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Monday, March 08, 2021

Knitting and Listening and Getting Inoculated.


This is my latest project.  Not the best picture, but if you click to enlarge you should be able to see some detail with regard to texture and color changes.  Lots of different shades of purple.  Basic garter and stockinette stitch provide a bit of texture.  This is probably going to be a gift for a very sweet lady at my Dad's assistant care facility.  We've not seen him since last March when the lockdowns of nursing homes and assisted living centers happened.  During that time she's extended herself by allowing families to schedule facetime visits with their family members.  My older brother does Monday, my younger brother schedules on Wednesday and I schedule on Friday.  You get about 15-20 minutes and she's been doing this for lots of families.  She takes an ipad into the rooms and her cell phone for back up to allow us to communicate.  Most of the folks living there are like my Dad and would never be able to do that on their own.  He's 95,  

Recently,, they've opened up limited in person visits with restrictions and she's taking care of that as well.  They have one room where people can sit at a table about 8 feet apart with masks on and they sanitize the room before and after.  She's made a very big improvement in the lives of those living there and their families.

I mentioned in my last post that I was reading/listening to this book.  I have now finished it and highly recommend it.  They tell the stories of 105 incredible gutsy woman who've made wonderful contributions to the world, even though they had to fight tooth and nail to do so.......simply because they were women!  Add it to your reading

I'm currently listening to this book and am really enjoying it.  The reader does a wonderful job of speaking like "Winnie", Winston Churchill.  I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about Churchill, and The War prior to The US entering it; but have really learned a great deal more.  It's a long one and I'm 77% through the book, with just 4 days left before it's due, so plan to pick up the pace of my listening.

The Brown AFghan pictured in the last post is at a standstill, in that it's folded and in a project bag.  I got a bit tired of working on it, so put it aside for now.  Oh I did make a decision on what to name that afghan, Coffee Break.  Thanks for the inputs folks, much appreciated.

Many of my friends and family are now getting their vaccinations!  Thrilled and relieved, hubby and I get our 2nd one tomorrow.  We did well with the first and anticipate doing well with the 2nd one.  So far, next to no one I know has had a bad time with reactions or after effects.  The best vaccine to get is the one you can get first according to Dr. Fauci; so don't delay folks waiting on the one you think you want.

Many of my