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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bloody Mary's, Cross Stitch, Knitted Shawls, and Pontoon Boats

 Hubby and I are always in search of a really good brunch with a good Bloody Mary!!  Several week ends ago, we tried out a new place in town called Drunch.  One option there, which we both tried, was the Bloody Mary Bar.  Mine has bacon, a dill pickle, several olives, and I think a hot pepper.  
Last weekend, we thought we'd venture again, the line for Drunch looked long, so we ventured just around the corner, but still in Italian Village and found this Bloody Mary...Black Olive, different type of pickle and Italian Bacon....quite tasty.  This Bloody Mary can be found at, The Market Italian Village.  Both were good, not sure which I thought was better, but might give a nudge to Drunch, as it had horseradish in it.  

This vase is another of the items I kept from my Dad's house.  I remember it being on the mantel at his parents house when I was a kid.  I always liked it and so have it in my China Cabinet.  On the bottom it says Czechoslovakia 220/20.  No name of a company, and perhaps an initial S with something after it, just an initial...presumably of the person who made it?  This was #20 and they made 220?  Is that what that means?  I don't know.  I don't know if it was something Grandma and Grandpa purchased, or something one of them got from someone in their families.  Sure wish I knew something about this piece.  Any thoughts about how to find out without a company name?

Drum Roll...........finally done with this gray shaded shawl.  Just have to tuck in ends.  Hoping to start a new one later today.

For my cross stitch friends.  I made this pontoon boat back in 1982 for my parents.  I also made the frame at one of those do it yourself frame places.  They had a pontoon boat that looked just like this that they used to spend lots of time on, back in the day.  Their den was very nautical. So the boat picture fit right in.
My cross stitch picture was around the corner which was the entrance to the room from the hallway.  As some of you might know we recently had a tag sale, and cleaned out my folks house after selling it.  Thus the surge lately of me sharing with you some of the family pieces I kept.  The cross stitch pontoon boat doesn't go with anything in my house, but it brings back fond memories of my folks and since I made it...well, kept it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cross Stitch, Table Cloths and Family

This is another cross stitch table cloth I found when cleaning out my Dad's house.  I like this one a bit more then the blue one in the previous post.  I assume it's done by the same person, but am not 100% certain of that.  These colors work in my decor, but the size doesn't work for my table....so
Currently, it's on the rocker in the living room.  The chair is one I've had for a long time, it was from my Great Aunt Irene, and I think she's possibly the stitcher.  I think that because we know she once made a cross stitch framed piece that was the serenity prayer.  She was my Dad's Dad's Sister.  So, if my logic is right, it seems fitting that her stitchery is being displayed on her chair.  But, you can't see the whole thing........anyone have thoughts about what else I might do with this cross stitched tabled cloth/family heirloom?
This is my Great Aunt Irene Mader.  She was the only sister who didn't marry.  She worked at the Post Office, had a really fun laugh.  She was my Dad's favorite aunt.  He'd stop and see her coming and going from dates back in the day.  I remember them both talking about that in years past.  Which is another reason I think the heirloom stitching pieces are hers.  He would have been more inclined I think, to keep stuff from her.
A cropped photo from her grade school picture.
For my knitting and crochet friends.......here's an idea.  I really like this idea, particularly for when you're using up ends of skeins.  If you roll a ball it gets away from you on the floor, or you end up sitting on it if you try to keep it in your chair.  I often keep it in a zip lock bag in a tote on the floor, but sometimes it doesn't unwind well.  Sometimes I use my yarn bowl, but I like that this is right with you at the same height almost vs being on the floor.  This would also be a huge plus for people with pets.

This is the most recent movie I watched.  I'm not sure I would recommend it...it wasn't bad, but it wasn't real memorable either.  It was a bit odd, sorta the odd that when you start you think maybe you won't finish it, but it's odd enough you wonder what will happen next so play through.  Anyone seen it?  What did you think?  If anyone watches it, let me know what you think.  It was on Amazon Prime.

No new pictures of my shawl, cause it doesn't look much different.  I thought I would be done by now, but life has gotten in the way.  Dad isn't doing well, so have been busier doing things connected to him and his care at the Assisted Living Center, and frankly getting some things in line, as we believe his time with us won't be very long.  Trying to take care of details, dotting i's and crossing t's where we can to make things a bit easier on all when the time comes.  Hospice is seeing him more often now, which is helpful.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Family Heirlooms Tell Stories

Another family heirloom I couldn't part with.  Once again, like the Mader Doily, I wish I knew for certain who in the family made this and how old it is.  I don't have any memories of being with a relative and seeing them stitching beyond my Mother and I know she didn't make this, or the Mader Doily.  

