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Monday, January 31, 2022

Blanket of Many Colors, WWII, Spies, Gnomes


Making good headway with the blanket of many colors.  In the previous post, I only had 1 square done in the 3rd row, and now all 4 squares are completed and joined to form the gray diamond block, plus 3 squares of rose colored diamond above it.  Plan to wait until I finish all 3 diamonds on this 3rd row before joining; as I might rearrange again.  Originally had the gray block on the bottom right, but after the rose diamond there will be a purple diamond and thought perhaps it was better to have the gray between the rose and the purple; but will decide once they are complete and I can play a bit with them.  That's both the fun and the challenge of not planning out the color arrangement before starting on the project....but, that's not my style.  I'm more of a seat of pants let's see how it flows persons, lol.

Another good WWII read for you all.  And who doesn't like Ken Follett?  While this is not exactly a true story, it is based on lots of real facts of the time and the events.  Reading some of the reviews it seems most people couldn't  put the book down.  Some watched the movie and then read the book, but most read the book first which is recommended....even by some reviewers who saw the movie first.  Do add this to your list.  The spy the object of the most desperate manhunt in history it says.

Continuing ta walk, or bike ride and working on planks most days.  Plan to make a file/tab here to note monthly totals with the hope that recording it will aid me in trying to do more.  This was taken awhile ago on a walk through my neighborhood.  Isn't the little Gnome village cute!  In addition am trying to add in some yoga a few days a week; but have really gone downhill with that.  Am so much more stiff than I was when I was doing it regularly.  Hard trying to get back into it, but trying.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Squares and Diamonds, Blanket of Many Colors, WWII, Blogging Etiquette

 LOTS of headway made on The blanket of many colors since the last picture/post.  The individual squares have been completed from the 3 that were partial done in the last photo, and two rows of squares/diamonds have been joined, and 2 rows have been joined together.  Next up, played with color a bit more and have planned the next row of 3 diamonds which is 12 squares.  Once the diamonds are joined with the color of the diamond, the group of 4 squares is joined using dark gray to create a bit of a window pane effect.

No additional picture of the Blue Baby Blanket, as I've not worked anymore on it.  Next time should have an update.

Another good WWII book to recommend to you all.  War, Italy, Christian vs Jewish.  The layers of war, occupation, and resistance....and yes LOVE.  Our Darkest Night, by Jennifer Robson needs to be on your to do list.  I'm continuing to prefer audio books from the library using the Libby app.  It's easy, free, and keeps my hands free to do other things.  When indoors I knit and or do household chores; when outside, I listen while I walk.  

Exercising is continuing pretty well.  

From Jan 3 todate, have planked 8 days of 18 (through yesterday since today is not complete), have done a bike ride 4 days of 11 (didn't have a bike for 7 days), Have gone for a walk 8 days of 18, and have taken 179,997 steps in those 18 days for an average of 9,999 steps per day according to Fitbit.  The above map shows bike and walking paths/trails available to me currently.

Seven Rules of Proper Blogging Etiquette
  • Always, always, always link back. Often bloggers will use photos from other blogs or sites. ...
  • Only use ONE photo. ...
  • Comment back. ...
  • Don't copy. ...
  • Cite your inspiration. ...
  • Don't accuse someone else of copying you unless you are 100% sure they did. ...
  • Be nice.

Been a long time since I've read about the above, or written about it.  Was thinking this am about the number of bloggers I visit, read, and comment on vs those that read, and comment in return.  That's what caused me to google blogging etiquette.  In all the years I've blogged, I've never heard anyone mention only one photo..........what's with that?  Beyond that, the list is as I remember it. I do wonder why people don't comment back, or worse yet those that comment with something that has nothing to do with the blog post...so you know they didn't read it at all.  Bloggers come and go, and I'm constantly updating my blog list.  Often I add new folks, but sometimes there's a need to delete someone because they're no longer active, never return a comment, or have stopped blogging.  So, over the next few days, I'll be reviewing and doing that to make my list more current.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Yarn and Audio Books a Plenty


Chipping away on A Blanket of Many Colors.  The squares closest to you are now joined together.  I tried stitching them initially, but decided I didn't like the look and so returned crocheting them together...which is what I do 99% of the time.  I like the ridge that's created on the front side.  

