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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Snow Go Away, It's Spring, Full Body Vibration Plate


Dinner is served.  This was a quick, and easy dinner.  Panko crusted friend shrimp.  Very good, and super crunchy.  Didn't bother to dig out the toaster oven/air fryer.  Putting them on a cookie sheet in the oven actually works better.  Broccoli 4 minutes in the microwave (very little water is needed).  I never cook broccoli in a pan on the stove top anymore.  Comes out much better and not mushy in the microwave.  Salad is fruit and cottage cheese.  Here I used canned Mandarin oranges.  I really like almost any fruit and or a good ripe tomato with cottage cheese.  Topped off with a nice glass of Pinto Grigio.

Mother Nature got confused.  This was just a few days ago.  We had about 3 inches, I think.  It was a very wet and heavy snow.  This tree branch is hanging about 3.5 feet below where it normally is.  This is the Crap Apple all pretty with it's pink blossoms, but heavy laden with snow.  Argh.  Hope it doesn't get ruined.  This is late April for crying out loud, we shouldn't be getting snow this late.  This photo was taken through the window of my deck door and this tree made us feel almost locked in.

I finished this book..........learned so many things about this courageous woman.  I highly recommend this book to read or listen to.  I really enjoyed listening, as the lady reading it did a wonderful job changing her voice when she was speaking as Eleanor or as her Mother-in-law, Mama etc.  Put it on your list.

Started this book, but am sorry to say I stopped it.  I found it a bit long in the tooth, which disappoints me, as I think she was an incredible woman.  I've listened to 13% of this book and then switched to

listening to this book, read by Stacey Abrams and am really enjoying it.  I've just over 1/3 of the way into this one (32%).  While I say I am enjoying it, am also finding it maddening.  I know voter suppression exists, it's in the news all the time.  But, I had no idea how badly Republicans push to keep people of color from voting.  It's beyond shameful and repulsive.  Not just in her state of Georgia, but she speaks about that the most.

Perhaps, when I finish this, I'll go back to RBG and try a bit more.

No new pictures of my teal shawl, though it is growing in size.  (see previous post).

I have picked up on my yoga again, trying to do it more often.  On nicer days getting out to do my walks and get my steps in, and have done some yard work.  I've ordered a full body vibration plate/whole body vibration plate.  Several of my Fitbit friends have them and swear by them.  Have you heard about them?  Do you have one?  

This is the one I ordered.  99.00 at Target, and Walmart, and Amazon.  But, the return policy on Amazon was very bad, so went with Target which is close to home, should I need to return it.  It's being shipped in about 10 days.  Has 99 speeds, and 10 presets.  The LifePro is what my friends have, but I opted for the lesser expensive brand. (Saved $50.00).  They appear to be very similar in terms of size and options.  One big difference is LifePro has a community component to it, and the lesser expensive model, Best Products doesn't.   

Thursday, April 08, 2021

New Shawl, Looking into the Future, and Audio Books


Stumbled onto a picture of this stitch and liked the look of it, the texture.  It's called Broken Garter Stitch.  You use mutliples of 6 + 1.  I cast on 55 stitches.  The yarn is Ultra Alpaca (light) Berroco, each skein is 146 yards, and suggested needle size is 5 and that's what I'm, using.  The yarn is super soft, 50% Super Fine Alpaca and 50% Peruvian Wool.  I LOVE the color and feel of this yarn.  It's sorta tweedy, but basically solid in color which I think makes this simple texture show up so nicely.  This is the right side, you can see the raised stitch creating a stripe, AND

This is the wrong side where you see the stripe is recessed./dented.  Two non knitting friends said they like the wrong side the best.  What say you?  I'm making a shawl/stole, so in actuality both sides will be visible which will be fine in my book.

If you're as old as dirt, like me.......you'll well remember this cartoon show.  But, what you might not remember is how spot on it is.  Seriously, this showed aired in September of 1962 to July of 1963, and the characters referred to living in the 21st century.  Promotional materials for the show indicated it took place in 2062.  Food for thought.

Finished the purple scarf.  It needs to be soaked and dried and will be ready to gift to a care giver at my Dad's Assisted Living Center.  I spoke about her in the previous post. Didn't keep the yarn label, so can't tell you what the yarn is.  I've used this before and made myself a pink and green shawl, and a 2nd time made my friend a grey, black and white shawl with it, but don't remember the name of the yarn.  ARgh.

Recently finished listening to this audio book, and really really enjoyed it.  Highly recommend it.  A good friend of mine is listening to it now and is also enjoying it.

Just finished this book day before yesterday.  WOW!  It's fascinating.  Written by a life long Republican who admits he was part of the problem.  He worked for many Republican Campaigns through the years.  It's nice to hear that he's come to his senses, I just fear not enough people have.

There have been many books written about this amazing lady, but this is the one I'm currently listening to.  Thus far (just started it yesterday), it spends a  good amount oftime on her earlier life.  I knew her early life wasn't easy, but had no idea how dysfunctional it was.  Add it to your list, I think you'll enjoy it.