It's pretty, 2 shades of blue, which I hope shows up against my gray comforter.  I don't have blue in my house, so it really doesn't go with anything, but I remember blue china, whose?  Unknown.  Once upon a time, Mom said she was going to put stickers on the back of the family china pieces with names, but sadly she never did.  There were 2 or 3 of these plates around the large living room bay window.  Dishes from several generations ago.  Some were decorative pieces and some were what was left from someone's china set.

Thought I had a picture looking at the bay window, but this is all I could find.  You can see how large the window is with shelves all around.  This is after we purged for the house staging.  But these blue dishes were on one of the shelves.  Looked great with the blue wall behind it. Would so love to know the stories of whom and where for the dishes, the doily, and cross stitch table cloth.
Haven't started a new series, now that I'm done with McLeod's Daughters, but did watch this movie the other night.
It was a good "chick" flick, and perfect for a night when I was here solo, as hubby was out of town on business.  Did you watch it?  Did you like it?  I did not read the book it references...50 Shades of, not my cup of tea, I'm sure.

One of the boutiques I was able to make from the large bunches of flowers my Darling Daughter sent me for Mothers Day.   I love the white and green!!  The light from the window didn't make for the best picture.  I have a boutique on the mantle in the living room, and a smaller one in the bedroom on my dresser.  Truly gorgeous.  AND my Darling Daughter flew in Sat night to spend Mothers Day with me.  She made a fantastic brunch for me.  Was a very short visit, but still very precious.  Thank you!  Love her to pieces.

Making progress, but had hoped to have this shawl finished by now.  It's grown 2 more pattern repeats which is 2 more points, thus 20 rows.  Probably 3 more to go.  Looks like I may be able to get at least one more section where the dark gray/black yarn will appear, which I like.  I like the contrast.

Cute idea for someone you want to gift yarn to.  Though I'm not sure how you keep the second tier of yarn attached.  Thoughts????

Friday, May 03, 2019

McLeod's Daughters, Knitting, and Alex Ryan

The shawl/scarf grows!  Once again this looks more blue than gray in the photo, but it's not blue.  I do like the many hues of gray, something I think will go with almost anything in someone's wardrobe.  My friend wears lots of white blouses so I think this will be quite pretty with a white dressy blouse.  I'm currently at 20 points.  The pattern says you might get 25 points, so not much left...5 more repeats and each repeat is 10 rows.  I got 24 points when I made my pink green one

I really like this pattern, and have several others that are similar in shape etc.  This pattern does it's increases with kfb (knit front back), and many of the other patterns do yo (yarn overs), or something with a backward purl and slipping?  Trying to decide if I will make the next one using this same pattern or try one of the other patterns out.  Thoughts?  One is the Hitchiker, a pattern some of you may be familiar with.  My next one will be Buckeye Colors.

Or perhaps I should say a dressed up version of Buckeye Colors.  This is basically sock yarn it says with the needle suggestion of a 4.  The previous yarn needle suggestion was a 6, but the pattern calls for an 8 which worked out well, so am debating whether to continue with an 8 for this or scale down a bit.  My other debate is a bit less  yardage, but the lady at the yarn shop said I really didn't need to buy a 2nd skein for the pattern.  Soooooooo, when they don't talk you into buying more...just saying it should work, I didn't buy a 2nd skein.  Thoughts???

Alex Ryan (Aaron Jeffery), and Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) has such chemistry on the show McLeod's Daughters it felt real.  He was my favorite character on the show, and he was the one who almost made the duration.  The series ran for 8 years!  That's huge for a series.  It first aired in 2001 and had 224 episodes.  WOW.  There were lots of characters that did several seasons, but Alex...was there almost throughout.  
Alex Ryan and Tess Silverman (Bridie Carter)

Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall (Simmone Jade MacKinnon) had pretty strong chemistry also, but maybe a little less than he did with Claire, though Stevie was on the show longer and might be my 2nd most favorite character.

Look at that smile, and those arm muscles ladies!  Wowzer.  
 And Alex Ryan and Regan....Regan (Zoe Naylor) who also appeared on the series, McLeods Daughters for several seasons are married in real life!  

So, if you like cowboys, horses, pretty scenery, life on the farm/ranch, like to hear Australian accents, like good looking men like Alex Ryan (though my favorite, there were plenty of others), good on you, mate.  Watch the series, all 8 years worth on Amazon Prime.  Don't stuff it up, like I almost did and stop watching.  Though I think the show will appeal more to women than men, don't be a nob...men could get into it too.

AND.....Alex and Regan weren't the only real life couple on the show.  For awhile Jodi Fountain McLeod and Marcus Turner (Rachael Carpani and Matt Passmore) were an item.

In search of what series to watch next...any recommendations for folks who liked McLeod's Daughters?