Row 2 is laid out needing one more square each for the left block (teal green center) and blue on the right side, while melon will be the primary color in the middle block.

The baby blanket is growing nicely too.  In my last picture there 71 stitches on the needles, now there are 100.  It measured 20 inches previously and is now 31 inches, and you can start to see the blue fading, getting lighter and some white is now showing up.  Stay tuned.

Yet another WWII book, this book, "The Things we Cannot Say is by Kelly Rimmer.  I've read others she's written and have enjoyed them all todate.  Warsaw 1942 15 year old Alina with plans to marry her best friend, Tomasz doesn't understand what war does to people, to family, to friends, to neighbors.  The cruelty of war is hard lesson to learn.  Secrets abound.  I highly recommend this book in either it's written format or audio.  Personally, I enjoy audio far more than reading.  I like to do multiple things at the same time, knitting, cleaning, walking and listening for example.  PLUS...I like the drama that you hear and feel with audio books, for me missing when you read.  To hear the accents and how words and names are pronounced is more to my liking.

I've continued my quest to walk or ride bikes almost daily and to do planks 2 days running with the 3rd day being an off day.  I can't say this has been 100% of the time in these past 2 weeks but, pleased to say I'm hitting 95%.  Good luck to all trying to exercise.  Let's encourage each other.

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Knitting Corner to Corner, Planks Work the Core, and We Must Be Brave


Digging through my stash for yarn suitable to make a baby blanket I came across this blue mix, JoAnn Sensations which is a mix of acrylic, polyester, and nylon.  Currently there are 71 stitches on the needles.  The pattern is the always popular Grandma's Favorite corner to corner.  Increases happen at the beginning of each row until you get the width you want, and then you start decreasing at the beginning of each row.  It looks pretty much like solid blue so far, but as you can see from the large ball, it is a blend of shades of blue and white.  I've only just started this and no doubt it will take a time to complete; but I only just found out a baby would be in need.  It currently measures 20 x 8 inches.
Am continue to work on the blanket of many colors.  I now have 4 full squares complete and the colors chosen for the next 2 squares.  I've made a few changes in colors from the previous post/pictures.  Am currently trying to determine if I want to stitch them together or crochet them together...or perhaps knitting them together.  I am leaning towards stitching them together, which is not what I typically do with squares/pieces, but these squares have a bit of an edge since they are made corner to corner, vs knitting back and forth straight rows.

No, this is not me, but this is the style of plank I've been doing.  I have done a variety of routines, altering time and repeats; but ....then I completed fell off the wagon.  A few days ago I restarted doing 40 second planks with 4 repeats and 12 seconds of rest in between.  My question is, are you ahead to do fewer repeats but longer planks or the reverse?  I've read articles supporting both methods.  I will not be doing these daily, you do need to rest.  I've done 2 days in a row with a day of rest thus far.

I recently enjoyed this audio book, "We Must Be Brave", by Frances Liardet.  When bombs fell on Southhampton, England people crowded onto buses and left the city.  Pamela, a little girl asleep on the bus wakes and wonders how she got where she is, and what became of her mother.  This Novel is entertaining, and very emotional.  And while it's not a "true" story, events like this did indeed happen during the difficult war years for many families.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Knitting Projects, Cocktail Napkins

Hard to see the squares behind the yarn, but making progress.  Was laying out next possible color combinations for my current project.  An afghan of many colors.  
Using the corner to corner method and changing color half way through.  This group with have the yellowish orange as the dominate color in this square.
Fun cocktail napkins.  I'm always in search of new ones.  Anytime I serve cocktails they are a source of conversation.  Sometimes it's just hubby and I, but sometimes it includes friends.  I have one friend that we typically see when we vacation at the various Marriott Time Shares who always takes pictures of my napkins and often takes hers with her.  

**edited title which included audio books.  Had this scheduled to post with the intention of adding to the post and never got that done...so next post will include updated projects with some info regarding an audio book I've listened to.