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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Knitting the End of the Month

November ClothColors in this Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge photo aren't exact. The orange is brighter, as is the green in real life, I think. Hoping to have this done by days end and should be able to manage that. This is November's cloth for DD in my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge, it's the last day of month...so time to move to the next cloth...........but will finish this one first. She loves using cotton washcloths and I meant to have this one finished to give her when she was home for Thanksgiving; but was working really hard on finishing Pink Petuna which you'll see on Friday, for Finished Object Friday. Please check back. Need to make Dec, Jan, Feb, and March for this challenge (and item on my YOP list) will be complete. 8 down and 4 to go.
Fruit Salad Blueberry sectionBarely a start, but a start. The blue represents Blueberries on this Oddball Baby Blanket called "Fruit Salad". They come up with cute and fun names and each knitter in turn interpets the theme and knits their section. I lost track how many I had committed to and so initially only had 1 on my list of to do's. Boy was I off, this is #4. When DD was home for Thanksgiving she wanted to work a bit on something and so started this so I'll continue and finish it up SOON.

Still working on The awesome Green Scarf for DD, and by the time you read this scheduled post will probably be working on another afghan from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond's Project Welcome Home and Give a Square.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoyed Thanksgiving. You can find all Work in Progress Wednesday's Badges and Links in the left sidebar.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday...really, too close to the end of Year (YOP)

YOP Nov 27-Dec 3, 2011

Pink Petuna (not the same as one titled that below for The Oddballs Group). This ghan was started from squares donated by a former classmate through Bridge and Beyond. It will be donated for Project Welcome Home. Making great headway here so hope to have this done soon. This was not officially listed on my YOP list, as there's not a definitive list for the ghans I assemble for Bridge and Beyond....I just make one after another and hope for lots.
This scarf was started a while back and has been put on the back burner. It's a scarf I started for myself. I frogged it twice as I didn't like the pattern I had chosen. I do like this, a bit lacy, but since this is 100% wool (Liberty wool), it will still be warm. Interesting? mix of colors. Not what I had thought it would be when I purchased the yarn. The remainder of this first ball is pretty much what I saw when I purchased it. Therefore, I expected it to be mostly reddish and gray, shades there off. It's far from that as you can see. Not colors I would have put together, bit disappointing, but eventually...........I'll get back to it. I do need a new scarf. This was barely started when posted for a wipw HERE.
LOVE this green scarf started for DD. Not on the list, but saw the green yarn and it called out to me. Same stitch as the above scarf I'm making for myself. Look how different though it looks. I assume that's because of the shading and the fact that this yarn is a heavier gauge. I LOVE the feel of this yarn also. It's Cascade Lana Bamboo 79% wool and 21% Bamboo and comes in a 196 yard skein. I have 2 skeins, and am using a size 8 needle. The pattern, multiple of 3 Knit 1, YO K2tog. To give it a bit more stability I'm doing 5-6 rows of straight garter stitch every 16 or so rows.
This is Fruit Salad....another OddBall Blanket. I really thought I had finished all the ones I had signed up for, apparently I forgot how many I committed too. Though this is, I think the last for this year. I thought I had just the 2 when I made my YOP list Cinco deMayo and Mardi Gras; then added starting one...Baby Pink Petuna, and now a section here on fruit salad. I'm to be blueberries, so need to look for some blue yarn in my stash to fill the bill.

Please folks, save time and eye strain, get rid of your captcha. The blogger filter works very well. I just checked my spam folder and deleted 52 comments that did not make it through to the blog. You do not need the captcha. You really don't need it plus moderating comments. Save frustration, save time, save eyestrain. Change your settings. Skeptical...try it a week and you'll see what I mean. Meme's are fun, but visiting everyone is hampered by everyone using captcha's, it really slows down the process.

Things now DONE:
1. Wedding Ghan pictured HERE
2. Oddball blanket (which turned into 2 where I was the border patrol person, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras). Done and Mailed Pictured HERE
then turned into 3 when I started Baby Pink Petuna, HERE...then turned into 4 counting above Fruit Salad.
3. Red Scarf No More DONE (donated to Bridge and Beyond) Pictured HERE
4. Pink Poddle Ghan DONE, since my last post and donated also to Bridge and Beyond for Project Welcome Home.
5. Jewels Ghan Done, one of an undermined list for Bridge and Beyond, made from donated squares, pictured HERE.

1. Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (7 of 12 cloths done, and picked out the pattern for November and have started it....barely, so about 68% done).
3. Awesome Blue Scarf gave up trying to determine what pattern I had been using, and FROGGED! Will once again find a pattern I want to use, leave it with the awesome blue and start again, which will be about the 4th time........ARGH. Officially DELETING this from the list, and will replace it with the above green scarf for DD....that seems appropriate.
4. Buckeye Diagonal Scarf, have found the directions to help me determine where I left off, fingers cross this works. Have been in a holding pattern as I couldn't determine where I left off. Thanks to a blogger's good directions of how to determine, am hopeful! ??45% done
5. Candy Corn Ghan (my longest running work in progress ever 60% done)
6. Afghans to be assembled for Bridge and Beyond from donated squares (have several designed and ready to edge, shifting to this as primary goal now that Pink Poodle is complete. Edged and assembled RainBow Bright, pictured HERE for FOF. Jewels done above, and currently working on Pink Petuna, above.

Learning to knit cables (watched a video awhile back which is helping me feel more confidant and willing to give it a try)
Learning to knit socks

**I have HAP ghans to pick up and assemble....sometime.**

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jewels is finished

You may have seen this previously when it was posted on Bridge and Beyond; but ...not everyone that visits here visits there; so thought I'd post it. The squares were donated, I edge and joined and did a scalloped border. This ghan, named Jewels was donated to The Homeless Families Foundation through Project Welcome Home on my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond.

Brief post today, and only 1 item to show you....hope to see you come Sunday on YOP with hopefully more to chat about.

I've not been very active lately with WIPW, FOF or YOP Sunday's.......working to catch up with you all and look forward to visiting your blogs to see all your projects.

Finished Object Friday link in sidebar....join us, it's fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traveling with Works in Progress

start of pink petuna afghanThis was suppose to be last Wednesday's post, but I was traveling and hubby's computer was self imploding, so very limited computer time was available which meant no blogging. Above crocheted squares were donated from a high school friend over on Bridge and Beyond. The one pink row after the circles makes the squares about 6 inches. She had started this for her daughter years ago and found it while cleaning out a closet. I've added a row of purple and or green as you can see with 2 additional rows of pink to extend the squares. Those with purple centers have no green so they get the green row, and those with pink centers have no purple so they get the purple row. These squares went traveling with me. Once joined they will be donated for Project "Welcome Home", through my other blog, Bridge and Beyond to The Homeless Families Foundation. Hopefully this will put on smile on some girls face, as well as warm her up. Some of you may know, some may not; this month focuses on another classmate of mine from school who sadly died homeless. It's Jack Otis Memorial Month. How fitting that my friend Connie also a classmate of Jack's made this donation. I'm naming this ghan, Pink Petuna.
start of November cotton clothBarely a start here, but this is/will be a knitted cotton cloth for DD. A continuation of The Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge, this is November's cloth. Had plan to work on this on the recent trip as well, but didn't make it that far. Need to push to get this done so I can pass it along to her over The Thanksgiving Holiday. Looking forward to coming home for a couple of days to visit. Don't remember what the pattern is called, or if has a name? When I jotted it down on the note card I didn't make a note...........dang it. I know I found the pattern/stitch some time back, as the note card was bent so has been around awhile.
start of lace with liberty wool scarfThis counts as less then barely a start. But, I wanted to at least cast on this yummy Liberty wool. It feels wonderful. I'm in need of a new scarf.........the last 2 I made for myself ended up being passed along to someone else. LOL, I do that often and know many of you do too, from reading your blogs. This though, looks to be funky colors and many of those I pass things along to aren't into the funky as much as I am, soooooooooooo it may indeed end up being mine. I selected a limited straight forward lace stitch for this, knit 1, yo, k2tog across. I'm hoping it will still be warm since this is 100% wool, and won't be too open given the DK weight of the yarn.

Hoping to get back to more regular blogging and blog visiting, Happy Work in Progress Wednesday to you all. All badges and links in the side bar.