-3 weeks, we've had temps at -3 and -4, so it sure seems to me, When Hell has frozen over has happened!

I am not a baker, it's been years since I've made cupcakes, but I thought this was cute.  I'm not into horses either, but know many people are.  

My last post was a full blown rant about medicare, and the hospital.  We never did resolved the fact that despite Dad was physically a patient in the hospital for 5 days, in a hospital bed, being cared for by only hospital staff, he was never actually considered an in patient.  What a horrible situation that is and I know many people have suffered because of it.  We did manage to get Dad admitted to a rehab hospital, where he was an inpatient for 2 weeks or there abouts and got very intensive physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.  That did qualify him for coverage with his medicare for a skilled nursing facility for on going care and therapy, though less intense than the rehab hospital.  In a few days he will be discharged from the skilled nursing center into an assisted living care center.  This process has been extremely frustrating and very time consuming.  He will be 93 in a few weeks, and is past time to live alone in his house.  

Our next big hurdle is either selling the house or getting him signed up for VA benefits.  We've been told we probably can't sell the house if we get VA benefits.  More territory to explore.  I've read so much about the process on the internet that I've feel like I've OD'd.  We have an appointment next week with an elder attorney and hopefully we'll be able to get more information to better understand the situation then.  He will file the paper work for the VA benefits, which we understand takes time, and everyone suggests you not try to do that yourself.

Hope you're all staying warm and safe wherever you are.  Come on Spring!  

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So many of my blog mates are using google account as the ONLY choice for making a comment, I'd like to ask why?  For the person leaving a comment it's several extra steps to leave the url of the blog you're visiting from.  I leave hyper links with my comments which take you to not only the blog I'm visiting you from, but also the actual blog post that is the current one or the one I'm visiting you from.  Typically when I write a new blog post, I visit everyone on my blog log to read their blog post and leave a comment.  When google only is the choice vs name and url...I have to make a hyper link right in the comment section <a href=" after the " you do a cut and paste of your blog post url"  and end that cut and paste with more "Sandy's Space</a>  ends the hyperlink.  The Sandy's Space is the name of my blog obviously.  I can't put the exact cut and paste here or it would be a hyper link and only show up as Sandy's Space...that's what those of you who use google as the only option to leave a comment see.  If you click on my name you go to my profile page where you see all 3 of my blogs.......but if you click on the hyper link  I leave, you will come directly to the correct blog and in fact, blog post.  So, I'm curious why so many only list google as the option to leave a comment....vs name and url so folks are directly linked?