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Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Sunday, Already!

Please folks, save time and eye strain, get rid of your captcha. The blogger filter works very well. I just checked my spam folder and deleted 45 comments that did not make it through to the blog. You do not need the captcha. You really don't need it plus moderating comments. Save frustration, save time, save eyestrain. Change your settings. Skeptical...try it a week and you'll see what I mean. Meme's are fun, but visiting everyone is hampered by everyone using captcha's.

*****see notations on #6 in Work in Progress are for above picture*****
YOP Oct 23-29th (link in sidebar)
Have missed several YOP post, trying to catch up and hoping things get back to normal, whatever that is.

Things now DONE:
1. Wedding Ghan pictured HERE
2. Oddball blanket (which turned into 2 where I was the border patrol person, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras). Done and Mailed Pictured HERE
3. Red Scarf No More DONE (donated to Bridge and Beyond) Pictured HERE
4. Pink Poddle Ghan DONE, since my last post and donated also to Bridge and Beyond for Project Welcome Home.

1. Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (7 of 12 cloths done, and picked out the pattern for November, so about 68% done). October Cloth pictured HERE.
3. Awesome Blue Scarf gave up trying to determine what pattern I had been using, and FROGGED! Will once again find a pattern I want to use, leave it with the awesome blue and start again, which will be about the 4th time........ARGH
4. Buckeye Diagonal Scarf, have found the directions to help me determine where I left off, fingers cross this works. Have been in a holding pattern as I couldn't determine where I left off. Thanks to a blogger's good directions of how to determine, am hopeful! ??45% done
5. Candy Corn Ghan (my longest running work in progress ever 60% done)
6. Afghans to be assembled for Bridge and Beyond from donated squares (have several designed and ready to edge, shifting to this as primary goal now that Pink Poodle is complete. Edged and assembled RainBow Bright, pictured HERE for FOF, and am working on Jewels, previously named Pastel Jewels pictured previously on WIPW HERE.

Learning to knit cables (watched a video awhile back which is helping me feel more confidant and willing to give it a try)
Learning to knit socks

(Things that weren't on the list)
1. Pink Petuna (the start of another Oddball Baby Blanket, my section DONE. Pink Petuna will be traveled to the next knitter.
2. Christmas Ghan (I always make at least 1 for Christmas for our family throw in present), hadn't even rememeber about that til a few days ago. Just now sure this is going to happen this year.
3. Janet Ghan (wanting to make a ghan for my niece in NY. She's from warm Texas and is not used to cold winters...but I need time. Want to do this, but....it's looking iffy at the moment.
4. Forgot I committed to assembling 5-6 ghans for HAP, probably will have to chip away on those in between all these above items.
5. Started and frogged 2 scarves this week that were projects for self. Story of my life, I start them for me, put them aside in some fashion deciding I need to focus on others.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Aunt - my thoughts are with you and the family. Also hope that your Dad is making a good recovery. I'm surprised you had time to knit anything at all this week. Hope the coming week is better for you. xoxox

  2. Yes, the time is most certainly flying by, but you certainly make the most of all the time you have :)

  3. Thank you Dorothy and hakucho for your visits and kind words, both are appreciated.

  4. Normal.....whatever that is......I'm with you, not sure my family would ever fit normal!

    Your list is looking good, lots done already. I hope you fit in your extra blanket for Christmas but the time seems to speed up doesn't it when you have things to get done!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my ripple, it is taken straight from Lucy at Attic24, didn't really look about for other patterns, although I know what you mean that some are more chevron than ripple. this was very easy, so you can still watch tv!

  5. You've done some good knittin' this week. You sure whip out those ghans quickstyle.

  6. Wedding ghan looks great, and as a non-blogger user, I totally agree - CAPTCHA is so annoying! I always have problems reading it, and it takes so long to comment.

  7. I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough week, and am also impressed that you got any crafting at all done. I can say that cables are not as bad as they look. Fiddly, but not hard.

  8. I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough week, and am also impressed that you got any crafting at all done. I can say that cables are not as bad as they look. Fiddly, but not hard.

  9. May your days ahead bring more comfort, peace and fun.

    I'll try the captcha thing. :D

  10. You amaze me with how quickly you complete projects! I hope you are able to find some peace this week.
    *smiles and hugs*


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