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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traveling with Works in Progress

start of pink petuna afghanThis was suppose to be last Wednesday's post, but I was traveling and hubby's computer was self imploding, so very limited computer time was available which meant no blogging. Above crocheted squares were donated from a high school friend over on Bridge and Beyond. The one pink row after the circles makes the squares about 6 inches. She had started this for her daughter years ago and found it while cleaning out a closet. I've added a row of purple and or green as you can see with 2 additional rows of pink to extend the squares. Those with purple centers have no green so they get the green row, and those with pink centers have no purple so they get the purple row. These squares went traveling with me. Once joined they will be donated for Project "Welcome Home", through my other blog, Bridge and Beyond to The Homeless Families Foundation. Hopefully this will put on smile on some girls face, as well as warm her up. Some of you may know, some may not; this month focuses on another classmate of mine from school who sadly died homeless. It's Jack Otis Memorial Month. How fitting that my friend Connie also a classmate of Jack's made this donation. I'm naming this ghan, Pink Petuna.
start of November cotton clothBarely a start here, but this is/will be a knitted cotton cloth for DD. A continuation of The Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge, this is November's cloth. Had plan to work on this on the recent trip as well, but didn't make it that far. Need to push to get this done so I can pass it along to her over The Thanksgiving Holiday. Looking forward to coming home for a couple of days to visit. Don't remember what the pattern is called, or if has a name? When I jotted it down on the note card I didn't make a note...........dang it. I know I found the pattern/stitch some time back, as the note card was bent so has been around awhile.
start of lace with liberty wool scarfThis counts as less then barely a start. But, I wanted to at least cast on this yummy Liberty wool. It feels wonderful. I'm in need of a new scarf.........the last 2 I made for myself ended up being passed along to someone else. LOL, I do that often and know many of you do too, from reading your blogs. This though, looks to be funky colors and many of those I pass things along to aren't into the funky as much as I am, soooooooooooo it may indeed end up being mine. I selected a limited straight forward lace stitch for this, knit 1, yo, k2tog across. I'm hoping it will still be warm since this is 100% wool, and won't be too open given the DK weight of the yarn.

Hoping to get back to more regular blogging and blog visiting, Happy Work in Progress Wednesday to you all. All badges and links in the side bar.


  1. Wow, there must be a lot of yarn left if you can extend the afghan by that much. It's looking good so far!

  2. There is, my friend Connie sent along the yarn she had purchased to make the full ghan as well. Thanks Calophi for the visit and kind words, appreciate both.

  3. Thanks for the compliment ... your work is beautiful and I love your blog!

  4. I can see a beautiful blanket shaping up. You always do such a fantastic job putting blanket squares together...you definitely have the "eye" for it :)

  5. Wow you have so many great things going on! The blanket is gorgeous, and I'm sure it'll be hugely appreciated! I love the colour of the cotton cloth, it's so cheerful! Good luck keeping the scarf for yourself!

  6. You have some beautiful projects in the works. I can't wait to see how the liberty wool turns out. I love the colors. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing on my wip wednesday.

  7. The afghan is going to be beautiful, and someone is going to love it! If you're knitting for charity, you might like to know about this blog:
    She is hosting a giveaway where you can win prizes by posting about your charity knitting.

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments folks, appreciate it. Affiknitty, thanks for the note regarding the blog that lists charity. She has highlighted my charity, Bridge and Beyond previously.


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