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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Yarn, Yard Work, and Not Enough Yoga...or is it Not Enough Time!


You may remember this scarf from a couple of posts back.  I needed a project with bigger yarn that I could see for something to do on a flight.  I barely got it started, back in July when we flew to Salt Lake, Utah.  I took it recently for a long flight to and from France and have made really good headway.  My lighting wasn't very good when I took the pictures, so tried editing it to show you the colors.  I mentioned before this scarf should work well for a man or a woman I think, given the color blend.
I normally try to work in my tails as I go because I hate doing them; but I didn't have my scizzors or darning needles so wasn't able to.  

Have you read either of these books?  I had to return them to the library before I got to read them, as I had several from my wait list that came all at the same time.
The first is a true story, one girls accounting of life in a concentration camp.  Not sure how different it will be than many of the others I listened to/read.  The 2nd is about the war in the African theater which is a part of WWII I know less about so eventually I plan to circle back around to it.

While another book about WWII, this book is a bit different.  It deals mostly with those Jewish people who escaped into the wilderness to hide from the Nazi's.  A girl who's kidnapped at an early age and learns the ways of the wilderness is able to help protect some of these Jewish escapees.  I really enjoyed this book.

Down, down, down.  Argh.  I went backward in August, only did yoga once (was 3 x the previous month), I fell down with planks as well, dropped from 12 x the previous month to 9 in August, fell from 14 walks to 5, from 134.4 miles to 90.15 miles.  Sigh...I'm not surprised as I did lots and lots of yard work.  I did yard work 13 days, you just don't get many steps when working in the yard.  I do consider yardwork tiring and very good exercise though.  September I know will be another down month, as we were scheduled to be on tour in France for a little over 2 weeks...however we were cancelled from the tour due to getting Covid.  So spending time isolating in a hotel room and then lots of time on a plane getting back to the states....well you can see there's not going to be good numbers.  Both still quite tired from the Covid and bummed about not getting to go on our tour.  We've managed all this time to stay healthy and not get it.......lousy timing for sure.

Hoping to have a project or two finished for the next blog post, stay tuned.