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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Knitting and Walking and Cooking during Covid

FINALLY!  I got my jeweled tones asymmetrical scarf finished.  This seemed to take forever.  Typically I knit at night while watching tv, but with this being sock yarn and dark in color I didn't/couldn't do that. So, only working on  it during the day stretched out the time it took to complete.  I would work on it while zooming with our daughter, or facetiming with girl friends sometimes.  Took the picture before I cast off, which took quite awhile with something close to 300 stitches on the needles.  But, it is now finished and waiting to be worn.  With the way the weather has gotten quite a bit cooler very quickly (well ahead of schedule), that could be soon.

This is a closer look so you can see the colors better.  I tend to wear lots of black and gray in the winter, so believe this will jazz things up a bit.
Am very sad about the passing of this truly great lady.  It's because of her the women can have their own charge card, buy property in their name among other things.  I'm deeply trouble to loose her voice and experience on the bench and don't believe the current administration should replace her.  That's something the incoming President should do.  The hypocrisy of The Republican party knows no bounds.  President Obama had 237 days before an election.  We're 40 ish days away current from an election...AND 20 states have already started voting.  This really should not be permitted, but they plan to ram it through.  Despite many video's of all those pushing currently being the loudest voices against an election year Supreme Court Placement back in 2016.

We've all been doing more cooking during the Virus, and not going out to eat.  So, it's nice to have some simple meals.  Pork Tenderloin, Carrots, and Asparagus.  All cooked on one cookie sheet (with foil, and even easier clean up).  

I walk daily, generally about 6-7 miles a day.  I find it helps clears the mind with all the crazy going on right now.  The other thing I find you discover things when you walk that you don't see when you drive the car.  This is just a few blocks from me on a corner lot.  I just happened to look down at the right time.  Been by it, multiple times no doubt...given where it is.  I wondered who he was.  Goodle Dean Dugger and found he was born Sept 18th, 1933 and died March 5th, 2000.  He was born in PA, went to high school in West Virginia, and played college football for Ohio State University.  He was an all American.  I don't know if the memorial tree was purchased through the University or not, but found it interesting to learn about him.
I wonder if the people who's yard the memorial is in are relatives, or just avid OSU fans?  Perhaps, if someone is in the yard on one of my walks, I'll be able to find out.  I could even put a note in the door?